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9.11, the inside job, the swan's song

welcome to the 21st century
PNAC calls for a new Pearl Harbor
GWB administration selection
WTC - rapid, symmetrical collapse
squibs down the sides
sub-level explosions
and molten steel
Silverstein decides to 'pull it'
Bush's cousin controls WTC security
'Hijackers' and their US military training
Atta and his CIA handlers
the unusual 'put options'
the military 'stand down'
the multiple foreign intel warnings
the rapid clean up (and limited investigation)
Patriot Act served up with Homeland Security
Peak Oil at 85 million barrels per day
energy independence breeds
endless war in the middle east
Rudy Guiliani gets his presidential bid

stop motoring 'merica, 'cause otherwise you're all fucked
regardless, you're about to rediscover scarcity


that's a post if I ever read a post

though i'm a bit confused about the peak oil hype and the contradictory "stop motoring 'merica'" comment suggesting peak oil is an immediate danger; serious enough to cause prices to double in merika; coincidentally, soon after the bushies were appointed to the White House. i would think a sharp piece like this post would get it straight, peak oil appears to be genuine, yet knowing exactly when the peak is reached is yet to be determined; in the most sever predictions, we are still a few years away; moderate estimates put it at 10-15 years; supply and demand forces in the marketplace have not yet occurred to warrant such increases in the price of oil. The flow of Middle East Oil has been disrupted to some degree by the bushies in Iraq, but not nearly enough to justify the bush regime doubling the price of oil. Peak Oil is Neocon Hype!

peak was 2 years ago

The peak production of the highest quality oil (sweet light) was possibly as long ago as 2000. This was concealed for 5 years by pumping more heavy sour oil. Peak production of all grades of actual oil (crude oil that flows out of a well or condenses out of the oil vapor in hot natural gas) peaked in May 2005. Production of crude + condensate is down 1 million barrels per day over the past 2 years and the rate of decline is increasing. The same people that are lying about 9/11 are also lying about the energy situation. They want you to keep going into debt for SUVs and McMansions in the exurbs, which you would not do if you knew how scarce oil is going to get.

Current "oil" production numbers have been manipulated by adding in propane, biodiesel, ethanol, and synthetic fuels from coal, natural gas, or tar. Now what they (EIA, IEA) report is "all liquids". Since you burn a lot of diesel making ethanol, some double counting is going on.

This is an extremely important issue, and Mike Ruppert got it right. Prof. Steve Jones has it right, he favors solar cookers for the 3rd world since they can't afford kerosene or electricity any more.

Denial of peak oil by a "populist" truther is always a red flag for me. Are people like Alex Jones just ignorant of geology, can they not face the idea of an end to happy motoring, or do they have a hidden agenda?

Peak oil, global warming and going to war for oil...

are illusional elements of a false debate that almost everyone has fallen for. The suppresion of free energy is the way the controllers have kept humanity enslaved. Google video "free energy" and study this for yourself. Just like 911 was an indide job, and the evidence is out there if you want to see it, the same goes for alternative energy. OIl is obsolite.

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Peak Oil

If the world is running out of oil, then why is Venezuela selling it for $0.12 a gallon? And why was a pre-war Iraq was selling oil at 5 cents a gallon? I think the world is running out of fairly run oil fields IMO....and look who the next target is, Iran, @ 8 cents a gallon.

Alex's agenda is to unite and educate us all so that we may flourish, period. He predicted 9/11, so if he say's Peak-Oil is a fraud then it most probably is.

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"The Truth is an Offense, but not a Sin" ~ Bob Marley

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