Olbermann Rips Giuliani over 9/11 exploitation

via Crooks and Liars;

Only in this America of the early 21st Century could it be true, that the man who was president during the worst attack on our nation, and the man who was the mayor of the city in which that attack principally unfolded, would not only be absolved of any and all blame for the unreadiness of their own governments, but, more over, would thereafter be branded heroes of those attacks.

And now, that Mayor - whose most profound municipal act in the wake of that nightmare was to suggest the postponement of the election to select his own successor - has gone even a step beyond these M.C. Escher constructions of history...

At least that Republican President under which we have not been safer… has, even at his worst, maintained some microscopic distance between himself, and a campaign platform that blithely threatened the American people with "casualties" if they, next year, elect a Democratic president - or, inferring from Mr. Giuliani's flights of grandeur in New Hampshire - even if they elect a different Republican.

How dare you, sir?


as usual no 9/11 truth but

as usual no 9/11 truth but it was still a good commentary.

Yeah! Why is he no truther?

I can not believe a guy hwo's able to have those kind of views over the Bushit administration and not being inside the 911 truth movement. It's so close, I can not believe it.

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

psychologically he can't allow himself to go there

its too terrible of an idea for him to seriously contemplate. I think its funny that a lot of the gatekeepers like to say we have some psychological problem and thats the cause of 9/11 truth. As if its too terrible to think terrorists could hit the U.S. so bad. Please. Its classic denial. The same as a wife not able to accept the fact that her husband molests their daughter, even if her daughter tells her. If the daughter says its the neighbor that's doing it, the mother would be ready to tar and feather him, but when her daughter says its her husband, the mother angrily says the daughter is making it all up.

News editor at The Watchman Report, www.watchmanreport.com, delivering 9/11 truth to the Christian community

not to mention he works for

not to mention he works for G.E. and saw what happened to Donahue in the run-up to Iraq.

There are strong psychological links

between "9-11 denial," i.e. denying the facts that point to an inside job, and denying abuse of parental authority. Examples of incest are perfectly representative of the kind of psychological resistance that people can have to 9-11 truth.

As always, the adage "not wanting to believe something doesn't make it untrue" applies here.

For the record, I don't mind not using double negatives either.

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times: http://www.rochelletimes.blogspot.com

good point

if you analize the amount of anger behind Oberman's voice he is seething with some degree of the truth, even if it is subconciouse. I remember K.O.commenting to GWB "Your actions are creating fertilizer for conspiracy theories" or something to that affect. Whats your take on John Stewart? Is he just knowing where to draw the line? neither of these guys are stupid.....just like us. perhaps Dobbs, Oberman and Stewart are controlled opposition.

I think Stewart also doesn't

I think Stewart also doesn't allow himself to really accept 9/11 truth as a possibility, but some part of him knows we are right. I think the relative silence from Stewart is clear evidence. We would be great fodder for comedy if it wasn't true. They could do a bit every couple weeks on us if what we were saying were just loony theories. South Park went there anyway, and it was hilarious (although it was an attack on us). The Daily Show wouldn't dare interview David Ray Griffin, for example, because you can't really defend the 9/11 Commission Report when someone rips it to shreds. Stewart is a smart guy and knows that the 9/11 Commission report is a crock of shit. But you don't see them saying that on air, even though they always talk about how the Iraq WMDs and the Iraq-alqueda link was a crock of shit. They just aren't allowed to go there.

News editor at The Watchman Report, www.watchmanreport.com, delivering 9/11 truth to the Christian community

Consequences for a left gate keeper

I really hate how left gatekeepers pretend to be for the people when they are selling everyone out by hiding the truth.

There are very real reasons however why they would sell out:
1. Career in danger
2. Life in danger
3. Public ridicule by the rightwing nuts
4. If the movement fails, perhaps a one way ticket to the brand new concentration camps.

Being caught as a left gatekeeper, there is almost no consequence. Has any journalist gone to jail before for not telling the truth about some obvious scandal by the gov't? Did anyone even lose their job by NOT writing about Watergate.

The only reason for a media personality to support the truth is the personal satisfaction of doing good. The other benefits of supporting the 9-11 truth movement are at this point unknown. If the movement succeeds perhaps there will be a return of justice and fairness in society.

9-11 truth is perhaps the biggest scoop in history. In normal times journalists would be fighting to put this on the headlines before anybody else, and would be guaranteed fame and fortune. But the conpiracists have such control of the media, gov't and society that this does not happen.

thanks Juan

I'd say you're coming the closes of everyone here to the truth. These guys simply aren't interested in doing good. Let's look at it this way. They are not just not doing good, they are helping the complicit media sell ads, make money, and generally keep up the appearance (as left gatekeepers) of caring about issues that matter.

Maybe they like the money--or just need lots of it and haven't banked enough. yeah right. No, I think the explanation is slightly less benign. They have a job to do and they know what it is. They know who their employers are. And they are OK with that--or they would have quit (I would hope). I work at Harvard and am very public about making it known what I think of Harvard giving a free pass to a lot of people with shady connections to 9/11. My net worth is close to 0, and while I realize I can't be fired for my political beliefs without having a very nice case for restitution put in my lap, I would think they left gatekeepers could claim the same. Not for speaking out on air, but if they were to make it known in private that they knew what the truth is. As far as we know they have not--how hard would it be?

