Christianity Controversy, WOW!!!


My blog was knee-jerk, and somewhat poorly written because it was done in haste. But apparently I've invited an attack on the truth and relevance of Christianity; moreso than a debate about how much truth really matters in this culture today.

My goal was to get some help with my foxnewsantichrist website, but considering I admit I got carried away with expressing my fundamentalist beliefs; I've managed to polarize some people away from even trusting my assertion that I too believe 9/11 was an inside job.

I did mean what I said, I'm not willing to die on the hill of 9/11 truth; but it doesn't mean I don't want to be invloved in badgering the media into broadcasting a highly advertised, prime time, full-blown debate about the physical evidence of the things we question; between our Scholars for 9/11 Truth professors & WHOMEVER they want to put up there against us.

"Fair & Balanced", "We Report, You Decide:???

Calling Rosie O'Donell a ****, ****, idiot, lesbian, yadda, yadda, yadda is not debating nor addressing the physics of what happened on 9/11.

And I think I'd love to just put forth the notion that Bill O'Reilly, and Sean Hannity, and Ann Coulter are NOT Christians on my website by comparing their behavior and their words against my very basic biblical understandings. They're professing Christians, and they're supposedly pro-first amendment; so let's make them prove it by hitting them with direct truths about the basic tenants of Christianity, the words of Jesus, and their words and behaviors.

I believe the fruits of my efforts will irritate them(which Bill O'Reilly loves to be irritated and challenged about his core beliefs and opinions) - and in response to my website's popularity; this will draw out of them their reasons for their defiant inability to even ALLOW their viewing audience the opportunity to entertain the notion that 9/11 was an inside job.

To some degree, I'd also like to comment on my observations about how they portray evangelicals as common-folk, how they express their hatred for biblical 'separatists', and to a sickening degree prop-up Rick Warren's & his Purpose-Driven movement as they did during Christmas of 2006. Alex Jones knows what's coming next, the 'thought police' - and Christian fundamentalists, or people with highly morally dogmatic opinions about our culture will become the priority of the collective media attack dog.

So, don't get on my case and attack my belief system as an ignorant crutch I use because I'm trying to compensate for my lack of true-patriotism, or intellectual understanding of whatever it is that you who attacked me think you understand about 'origins'.

Yes, I choose willingly to take God at His Word. I do believe the earth is 6000 years old, and I believe the bible doesn't contradict itself(we can talk about preservation of the original texts versus the current versions some other day). And, I do believe our Christian account of creation makes way more sense than evolution, and I summarily reject the notion that I sound like an extremist muslim with my narrow-minded rhetoric; I didn't buy into some big lie! Christianity, at least biblical Christianity was NOT spread with a sword, and I didn't accept the free gift of salvation from my Creator, nor choose to begin to practice self-restraint or change some of my attitudes and behaviors at the behest of any governemntal official, written law, or irrational angry pastor. News Flash: the 'Crusaders' were not Christians!

If I tell people I quit drinking because my mother was an alcoholic, people respect that decision and compliment my efforts; but if I say I don't drink because it dishonors my Lord, I'm a kook and a wacko.

But again, the goal is to introduce truth back into society. You think the American people are divided now? Over Republican/Democrat, Pro-War or Anti-War? Give me a break - they're all compromisers of their own belief systems because they have no truth in themselves that can endure from one television or radio station to the moment they switch to the next.

Substantive issues, in clear black and white vernacular are what need to be debated and broadcasted to the American public, and I believe that is what this movement should be demanding.

I mean, you alreadly know Keith Olbermann & Bill O'Reilly are on the same team, and working towards the same goal - the elimination of all dissenters who they are systematically dumbing down with all their pseudo-intellectual haughty words. And the majority of their victims are those who apperently don't have similar personal convictions about moral absolutes as I do.

