9/11 Truth and the Revolutionary War; civil disobedience?

The spirit of the revolutionary war is what is needed in order for us to succeed in making the truth known and commonly agreed upon to set this entire nation in a new direction; and we will never get there because 9/11 was 5 1/2 years ago, and the 'rage' is not there, and cannot be mustered up.

No true preachers of God's word dare call 9/11 an inside job from the pulpit, no Christian media broadcasters will dare to take on the subject because it will immediately interfere with their steady stream of filthy lucre!

Most Americans believe they're still free because they're stil free to consume all the alcohol they want and live sporting events they can at free will; and no one we talk to about 9/11 truth feel the slightest bit 'opressed' as colonists were under the rule of Great Britain.

Until they round up our guns, or attempt to; or until we have enough support to gain a significant majority of 'Constitution Party'-type candidates elected to public office who would vote consistently to do the EXACT opposite of anything a Republican or Democrat would do for a long period of time - most Americans I fear will lose their freedoms or be rounded up into slave camps as due punishment for their willing ignorance and willful denial that 9/11 was an inside job(or that God's moral absolutes are the best prescription for a loss of freedom).

Again - Most Americans are for more concerned with their ability to accumulate money, consume entertainment than the welfare of their neighbor, or the oppression future generations of Americans will have to endure under FEMA and all of their Executive Orders.

I'm poor, I've got 'nothing' to lose; but my first priority in life is that the children God gave me know that Jesus is Lord, and that only by applying His payment for their sins will be the only way they will be afforded the wisdom and ability to make right decisions more than wrong ones, and attain the only righteousness God will accept from any human being in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven upon passing from this life.

Our founders warnings were clear, and I too believe civil disobedience is most likely in order here - but I'd rather be attacked and persecuted for my faith than wasting my time watching Loose Change over and over and constructing a hateful argument to blast our government with. I've purchased and handed out dozens of DVD's(each one costing my family a gallon of milk!) - and I've gotten my co-workers and family angry at me at home, and at my past 3 jobs - I've gone from $42,500/year down to $9.42/hour with 5 kids, and I'm still talking about 9/11 truth to people.(when it becomes time to cut the payroll, the 9/11 truthers are not the critcal thinkers, or moral compromisers most employers want to keep around).

We don't have any elected officials who will champion our cause at all, nor organize any rallies.

I believe I'm doing my part, and I won't be a bandwagon jumper if our movement becomes mainstream; but if people cannot accept the simple truth about death and hell as consequences for sin, they're even more blind to accept who was behind 9/11.

On a related note...

Last December I thought this "movement" would get up off their asses and descend on Congress to show their disgust. I had the perfect protest, a mass burning of the 9/11 Commission Reports, thousands of people each showing up on the first day of Congress to steal the thunder from the corporatists. It would have been a revolution, and a demonstration heard round the world.

I couldn't get one keyboard warrior to commit to show up. It wasn't for lack of trying (marketing) either. They knew. They lacked the spine.

You may say why didn't I just do it myself? Well, I would have bought a plane ticket at great expense, and been there only to be beat on and arrested -- IF anyone else would have agreed to stand with me. Not one did.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

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Read Silbers'

article..... it expresses it well.


...."This is how we live in America today. The final destruction of liberty, and of life itself, could begin at any moment. Yet we act like the man with his head resting on the block. We seem to believe there is nothing especially unusual in our circumstances, nothing that requires us to take action. Life goes on as it always did. Like the man under the blade, we could choose to alter our fate. We will not. We believe, as perhaps the man under the blade believes, that our situation isn't that bad; we'll be able to get through this, just as we always have. We forget all those who have gone before us, all those who have died bloody and painful deaths. But, we may tell ourselves, we are different from all those others. Their fate will not be ours, because we are special and unique. We forget that all the earlier victims thought the same...."

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)