Sorry, but I don't think people should be making excuses for anyone who cannot see what the right thing to do is in this case.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


expose them as left gatekeepers

Hi RT,

I am not optimistic that left gatekeepers can be prosecuted. It is easier to prosecute the media for what they say rather than what they did not say. Popular Mechanics ought to be easier to haul to court in the future as a disinformation outlet.

As much as I consider left gatekeepers guilty of murder and cover up of this nasty conspiracy, I don't think they can be put in jail in a normal court. I hope I am prooven wrong on this in the future.

What I think is more doable is to define and expose the left gatekeepers for what they are. By labeling left gatekeepers as such, people who seek the truth will know what to expect from them.

The student scholars are exerting effort to provide politicians with 9-11 info then recording their subsequent reactions. Perhaps a similar effort targeted at media personalities will help root out the real left gatekeepers.

I hope the world supports your efforts in the US. If world media reaches a concensus that 9-11 was an inside job, US media would look ridiculous maintaining the official conspiracy theory.

Do not despair, you and other truther are welcome in my country if they start filling the concentration camps :)

gracias juan!

No one is running me out of this country but thanks anyway! The US gov had no idea what they were getting when they used the Maine false flag attack to steal the land where I was born from Spain (whose it wasn't to begin with but that's another can of worms.)

I won't venture to guess how likely prosecution for the marginally complicit will be, but when the truth is known, who ISN'T going to be asking themselves--how many knew and said nothing?

Then of course we could have trials for years and years hence. Time will tell all!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

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Oh, I get it now

they are too smart to destroy themselves by knowing/telling the truth, yet too stupid to see that by not knowing/telling the truth, they are going to destroy themselves reguardless.

the current situation is stacked against telling the truth

These guys, KO, John Stewart must have heard of 9-11. I am sure they are aware of the issue. It does not take a lot of curiosity to find out that the official conspiracy theory is bogus, so I assume that they know this as well.

These guys are smart, they would know when it is good for them to talk of 9-11 or not. Given the consequences of talking, they feel much safer to just shut up.

The problem is that the benefits of talking about 9-11 are not certain while the consequences of talking are very certain and direct for them. They do work in the media industry possibly owned by the perps. They can certainly lose their jobs for talking.

The decision of not talking about 9-11 is almost inconsequential, it may turn off current truthers, that's it. They would not be thinking of themselves as exposed to future prosecution as part of the conspiracy since all they did was to shut up. Even if they were given explicit orders by the networks to shut up, this would be very hard to prove. Lastly, they may have doubts that the perps and accomplices will ever be prosecuted, after all it's been years since the crime and no one is talking except for "crazy" truthers.

i failed to clarify...

saying that these guys likely have kids and maybe grand kids that are to grow up in a likely future fascism. that is the legacy their silence brings. rather selfish.

Stewart even had that NeoCon piece of sh*t

William Kristol on his show as a guest a few times.

At least Stewart zinged him, but...

Stewart asked Kristol about the "New American Century" - "How is that working out?" Kristol was visibly embarassed, so it was funny.

However, good people do not laugh and joke with mass murderers. At the end of the day, Stewart and Colbert are court jesters. Jesters have permission to tease the king, but they still work for the king. Jesters are not brave heroes, just doing their job to lighten up the court. No court jester has ever led a revolution.

thats right, they are court

thats right, they are court jesters. which makes peoples anger at COMEDIANS like Colbert and Stewart laughable to me. by the way, it was Colbert who asked Kristol about PNAC.

Acid test

The acid test on KO, Stewart, Colbert et al is their commentary on Rosie O, I'm not aware that they've said anything at her expense, although I could be wrong.

Cognitive dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological term which describes the uncomfortable tension that comes from holding two conflicting thoughts at the same time. More precisely, it is the perception of incompatibility between two cognitions, where "cognition" is defined as any element of knowledge, including attitude, emotion, belief, or behavior.

Don't bet on it.

Maybe he's waiting for the right time but I sure ain't holding my breath.

One possible interpretation of this....

....is that KO knows about 9/11, is not allowed yet to speak out about it, but is so outraged that Ghouliani would use that act of false-flag terror for cheap and unbelievably hypocritical political gain that he attacks it the only way he can.

As far as I know, he's been completely silent on the Rosie/9/11 controversy....isn't that right?.....tacit support?

as far as i know he has been

as far as i know he has been silent on it, even when O'Reilly was attacking her hard. im not sure what to make of his complete silence on it considering he takes every chance he can get to bash O'Reilly. i personally just think that hes afraid to talk honestly/openly about 9/11 though. i think hes afraid of losing his job, afraid of being marginalized at a time when the MSM is allowing him to have a place, afraid of being slandered as "one of those conspiracy theorists" etc. it doesnt make it right and im certaintly not making excuses for him, but as far as i know he has never directly addressed the 9/11 truth movement. tacit support? possibly because you know he has been inundated with it endlessly(our movement is pretty good at that) and unlike a Cockburn,Chomsky or other darlings of the left he so far has refused to slander or bash us in any way. but then he has also refused to even acknowledge us. i must confess to having very mixed feelings about Olbermann. not everything is so black and white.

- nick9/11 I like how he

- nick9/11

I like how he commented on the air quality not being safe but Giuliani still let them go in with no warning what so ever. If there is one issue that might start a big crack in the big lie, it is the fact that the first responders are dying. Why are they dying? Because they were lied to by this government.

