Email Bill Moyers to do a PBS show as to why the MSM is ignoring 9/11 Truth!

Here is the link to email "Bill Moyers Journal" show:

We ALL need to email him and ask him to do a similar show as to why
the MSM is ignoring the obvious lies and cover-up of 9/11!!

Buying the War. How did the main stream press get it so wrong?

Beware the Liberal War on Terra

Let us have no illusions.

Moyers' "Winning the War on Terror" ( ) is a lament over President Bush's leadership. Moyers accepts Bush's narrative of the war on terror without question. He doesn't point out that Bush's war on terror has done nothing but multiply terrorists, or that Bush could easily have isolated terrorists after 9/11 by addressing the authentic grievances of Arabs, or that Bush in fact needs terrorists to justify Administration policies. On the contrary, Moyers has no doubts about who the real enemy is:

"Islamic fanatics have declared war and seem willing to wage it to the death. If they prevail, our children will grow up in a world where fear governs the imagination and determines the rules of life."

Apparently to Moyers' mind we are always at Orange Alert or worse; it's almost as if it is Americans -- rather than, say, Iraqis or Palestinians -- who live under constant threat of being bombed or strafed or tortured or starved; the brutal realities of life for many Muslims are transformed somehow into omnipresent dangers for Americans. And so, writes Moyers, "Like most Americans, I want to do my part in the war." He makes clear that this war is not just another issue du jour. In language evoking the grand old days of World War II, Moyers agrees with Bush that the war on terror "is an inescapable calling of our generation."


The Eleventh Day of Every Month

When asked....

....Moyers witll vigorously defend the government's stories that were forced upon us regarding JFK and 9/11. I know this for a fact.

He will never go that far (question those myths so vital to controlling the nation's population).


The same guy who did the PBS special on the Secret Government in 1987?

For what it’s worth, here’s what I emailed to the show:

"Thank you for 'Buying the War,' a truly eye-opening exposé for an America still largely asleep since 9/11.

But, ironically, Mr. Moyers is keeping one eye closed by failing to address an unthinkable yet inescapable truth: that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by the same Neocon psychopaths who lied to justify the war on Iraq.

At the very least, I urge Mr. Moyers to present an unbiased program on the claims of the 9/11 Truth movement. There are overwhelming factual, logical and scientific challenges raised in the last five years against the official story, which have been deliberately ignored, marginalized or ridiculed by the mainstream media. The 9/11 Commission Report has already been shown to be a shameless whitewash, full of distortions and perjury.

9/11 Truth can no longer be dismissed as “outrageous conspiracy theories,” as President Bush warned us in 2001. If 9/11 was a fraud on the American people, we must accept it, find the real terrorists and bring them to justice, regardless of consequences. Our democracy is hanging by a thread; soon it may be hanging from a rope."