Luke in NY needs legal representation

Hey all, Luke was on Alex today and has the scumbags in front of the new WTC7 accusing him of having a bomb, accusing him of being a terrorist, and calling the cops on him claiming he has a bomb.

He'd file a complaint, but doesn't have legal representation. Does anyone know where he could get some free legal representation?

You should be able to get ahold of Luke here:

Alex posted a video of this event on Monday available here:

Im listening to AJ now

I saw that vid a couple of weeks ago, that piece of garbage is a disgrace to the nypd (if he is indeed a cop). I hope someone helps Luke prosecute this douche bag under the Patriot Act. We know all these laws they have enacted are all unconstitutional but in the meantime we can use their own weapons against them. I hope what that fat fuck did is indeed prosecutable, and he gets what he deserves. He's the friggin terrorist. Not patriots like Luke.

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"From what little I know of the law", it is not really prosecutable or litigable. Of course, you can sue anyone for anything, however, whether you will win, or not, or have a chance of winning, or not, is another thing. Plus, you could end up having to pay the other person's attorney's fees, and other nastiness like that, which could suck, especially if you simply got unlucky, which does happen too often.

We have the best legal system in the world in the United States, but anyone with a lick of sense chooses to stay as far away from it as humanly possible unless they absolutely have no choice in the matter.

As for the worthless piece of shit trash scumbag (as someone I know would call him) who pulled the asinine "I see wires which might be a bomb" crap (and his friends/co-workers), he's the type of person who, when he dies, the world will (most probably) be a better place instead of a lesser place.

Name the quote source: "It's not good for some people to live too long"

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Impersonating a police officer

is what I see going on in that video.

Are those thugs actually NYPD?

I'm pretty sure that's a crime.

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"We have the best legal

"We have the best legal system in the world in the United States"

And Leonard Peltier agrees! Seriously, I thought we were starting to get past this "number 1" stuff. I agree to a certain extent: many Native American tribes had an excellent legal system prior to the Europeans' arrival, although "legal" is perhaps the wrong word. Native American justice, or at least many aspects thereof, is a model for the future.

However, I have to take issue with your argument as it stands.

The American "justice" system is so effective you have 25% of the world's prison population with only 5% of the population overall. I especially like the "three strikes" stuff in Cali -- dude steals a candy bar and gets life in prison. My favorite, however, is allowing the death penalty for juveniles and the mentally retarded.

Number 1? Depends on the critera I guess. But when you make those kinds of statements you do a grave injustice to the millions of people who have suffered at the hands of the American judicial system. Number 1 implies it's pretty damn good, in fact it's pretty damn bad and major reform is in order.

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or consider that

all 9/11 litigations were stovepiped to one judge in New York--one Alvin Hellerstein. Why? Well, to efficiently dismiss all the cases of course. We're #1!! Yay!


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Lawyers for 9/11 Truth.

We need to get a group of Lawyers sympathetic to our cause here at 911Blogger. I know a dude Stanley Hilton was bringing up a case regarding 9/11. We should get in touch with the ACLU as well. It wouldn't take too many, but it would be nice to assemble a team of people who could represent us in courts etc. Always room for improvement.


Exactly what are the charges? No doubt we can make this as big as they want to go from what I've seen.

I would think something

I would think something along the lines of maybe slander, libel, infringing upon his freedom of speech (especially if he had a court document stating that the street was public property-then not only would he have a case against the goons but the NYPD as well. The NYPD IS on OUR side but sometimes it takes legal action for them to understand that men with lots of money aren't the ones calling the shots.). The infringing on his freedom of speech would be the biggie I think more so than the child in an adult body who said he looked like a terrorist.

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The cop that was harrassing Luke then started saying "hey I see wires coming out of your bag, thats a bomb" and shit like that, then called other cops and possibly the bomb squad (luke can explain better). When I saw this pig-eyed-sack-of-shit doing this I wanted to crawl thru my monitor and tear his throat out.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

was that a cop or Silverstein security?

The cops I saw didn't seem to do anything terribly wrong--correct me if that's mot the case. This happens unfortunately where for whatever BS reason some part of the street is considered private property of otherwise off limits. I was using a bullhorn on a piece of land that is supposed to be for public use (Harvard had been allowed to bury a public street 30 years ago to make a walkable space) and had the university police called on me by a little shit. After doing some research it was possible I had a case but it would be totally up in the air given the public/private issues and Harvard's responsibility for maintaining it as public space--the question being would I have right to free speech as on a regular piece of street.