It is so funny how people do not see the pattern of lies that this government has told. It is so funny to see that people still believe that there is a such thing as a Democrat or a Republican. It doesn't matter, they are all the same now. They just put on a very expensive play and play with our lives, as long as their pockets are being lined nothing will change. That is why when Democrats took power they have done NOTHING. What has taken place since they have been in office? NOTHING!!! 9/11 lead to the war, we all know that that was a lie, false justification. This ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION lied to get support for this war, and now.. Americans are dying over seas, Iraqi Citizens are dying over seas and really no one gives a crap. I believe this, blood is blood, American, Iraqi is no different. A child is a child, no matter what race, creed or religion. We are all created as equals. If this Democratic party really believes that we were lied into this war, why have they not IMPEACHED the president yet?

One last thing. If the makers of LC really believe that our own government is responsible for the death of the very citizens that they were swore to protect, then fancy editing, cg and voice over can wait. This movie needs to be out this year before sept 11. HAS TO BE. There was SO much movement last year, then the Democrats came into power, everyone thought that they would save us, they did not and they will NOT save us. The only people that WILL save us is WE THE PEOPLE. People are right, if we wait too long, we will be living in a one world government hell hole. It will be HELL on earth.

- end rant.

You nailed it on the head

You nailed it on the head with respecting other human life. America has a constitution stating that all men are created equal. Do we really believe that or does that principle end at our borders? As far as basic rights go (not getting into social programs) I think every human has basic rights and we should fight to defend each other from state sponsored terror.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)


Damn, I thought somebody was plagiarizing me here at first. Couldn't have said it better myself. This is a very realistic assessment, people. If any of you are still under the illusion that some Dem in Shining Armor is going to save us... WAKE UP!!! Wizzake izzup, BIATCH!! If you have any doubts in your mind that Bushco/NWO/elites are the 4th Reich incarnate, keep sitting on your ass. See what happens.

Political Cover

Just like the Govt. Needed 9/11 for their Oil Wars. Keith needs Political Cover to actually say something resembling 9/11 truth. Remember his show is about political commentary, so he needs to cover what people say and comment, anything that strays too far from that, The Corporate Drones would have justification to yank him off the air, he knows that. I think if Kucinich or Paul said something definetive about 9/11 or some other recognizable national figure, I think he would cover it and perhaps give it a proper platform. Too Bad Politicians are controlled agents of the State Apparatus, easily controlled by promises of power, access, peer pressure, pictures of them doing something perhaps distasteful, whatever..

I guess our freedoms are in the hands of Rosie Odonnel or Charlie Sheen, or some other celeb. Ya think George Washington or Thomas Jefferson would be OK with that? I'm optimistic : -((

Our freedoms are in our own

Our freedoms are in our own hands. There is the idea that celebs have the power to save us because they can reach more of the zombies than we can individually. We need more street action and the more it happens the more recruits we'll get. The government WILL fear us when we're out in numbers. That's why they brought out a shitload of police with crowd control apparatuses at the NYC RNC convention. We also need as many people with cameras as possible to film everything. This would make it harder for the misinformed police to steal all footage covering the events. If the police wind up starting shit it will be caught on film, a la seattle and eventually get out to the masses.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

One of America's TRUE Heros

He bars none.... tapped into my sentiments exactly. Any truth is good truth.

Giuliani's bizarre Bldg. 7 lie

This CSPAN clip ranks right up there with Kerry's recent brain fart. Watch as Ghouliani digs his own grave. And he keeps on digging! http://www.infowars.com/articles/sept11/giuliani_caught_in_bizzare_build...

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Keith Olbermann is not in on

Keith Olbermann is not in on 9/11 truth. When the Rosie 9/11 comments happened I was watching his show and he made some offhand remark along the lines of "even though her ideas are crazy" she shouldn't be demonized. I think people put too much faith in people like Olbermann.

I agree

"perhaps Dobbs, Oberman and Stewart are controlled opposition."

This is my personal opinion and it's a scary one because that would imply that they are willing accomplices to murder in the first degree. Maybe not willing...but I wouldn't bet against it. If it turns out that they ARE controlled opposition, then they too will be held accountable for the crime of 9/11.


The problem is that it is very easy to get away with not talking or telling. It would be close to impossible to figure out who got specific instructions to not talk about 9-11 truth. It's easy for them to say nobody else talked, why should I?

I think this left gatekeepers will escape justice. In fact the true perpetrators could escape justice as well. At this point, there is very little evidence to pinpoint who are really behind 9-11.

The best evidence to date point at some Neocons and big whigs in the current admin, but I think they are the executors only rather than the godfathers of 9-11.

NOT everything is about 9/11!

Really, Keith Olberman has absolutely stuck his neck out and spoken out "for the people" against this administration.

So what???...He didn't stick up for Rosie publicly...he is a truther and has a right to steer his opinions where he thinks he will make the most progress.

Remember he is broadcasting to Americans on a highly viewed network and it is much more important for him to dissect this administration to reveal the terror it is invoking upon the common man. I personally believe it is best for Olberman to leave his mark where controversy is minimal and the impact at a maximum...I know devout Republicans who did NOT vote for Bush this last time specifically because of Olberman's editorials. So, stop whining about your own cause (which is also very important!) and PLEASE try to take a broader view of things.


on the Alex Jones show today, He basically said " I guarantee that Olberman knows the truth"... ..for whatever thats worth.

Voice your opinion on Guliani at the democrats.org

The Democratic party wants all of us to send Rudy our comments about his statements politicizing 911.

