when the 2nd tower fell

I, like many others, was intently watching tv, don't remember which channel or network, but as the 2nd tower started to collapse, pancake style, the announcer commented something to the effect, that "they" had fixed it to do that, after the previous underground bombing attempt. He was silent for a bit, and I wondered if he had said something that he wasn't supposed to. I'm sorry I don't remember the exact details, but I have never heard anyone comment on what he said, or anything about intentional controlled collapse. People were hanging out the windows, jumping out to their deaths, and I just assumed that the intentional controlled collapse was to shorten the suffering. This is all I remember related to something controlled, rather than as a result of the planes hitting the buildings.


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If you could somehow reconstruct what station it was you were watching, and if you could somehow dig up the actual footage -- maybe on archive.org, then you'd have something. That would make a great blog entry here.

I also welcome you to 911blogger.