Global Hawk Drone Hit Pentagon, Says Conspiracist

The video talks about the Pentagon, and some interesting info about Uranium. It's about 5 mins long. I had never seen this one until a minute ago. Great pictures.

From Danger Room:

Global Hawk Drone Hit Pentagon, Says Conspiracist


.........Add it to the long list of unanswered questions

Depleted Uranium used as jet ballast

Someone just told me tonight that depleted uranium is apparently used as ballast in commercial (and other?) jets.

I had never heard this before, so I did a search when I saw this report, and found some hits that corroborate it.

Like this one:

No Depleted Uranium released from jet crashed in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Investigators have determined that no radioactivity was released from depleted uranium used as ballast in the tail of a Boeing 747 cargo jet that crashed during takeoff from Halifax International Airport on Oct. 14, 2004. The depleted uranium was only used as ballast in the rudder and elevator portion of the cargo jet's tail - which were not part of the inferno of the main debris site. The tail broke off after hitting an earth mound 300 metres beyond the end of the runway during the crash. Seconds later, the remainder of the plane plunged into a wooded area and exploded in a fireball, killing all seven crew. The depleted uranium was not exposed to the explosion. (CP Oct. 28, 2004)

It's a good question as to why they didn't take protective measures at the WTC site, as well, although we know they basically threw all of those poor bastards to the wolves, if you will. (and one could make a pretty good argument that there was probably much more worse toxic material there than however much DU was in the two planes)

Of course, I don't remember any other plane crash being treated as a potential radioactive hazard, either, so that's odd. (I'm guessing 'they' don't want it generally known that our skies are filled with depleted uranium — I'm not too thrilled about it now that I know)

Addendum: I just noticed that right after the above article they had this:

No Depleted Uranium in Hijacked Jets Crashed in New York and Washington
Other than with its 747 jets, Boeing never used depleted uranium counterweights in its 767 and 757 jets - the types involved in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, according to Boeing speaker Heinrich Grossbongardt. (SPIEGEL ONLINE, Sep 14, 2001)

So that means.... what? (it's late and I'm fuzzy)


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There is some great info in this video, but the ending becomes

quite speculative. (Just because it seems to be an Eric Hufschmidt (sp?) video doesn't mean it's all disinfo.)

There are loads of reasons why I am sure that AA-77 did not hit the Pentagon.

Just a Question

You do realize that a Global Hawk, aside from being about 1/5th the size of a 757, looks absolutely nothing like one, right?

I am sure you realize

I am sure you realize whatever is streaking across the pentagon lawn 3 feet off the ground looks nothing like a 757.

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