You can make your voice heard here



How did CNN and BBC have foreknowledge of the WTC7 collapse, yet five years later, the government cannot explain it?

Tell Keith.

It wouldn't hurt to contact Keith and let him know we want 9/11 Truth covered and support for Rosie O'Donnell.


Don't be so sure Keith...

Tony Snow: A Vote For Lamont Is A Vote For Another 9/11

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Tony Snow

Tony Snow is dying of cancer and will go to HELL for his Bush-evil.

The KKK vs. The NWO.

The Ku Klux Klan used to bomb churches and front porches... Now these type of people bomb buildings and whatever else they need in order to get their points across and their interests met.. They may preach christianity, peace, and liberty, but they use violence, hate, and fear to accomplish their missions. They have been around a long long time and we'd be smart to study the history and study what tactics defeat their kind. The Civil Rights Movement is a great case in point. Instead of being against the Black Man they are now against the entire working class of the Planet. The NWO has replaced the thoughts and ideals of the KKK. If we can defeat the KKK, we can defeat the NWO. At least keep these types of people in check and keep society aware of their types and tactics. Let's defeat the NWO as we defeated the KKK in the 1960's.

The KKK is also a Jesuit/Vatican controlled organization

William J. Simmons a (Methodist Episcopal Church) priest founded the the second Ku Klux Klan in 1915.

"Colonel William J. Simmons, who in 1915 reestablished the Klan at Atlanta, where he became Imperial Wizard, was a Mason and a Knight Templar." (from: http://www.scripturecatholic.com/MU.pdf)

The KKK was and still is largely a controlled operation used for evil purposes. It also functions as a control mechanism on certain social groups of angry white men.

The NWO is basically a collection of international mafia groups disguised as church organizations, elite bankers, corporations, groupthink groups (freemasonry and other cults and networks), and corrupt political parties.

The Jesuit Order / Vatican is at the center of all this! They killed Lincoln, they setup the stealing Federal Reserve, they setup the Cold War hoax, and now the Terrorism hoax.

The destruction and enslavement of the US and other sovereign countries is their goal. Thats the NWO agenda.


So JP Morgan, JD Rockefeller, and the Rothschild family all worked for the Vatican? And the Anglo-protestant stuff is just a cover for the real power behind the throne--the pope?

This is one of my problems with AJ. Just as its wrong to imply that the rich assholes who manipulate history are part of a Jewish plot to rule the world, so it is wrong to imply its a Catholic plot, and that parallel is lost on AJ's diehard supporters. The Vatican is in some ways an Israel for Catholics, and yes, of course it's BS and a tool for manipulating people. A tool. Of rich bastards, just like Zionism is.

Follow the money. It really IS that simple.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Don't confuse Catholic religion with Vatican politics.

Most catholics have no idea of Cannon Law, the Jesuit Order, Opus Dei, and their connections to politics, freemasonry, Labor Zionism, and military orders (Knights of Columbus / Malta). Just as one should not confuse Labor Zionism with the Jewish religion.

"JP Morgan, JD Rockefeller, and the Rothschild family all worked for the Vatican?"
The Rothschildts have for a long time had a symbiotic relation with the Vatican. The Rockefeller empire was started by the Rotschilds by funding their Standard Oil business. Research all this for yourself. I mean it. Then look at the long history leading up to the formation of the Federal Reserve.

"Follow the money. It really IS that simple."
No it is not that simple. Control precedes money. Loss of sovereign rights, fair resource allocations, and media transparency precedes control. Below all that is the human psyche, and its neurotic behaviour (greed, repressed feelings, stress, etc.).

I'm not trying to simply blame anything on catholics or any other religion for that matter. Just as the average US citizen isn't responsible for the war in Iraq. The religious aspect is but a convenient cover for these mafia groups. The facts I've cited should at least prompt you to research these connections, as they are fundamental to really understanding what is happening in the US today.

Labor Zionism?

What, right wing Zionism like Lucky Larry's "free trade zone" in the Negev (a plan that failed because of Labor Zionists) is therefore saintly? Given that the right wing party in Israel, Likud, evolved from the more militant strains of terrorist--er, freedom fighters in the "war for independence" in Palestine? A Clean Break was not an example of PNACkery for Labor Zionists but for Likud ultra-fascists. Of the kind who make websites like www.masada2000.org and www.saneworks.us


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


The history of the stolen land called Israel

goes much deeper than what you seem to know about it.

Start with the long standing Ottoman empire, the attempts to break that empire up by western powers, the British / masonic forces involved in the control and division of those lands and the fascistic regimes that came out of that, the link between fascistic elements of the Russian revolution and the founding of Israel (Haganah, http://www.marxists.de/middleast/ironwall/05-haganah.htm), the Rothschild funded plan for the occupation and diaspora of Jews, the subsidies offered, etc.

Then study the various Concordats between Hitler (who was a Catholic), Russia, Italy, and Spain. What was the real deal behind the Treaty of Versailles? Who funded the bankrupt German nation during the '30's? Who helped the Nazi's escape after the war? Where did the stolen wealth and property go to? Who profited from WWII?

One must read and study this history for yourself, to start seeing the bigger picture.

Brend, don't assume I don't read my history

If I don't go into detail about these things it's because I'll be told that this is 911blogger, not the real history of the world blogger. Unless of course I decide it's all NWO and don't go into specifics about how and why Hitler came to power in the first place and all that good stuff.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

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(post deleted by author)

Jury is still out on Olbermann...