Bottom line is the cops can tell you to move, but you don't have to. Then they can arrest you and you can try to fight it. The National Lawyer's Guild are the people to call for help with stuff like this, free speech etc. Best to figure out what your rights are for sure but anyway you'll usually just get a warning.

I'm mostly concerned about the trenchcoat thugs Larry S seems to have guarding the fron t of his building--don't they know Silverstein buildings have a weird tendency to collapse?? You might have a case if indeed the guy was accusing you of having a bomb. Unfortunately though, if all he was saying is that he saw wires coming out of your bag and that you MIGHT have a bomb for all he knows, that's free speech.

Good for these guys for showing up at Lucky Larry's building. I'm not a huge fan of the resistance manifesto, but unless more poeple want to take on the task of doing necessary publicity then I can't really complain--at least someone is doing something. Some of the comments here though... hmmmm... need to chill a bit!


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Charges could be

Charges could be impersonating a police officer, calling in a false bomb threat, and slander to start.

yikes... never mind what I said

I question anyone promoting the resistance manifesto, including Alex Jones. some choice quotes below from their homepage:


The Bible is True, the antichrist will soon rise, and you better chose which team you're on and get right with God.

A large number of our political world leaders and corporate global elite are part of an intricate system of Satanic secret societies. They believe Lucifer (Satan) set Man free in the Garden of Eden, and that the God of the Bible is the evil one.

Mormonism is a cult and the founder, Joseph Smith, was a Freemason. Mormons believe Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, and believe that they can become Gods, just like Satan said in the Garden of Eden.

There is a Satanic pentagram clearly designed in the street layout of Washington D.C.

Numerous sources including Ted Gunderson (ret. FBI), John Decamp (former US senator), Paul Bonacci (child abuse victim) and Rusty Nelson (Franklin Cover Up) report that Hunter S. Thompson produced snuff films in the Bohemian Grove in which people were murdered on film for entertainment.

VeriChip is the Pandora's Box of the mark of the Beast. Soon implants will substitute ID and credit cards. GPS next.

Adolf Hitler's favorte book was 'The Secret Doctrine' which says Satan is good, and God is evil. This same philosophy is practiced by Skull & Bones members and high level Freemasons today.

“Learn a lesson from a fig tree. When its branches sprout and start putting out leaves, you know summer is near. So when you see all these things happening, you will know that the time has almost come.” (Mark 13:28-29)

Neural Interfaces (chips and electrodes wired directly into the human brain) will soon be common ways to surf the Internet and make phone calls.

The Illuminati teachings and ideologies dominate the global agenda of the New World Order.

Mechanical hybrid Terminators are being manufactured by the Department of Defense. These hybrid 'living' computers will soon be more intelligent than humans. These systems include armed flying drones.

The antichrist will soon rise through the political, and technological infrastructure.


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I agree. The resistance

I agree. The resistance manifesto is too broad and swooping in it's claims. However, some of the sci-fi technology claims are possibilities. There are already implants into the primary auditory cortex for individuals born w/o ear canals to hear. There are also implants into the substantia nigra region to allow severe parkinsons patients to regain mobility. I believe it was 5 years ago that monkey's were first fitted with equipment to remotely control robots over a network. There are also experiments at Boston U. regarding neural networks that can learn and move about via robotic contraptions. Don't take my word for it. Google it or search on pubmed. And those are just the experiments that are in the public domain....

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)


that's how these con men operate--use some scary real stuff to seem like you're really on top of things and then with that bait hook people into the rest of the stuff which is gibberish. of course RFID chips can be implanted in humans--question is, can they do it by force. Anyway what it all has to do with 9/11 is anyone's guess. Unless of course you simply must believe that "the NWO" is responsible for everything including 9/11 so you may as well expose it all, right? Yeah, right is more like it. This shit has got to stop or this site is going to see its credibility in the toilet.


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is what Mark Dice offers activists who win his video contest.

You have to put his website on your video to participate.

Many participants add a disclaimer at the beginning to the effect that they have no affiliation with Mark Dice or his website.

At least CHANGE won and they got some cash for dvds and flyers.

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i guess that explains it huh?

so for $1000 someone would walk around New York promoting a site that makes 9/11 Truth look like complete nutjobs. That doesn't necessarily surprise me. What does surprise me is that anyone would consider that a good idea.


