Huffing Mad at the Left Gatekeepers

Got three more at Huffington:

"An Introduction to False Flag Terror", "How to Become a Dictator in 6 Easy Steps", and "Courage"

Please Huff all of 'em here

If we get about 6 Huffs each, they will appear on the front page for a couple of days.


Huffing Them Down!

Great work at pushing 9/11 related news into The Huffington Post GW. You gotta start somewhere and I think False Flag Terrorism education is a great start. I get edited over at CrooksandLiars when I talk about 9/11, but I've switched tactics to discussing and educating people about false flag operations, and it seems to be working. Anyway.. Thanks for the opportunity and believe it. I Huffed It!

Huffing done

GW you have one of the most extensive and informative blogs on 9-11. Kudos to your effort.