I think he's on the level. Listen to him speak. Other than staying silent on 9/11 Truth, he seems like a "true-blue" truther to me. His reasoning and verbal style is very hard to fake. He is attacking on nearly EVERY other relevant point. I think maybe he just thinks he can be more usefull if he doesn't marginalize himself, or get himself fired. Also, listen to the implicit meaning of what he's saying. He's basically calling Giuliani and the neo-cons terrorists. The theme of his speech is "These people want to use fear to strip you of your rights". He's using the subtext of his words to call the neo-cons false-flag terrorists. He's not directly saying "They did the deed", but he is saying "They use the tactic".

He could be in denial like most, or he could be a hired worm... He'd be a DAMN good actor then...

Contrast Olbermann with the likes of Chomsky... I have to admit, I haven't read much more than a few excerpts from Chomsky, but I've seen him in several movies and video clips. This guy is OBVIOUSLY a spineless ass-weasle. Obvious shill. For all his years of "left-gatekeeper-dom", and all his expertise, and all his anti-corporatism, what solutions or suggestions for action has he ever offered? All I've gleaned from him is that we should all sit on our asses and go "Mmm.. Oh, simply dreadful. Neoconservatism is the most Straussian-misanthro-Gaiacidal abomination of the post-Keynesian ethno-divisive macro-economic landscape. Pfuueh. Myeh. It is incumbent upon us to realize our role as liberals in the midst of this apocalyptic tumult, identify the tumor that is Neconservatism, and hurry up and analyse it before it's too late. Myeh. We could also pooh-pooh it, Mmmm..."

I think Chomsky's function is to make a bunch of liberals feel good about themselves, since they can read such big words and all, then totally neutralize them. The whole ethos of Chomsky-ites seems to be "Think, but don't act". Maybe I'm wrong? Maybe I should read some of his work.

controlled opposition comes in many different flavors

for fans of pro-wrestling: Alex Jones
for people who make a point of subscribing to Time or Newsweek: Keith Olbermann
For people who think The Simpsons is the key to life: Jon Stewart
For people who fancy themselves intellectuals: Noam Chomsky

To paraphrase Goebbels, quoted in recent memory by Mark Crispin Miller (prof of media and culture at NYU and reformed gatekeeper) "What you want in a media system is ostensible diversity masking an actual uniformity."

Look at the list above with an eye to figuring out how they conceal an actual uniformity and you're on the road to enlightenment!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


That was a cute set of categorizations, Real Truther

However, it's important to note: while the exterior presentation, the delivery mechanism or performance, of these TV personalities differs significantly, many don't care if they experience the truth from a Rhodes scholar or a Hell's Angel. It's the message and substance that intrigues me most, personally.

Alex Jones is like a game show host at times, some people can't look past that. Others are distracted by their intolerance for Rosie's sexual orientation and threatened by her being an expressive, powerful woman. Wisdom and brilliance comes in many forms.

So, who exactly IS authentic then?

Are you saying you think Alex Jones is "controlled opposition"? Why, simply because he gets a bit passionate or jumps to conclusions at times?

What about Steven E. Jones? He DID work on cold fusion after all. Since that is "fringe" science, we can't take him seriously!

Jim Hoffman is a long-hair. He's out!! Only a CIA operative would go so overboard with his costume!

The Loose Change guys said no plane at Pentagon... COINTEL!!!

Look, this 9/11 + NWO stuff is a very complex, very scary, very URGENT issue. It takes time to get it right, to ferret out the disinfo. Some people, like Alex Jones, have gone "farther down the rabbit hole" than others. Many people in the Truth movement are at different stages of information acquisition, and react differently to the information they have in accord with their individual personalities. So Alex Jones says some dumb shit once in a while that might cause some people to have a "knee-jerk" reaction and disregard all the valid evidence he presents. It can't be helped. He's entitled to be a loud-mouth, and he appeals to many people who wouldn't be "truthers" otherwise. So K.O. doesn't scream "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!". He is getting hundreds of thousands or millions of people in the "mainstream" thinking logically and rationally about the madness their government is perpetrating. When Keith goes on national TV, and rants for ten minutes (actually he did several segments on this...) about the death of Habeas Corpus, or openly calls Ghouliani a terrorist, what do you think the effect is? Do you think it is COUNTER to our interests? Cui bono? I haven't heard Olbermann say one thing that would be detrimental to 9/11 Truth. Alex Jones is reckless, but I think he probably draws in more people than he turns off. The only people who will really get offended enough to tune out all the legitimate facts he offers are the knee-jerk Chomsky-ite type liberals. Think about it. More Americans probably relate to Jones than Chomsky...

How does someone like Alex Jones "conceal an actual uniformity"? The only way I can think of that he could serve "them" is if he (And Steven Jones, and Kevin Ryan, and Jim Hoffman, and...) is actually a shill intended to draw out dissidents so they can be identified and rounded up. That, however, would also make you a shill, and me, and everyone reading this blog...

Alex Jones only tells half truths.

"Some people, like Alex Jones, have gone "farther down the rabbit hole" than others. "

No he has not. You may think that because you don't study history for yourself. Alex Jones is left-gatekeeping in its ultimate form.

Ask yourself if you really shows what the NWO organization is made of? How has Alex Jones discussed this topic? Is he really interested in attempting to research that question? Or is he focusing on the Bohemian Grove stories? Who founded the Bilderberg Group (*)?