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You'll never see me doing it

Or Luke

He just told me. He said there's a disclaimer on the video but he agrees and won't do it again. I'm still glad they did it and got the money but I want to see an alternative truth jam kind of thing that doesn't promote one person's ideology or what have you.

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what we need are ways to fund each other

knowing that we'll get bang for our buck.

In other words, NOT some server upgrade fund that is not reported on once they have their money, and after having taken said money threaten to ban a user on the flimsiest of excuses such that said user will not likely see any benefit from his $70.

no offense, dz.


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I really hope you guys can work things out. 

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Sue the Force, Luke!

Sorry, couldn't resist.

You're easily amused...

Why don't you read this instead?:

Not that it is likely to change the fact you're a hypocritical, evil little troll, but hope does spring eternal.

And I won't be harrassing you with that other "thing" least not for now.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

even trolls are clever sometimes

I had to vote that up out of principle. It was damn clever. Brainster is an accessory after the fact, but a funny accessory after the fact.


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Vote him up if you must--as long as his post stays hidden! ;-P

Actually a lot of debunks have at least an intermittant wit--I've LOL at more than a few insults hurled my way.

What I find odd, though, is that none of the debunks who actually possess wit do any of these so called satires or parodies of 911truth. It's always some hack who wouldn't know wit or humor if it hit them with a cream pie.

What's with that?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

they have to spread out their tasks for plausible deniability

it's a more common practice than you think, Jen. seems to happen quite a bit in fake truthing circles actually. oh *I* wasn't knwoingly providing or enabling disinfo! You have nothing on *me*!

Organized crime in the information age.

What ever has happened to Jessica??


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I can see what you mean about paid shills...

..but what about the voluneer debunks? Or the "fans"? They coudl just throw up something witty as a free agents. Or are you saying you think all the smart witty ones ARE shills? Statistically, that just seems unlikely...

BTW--notice how after I was banned from Screw Loose, James and a couple of his debunk mates decide to hit 911Blogger with a vertable debunk fest?

It's almost as if Jimbo misses me at his blog...;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

debunkmates--i love it

no intelligent person honestly promotes the official story. those who are honestly fooled by the run of the mill disinfo, i.e. the bedunkers, are real idiots and it's not hard to suss out a real idiot.

relatively intelligent shills are tasked with making less than intelligent folks confused and get them to support any angle of BS they can. sometimes they fool them into supporting the bedunking cause, other fools are tricked into supporting some limited hangout BS, still others into supporting no planes nonsense, etc.

The deeper the disinfo, the more you can fool the more intelligent, up to the very top of the disinfo food chain, which are the mostly credible sounding "truthers" who may never be sussed out because when the movement succeeds they will disavow every idiotic attempt they made to throw people off the scent and pump each other up in memoirs about the good ol days in the truth movement.

the clear tendency of people on this site to put what they consider friendship and loyalty above logic, reason, and the truth itself is very telling.

In the end it's every brain for themselves, and some will choose poorly even if they aren't perceived as having done so by everyone. Those who know the truth will know it, those who think they do will think they do.


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And on that note, a SOCK of B.J.Edwards has returned.... the end of the "Fetzer" comments.

Pimping his BAD satire, as usual.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

and it seems this site has forgotten

that Fetzer has already tried to sink the movement. Yet his blog posts are not censored, nor locked when they reach nose bleed comment numbers.

Hello? Col. Jenny, have you seen Captain obvious anywhere??


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Sorry, you lost me--I'm a little short on blood sugar right now

email me if you'd prefer to clairify privately. I should go get some food right now, anyway.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

If blogger censored Fetzer's blogs

then Fetzer could run around screaming about how he's censored on blogger. Because his blogs aren't censored, any newcomer can open one and see for themselves exactly what his standing is in the movement - ie toast, just like his favorite cars. I think it's actually worse publicity for him for his blogs to go through. Of course there's still that unfortunate distraction factor but I think if it's approached the right way that studying this aspect of the disinfo war that's being waged on us can be more helpful than unhelpful.

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Some good news

Someone just donated a hidden camera to Luke. Also, we want to spread the word that he is going to be joining me as co-host on Truth Revolution Radio soon, maybe as soon as Monday but definitely within the next few weeks. We will be co-hosting shows, switching off solo, mixing it up, having fun and kicking ass.

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