Has Alex Jones linked the Jesuit Order / Vatican with the murder of Lincoln and the creation of the Federal Reserve?

What about the fact that "Jesuit Trained Legislators Total 10% of U.S House And Senate"?

What about the the occult UN, the MS13 Hispanic gangs, the fascistic regime World Bank loans? Opus Dei supreme court judges celebrating Red Mass? Vatican-citizen immunity requests? Why does media never mention these topics?

* Joseph Retinger - (1888-1960) 33rd degree mason, Jesuit priest, founder of the Bilderberg Group.

ay ay ay

OK--to CONSCIOUSNESS: I go by facts, not people, when it comes to sussing out the truth. While I read Steven Jones' paper on the towers and think it is good information, his work on cold fusion (which to my understanding is the legit version of cold fusion) does not figure into this. I have reservations abot SJ only because of his paper on Jesus visting AMerica--YES that is weird and makes me think twice. Now you threw in Kevin Ryan into your comment, which is funny because KR is one of TWO poeple, the other being David Ray Griffin, who I pretty much give 100% clean bills of credibility. Even Willie Rodriguez sets off my bs detector sometimes. Not because I think HE is insincere, but because I think he too easily lets himself be used by people and seems a bit ambitious. Could be nothing but it makes me keep an open mind.

And Brend, even if 90% of all this info about freemasons and Jesuits is legit, it's the 10% that is utter BS that is the problem. MS13 Hispanic gangs? WTF? Seems to me that's just typical "fear the Latinos" propaganda like Alex Jones' anti-immigrant leanings. Funny how those kinds of interpretations fly but just let someone bring up the issue of sayanim, who don't go around advertising what they're doing like these hispanic gangs do, and see what the reaction is. Some gangs are more equal than others I guess, and also more connected to the Jesuits/NWO/freemasons apparently. Sorry, I call BS.


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"utter BS"

Why don't you research this for yourself, instead of calling things bullshit?

Have you looked at the facts behind the growth and international structure of these Hispanic gangs? If you want to debate this topic further fine, but don't call things BS if you don't understand them. Nor is this "typical fear the Latinos propaganda", its a real crime problem in the US and other countries.

If what I say is 90% true, you should be a bit more thankful for the info I write up here. We are all doing what we can to educate each other.

I thank you for at least responding, but I keep seeing very little research into the topics I post here. Its as if people only feel comfortable in their known 9/11 zone. Denial is not going to improve things around the world.

Assume nothing, trust no one.

It is not hard to find critics for Alex Jones, Stephen Jones or anyone else, if one is so inclined.

The best way to not become disillusioned with a leader is to be your own leader, and to take any info at face value only.

As one with an MS in structural engineering, I find the analysis by
Dr. Judy Wood to be the most fact oriented EVEN THOUGH her hypothesis about exotic weapons is very hard to get behind.

Disparaging comments by Alex Jones and Stephen Jones against her
'martian space rays' is on the same level as the 9/11 Deniers.

not just Giuliani...look what the Clintons said

Bill Clinton will also put in more time on the trail, as well as in smaller sessions with donors and activists. Part of his job has been to make the case that his wife and Obama aren't so different in their records on Iraq: though Obama opposed the Iraq invasion as a Senate candidate, the former President argues, Obama's voting on the war has been virtually identical to Hillary's in the Senate. Bill has "verged on feckless in this respect," grumbles a leading Democratic fund raiser who has defected from the Clinton camp to Obama's. Both Clintons have made the case to potential fund-raisers that the U.S. will probably suffer a terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11 after the next President is sworn in — and that Hillary is the only Democratic candidate capable of handling such a crisis because of her Senate Armed Services Committee tenure and her years in the White House.


KO never criticizes Hillary does he?

Just wondering, because I think it's obvious that the Dem candidates are going to be Hillary Obama, in that order. Set up to go against Giuliani McCain or some such other scary pair so that peopole won't be a bit surprised when Obomba and the HBomb are (s)elected. They will then proceed to use some false flag attack to invade Iran, Syria, whoever.

The fix is pretty obviously in--has been for a while. The folks behind all this weave long term narratives that seem outwardly to look like a natural evolution. But there is intelligent design behind it all. Interesting eh?


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Intelligent design... Good analogy.

Yeah, it's interesting when you"wake up" and start to look at the long-term patterns. Even dilate your frame of reference to the birth/death cycles of empires. Chaos theory... self-similarity across scales... Hmmm.

I'm just finishing a book called "Dark Ages America" by Morris Berman. Really good read, I highly recommend it. This guy is SO CLOSE to being a truther. It's amazing. He openly says you'd have to be an idiot to deny that there is a "vast right-wing conspiracy". He even brings up PNAC and directly quotes the "New Pearl Harbor" line!!! He briefly acknowledges that the movement exists, then basically says "I don't believe in conspiracy theories". (Even though he already said you'd have to be an idiot to deny...) He also quotes Daddy Bush's "New World Order" speech ,and repeats the slogan several times throughout the book. He devotes a subchapter to explaining how Clinton's policies were basically the same as Bushco's.

Despite the fact that he seems to have all the necessary information, and even expressly states that there is a vast right-wing conspiracy, he then proceeds to chalk all our problems up to the American psyche. According to Berman, we are basically getting exactly what we want. I would argue that people have been dumbed down, conned, and propagandized by design over an extended period, to produce a fascistic population.

He points out all the propaganda, historical revisionism, pseudo-science, and deterioration of the education system too. Of course, it's all pure coincidence, or maybe even the result of our subconscious desire for tyranny. The guy has all the puzzle pieces spread out right in front of him. You can see the little wheels turning in his little hamster-cage brain. Then you watch in amazement as that poison gas called "denial" pours in and asphyxiates all his poor little hamsters! LOL!!

Damn, now that I think about it, maybe this guy IS controlled opposition!! A useful idiot at the very least. Amazing how so many smart, knowledgeable people can be so Goddamn stupid.

Anyway, still a great read. Very interesting. The information he presents is valid and VALUABLE... If you know how to put it in proper context.

self-similarity is a key concept

across scales yes. just think of a hurricane and one of those little whirlwind's of dry leaves in the autumn. Human interactions on the grand scale are like the weather--based on lots of virtually unpredictable variables (the virtually is important since it separates exceedingly difficult predictability as in Complexity from theoretically unpredictable Chaos--I think complexity is the favored tconcept these days Then again maybe humanity IS chaotic and weather merely complex.

Anyway it's an important thing to look at these patterns and apply them to human development. The perps and their mythmakers know all about how culture and belief systems resemble weather patterns and storm systems, believe me... would have been my field had I decided to do a PhD pre-9/11...



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sorry--to elaborate...

The reason the evolution vs intelligent design paradigm is appropriate not just in the explanation of the physical universe is precisely because humans unlike animals are not entirely subject to the laws of nature in the sense that thought allows us to, for better or worse, go against our instincts and fight back against nature to some extent (not saying that's good or bad--just how it is)

We tehrefore have a tendency to look at our dvelopment, like Marx did, as the palying out of emergent trends based on the accumulation of choices made by individuals--some dictated by nature with little thought, others coldly calculated. Marx saw all this playing out in the division of wealth and labor by class and the permanence of those class structures throughout history.

We now know that Marx had bitten off more than he could chew and that Darwin in fact had a bit clearer insight. But Darwin's realm is the animal kingdom--human behavior is not as simple when one studies the ability and potential to conspire that humans have... of manufacturing something that seems like a natural evolution (like Islamic terrorism) so that people do not question whether it was indeed manufactured.

By dwelling on the evo vs ID debate in terms of God, the PTB have effectively made the concept of intelligent design sound off the bat like it is wrong.

It may not explain the creation of the universe, but it explains a lot more of what happens on earth throughout history than many people want us to know...


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“This is terrorism itself, dressed up as counter-terrorism.”
This sums everything up beautifully.

Do not allow the Republicans to fool you with their bullying…the Democrats are not our saviors…we must boot them both out of the government and allow the other parties a chance.

i agree with that

"Do not allow the Republicans to fool you with their bullying…the Democrats are not our saviors…we must boot them both out of the government and allow the other parties a chance."

The next question is who is that other party.

Ron Paul

IMO, I think Ron Paul is the best choice we have to rid these evil bastards.

Fuck parties.

Do some research on each elected official you are eligible to vote for. Party affiliation is a sham. It is INTENTIONALLY EMPHASISED TO DISTRACT YOU FROM THE ISSUES.

Also realize, this isn't just about electing better leaders. Far, far, FAR from it!! The system is broke. They brokeded it. Look at how bills are passed. They'll put up a must pass bill like say, a resolution to end the war. Nobody is going to vote against that, right? (Dems anyway...) Then they quietly attach a provision that says "Ok, we'll bring the troops home, but all the money that was appropriated for the war will now go to DARPA's nano brain implant program" (Hyperbolic example) Basically the whole legislative process is totally rigged. No issue of major importance can ever receive an independent vote without some "poison" provision being snuck in. The public at large thinks their Congressmen are passing good legislation, meanwhile the whole Constitution is eroding under the radar. It needs to be one issue, one bill, one vote. No attaching un-related provisions.

Also, the voting districts are all fucked up from gerrymandering.

Also, lobbying and money in politics... No group or corporation should be able to appeal to the candidates like a person. (Rather with WAY more influence than a person.) Wal-Mart likes George Bush? Well then Wal-Mart can pray its employees vote for Bush. Not go give Bush millions, then force propaganda on their employees to try to influence their vote.

ALL campaign money should be public, and EVENLY DISTRIBUTED among the candidates. Who the fuck says a political campaign has to cost 50 million dollars?!?!? Hyper-capitalist/corporate competitors, that's who. People who want to ensure that only the elites can run, that's who. Look what Obama did with the net. Cheap way to reach millions. Set up a website to showcase all the candidates, then let each of them have a website from which to expound his or her platform. Allot 20 million for traditional campaign methods that can be divided up evenly between the top 8 in the primaries, and the final nominees. Maybe the details would have to be tweaked a little, but we could DEFINITELY run campaigns on public money. Cut the defense budget for fuck's sake! Use that money.

*So simple, even a caveman could figure it out.*

if not party politics and elections, what's left

Reforming the elections would entail passing laws, and only elected congressmen and senators can do this.

There is no legal alternative to presidential/congressional elections at the moment and entertaining alternatives will not guarantee a successful transition of power.

Hopefully the net can be a viable alternative for a third party to campaign and win elections withought having to wait for electoral reforms.

A people power revolt is a last option for removing incumbent leaders, but it does not of itself produce a concensus for the succesor and is actually open to manipulation by hidden puppet masters.

Not much left at all, I would say.

The internet is high on NWO's hit-list. It is getting VERY late in the day for free exchange of info via the web. Research "net-neutrality" and DARPA's (i think it's DARPA...) plans to totally scrap the web and "start over". (With total information awareness/Big Brother/data-mining HELL as the mission, of course.)

"Open source" political campaigning via the web is never going to happen unless there is a mass movement before the next "election" or next 9/11 (which ever comes first...) Democracy is OVER in America, in case you hadn't noticed. We can't get it back through the "official" channels, because those are all gummed up with NWO ectoplasm.

BTW... Did anybody see THIS:

Making Martial Law Easier

"The Defense Authorization Act of 2006 [Ed.: Details at http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h109-1815], passed on Sept. 30, empowers President George W. Bush to impose martial law in the event of a terrorist “incident,” if he or other federal officials perceive a shortfall of “public order,” or even in response to antiwar protests that get unruly as a result of government provocations."


This is horrendously bad news. I'm beginning to think it's really too late. Actually I DO think it's too late, but I want to hold out hope. So, now we are one SNEEZE away from a military dictatorship. What is the plan, people? Do we have any law enforcement or national guard units on our side? Make no mistake, this is an open announcement of Bushco's intention to use the military against us. Do you realize how tight the noose already is? How the fuck can this be reversed when most Americans don't even fucking know what Posse Comitatus is!?!?!?!?

Don't hold your breath

These slimeballs would have come clean by now if they had half a brain or any balls. It's so PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that 9/11did not happen as we are being sold. Justthe way they avoid the issue speaks volumes.

I personally do not watch "mainstream" media any longer. I can't stomach watching them lying day after
day. Don't worry about getting mainstream coverage...

We are the MAINSTREAM NOW! As evidenced by the plummeting TV news ratings and newspaper circulation.

Have you noticed how they have to advertise TV shows
on the radio and the announcers have to talk about TV shows. They are told to because NOBODY watches the lying filthy tube anymore.

right on

A++++ commenter! Would read again! Highly recommended. :)


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KO provides palatable opposition for the elites

the elites have several of these types in the MM and AM


polite opposition

mini truthers

name it and claim it

It still sounds like Pravda on the Potomic to me

Facts are 911 remains unsolved by the media
and I say its cuz of complicity

RE: StayReal

Sorry but he isn't really sticking his neck on the line at all. So he attacks the Bush administration...big friggin deal. 70% of the country thinks he is doing a terrible job anyway and there are plenty of critics out there against the administration.

How about if he actually addresses the REAL question: WHY? WHY does this administration do what they do, WHY does no one ever get punished, WHY does nothing change when Democrats are elected...CHILDREN CAN ASK WHY ABOUT LITERALLY EVERYTHING BUT A GODDAMN JOURNALIST CAN'T ASK IT ABOUT THE OBVIOUS?

Where is he talking about first responders, chemtrails, vaccines, pedophilia rings, botched election systems, the obvious fact that the whole war on terror is a lie since the Mexican border is wide open, etc., etc., ETC?

He doesn't. Until he starts, he sucks.

I can't stand Gouliani

but it makes no difference who becomes president. They are just puppets for the NWO boys. If they get out of line they end up like JFK. What we need is a COMPLETE HOUSECLEANING!!! To be blunt, a second American Revolution built on 9/11 truth. Nothing else will do it. Keep spreading the truth, it's the only way.

Olbermann and Guiliani co-defendants?

You have no excuse, Keith.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


kudos to mr. olbermann. excellent opinionated journalism.

Perhaps we all can also be considered left gatekeepers.

who knows?, maybe Olberman, Rather, etc are active members of 911blogger, or one of the 911 thrut blogs. after all do we really go to our main jobs trying to spread our views? it would be suicidal, unless we all get together and block freeways or surround federal buildings with protests signs and riots, and boycot cable and satellite tv, etc i gues they won't tell the truth, i am pretty sure they have their "hands" as tied as we are with respect to our workplace, and maybe they are really venting the truth through another venue.

The other day i met a 21 year old kid who works at the MIS department, he came to install a certain program i needed on my work's pc. well he needed to download some updates from the web and he went to MSN.com (my homepage) and he notice the picture of Rosie O'donell as she was resigning from "The view"; well the guy suddenly made a victory gesture as if his team scored a touchdown. He was so happy, and all i could think off was how sad it is that his generation is being stripped of basic human rights like free speech and many others, and they are totally clueless about it.

"all i could think off was

"all i could think off was how sad it is that his generation is being stripped of basic human rights like free speech and many others, and they are totally clueless about it."

I no longer have any sympathy for this generation at all. They've been brainwashed, dumbed down, and manipulated...yes. But we ALL have if we've been raised in this goddamn country. Why are there people like US, and then people like THEM?

I'm sorry, but at this ridiculously late stage in the game, if you haven't already woken up to reality, you're part of the enemy's team in the final analysis. I'm sick and tired of these braindead videogame playing puppets trying to make themselves out to be smarter or more informed than activists who've worked their asses off for years trying to bring justice and truth to the world. You'll be surprised by how many typically apathetic kids who never think about politics or social affairs will suddenly flair up and snarl about how great the "country" is when they hear someone criticize it. And these are kids who don't have the first clue which hemisphere Vancouver is on.
I'd say it's a pretty perverted sort of dichotomy we're dealing with here. But no, I have no pity for these young people who refuse to exhibit the best attributes of youth, which is to question authority. If their brainwashing has been that successful, I don't want them near me anyway.