Again, I'm not perfect. I wouldn't know about Girls Gone Wild, or take offense to it if I hadn't taken in some of their repulsive all-night advertising on the Spike channel while surfing late at night or early in the morning getting ready for work. But at least I'm willing to call it sinful behavior to watch any of it, and willing to take responsibility for not changing the channel when it was on; but the trap most people who responded to my first blog is their willing ignorance to the unchangeable truth that their Creator hates that kind of promiscuity and there are always consequences for entertaining or engaging in that type of moral filth.

Again, when I see their trash; what is my response? "Sex is sex, we should be free to have at it, all we want"? Or, "this is repulsive, and stuff like this invites God's wrath upon our nation for not upholding the simplest of moral standards in order to protect our children from predators or diseases".

Do we really want to deny that our nation's founders pleaded with succeeding generations of Americans to maintain a moral compass based upon the bible? That's selfish, pure an simple. Moral relativism contributed greatly to what those mastermind criminals did on 9/11, and it is the centerpiece of their neo-con physcological warfare playbook .

Anyway, the question at hand is what is our moral compass; and based on our response, it is(I believe) the reason we cannot get our 9/11 truth movement the media play or congresional support it needs.

Christians are hypocrites, 9/11 truthers are hypocrtites.

Alex Jones calls cops 'slime' and 'pieces of filth', and he's right because the bad ones are; BUT, God gave the sword to civil government, not to the citizenry. And we are not to kill those in authority over us.

I believe God gives us the leaders we deserve, based on our willingness to adhere to His moral standards for His created beings; i.e. our self-restraint!

If our current president is behind allowing 9/11 to go forward, it is a greater offense to our nation than Bill Clinton's sexual perversions, obvioulsy - but dont' forget, it is our fault for perpetuating our love of money over our love of truth.

The truth always hurts, and that is the only pain of experience we can hope for in order to restore this republic; and the truth of what really took place on 9/11 is only one truth, of many this nation needs to come to grips with.

My biggest burden right now is how much time all those professing Christians waste idolizing Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Dennis Miller, false preachers and so-called Evangelical Christian leaders; moreso than the truth of God's Word which always cuts to the heart of all matter and gives human beings a clear purpose for living.

Like Kent Hovind said in one of his seminars, "Rat Poision is 99.5% good food". Don't be decieved!

if I've learned anything about Jesus

and to the hardcore skeptics, let's just pretend it doesn't matter if he was real or not, let's just look at the mesage.

He WOULD have died on the 9/11 Truth hill. As would many of us, because we consider it preferable to living under the rule of liars and murderers.

Jesus is reported to have taught many things that make sense. He believed, for example, that those who make a show of their piety are not to be credited for it. That those who know what is right will do it without seeking recognition or reward.

Jesus did not ask to be worshipped, he asked that his example be followed. He asked that instead of hating your enemy you love him, instead of stoning the damned you fogive them. His teachings were counterintuitive and indeed were anti-establishment. The high priests who ruled his people were corrupt beyond belief and used their religious authority to enrich themselves and manipulate the people. He cried BS and said directly to the people that the poriests were frauds and that you don't need an internediary to have a connection with go. You don't need to be among the "chosen" to know god and righteousness.

There was, as historical fact, a lot of upheaval during the time when Jesus is reported to have lived. His message was quite appropriate for that time whether he was real or whether he was a character in some other real person's morality play. In the end it's the message--the true and noncontradictory message that comes through the stories--that matter. Not the absurd doomshilling of the tacked on book of revelations, not the lies about his birth that were meant to link him to Hebrew prophesies of the Messaiah. The IDEAS. All Jesus evr wanted was for people to see the logic and the truth in the ideas about what a benevolent god would be like.

Now some may shun mysticism and have faith in the deductive process as practiced by scientists, or natural philosophers as they were once more appropriately called. Scientists don't have all thye answers either. The whys, the hows... They are accurate observers of bnatural phenomena as were the first astrologers. So religion came from astrology? ANd where do you think science came from?

False dichotomy, yet again. Explain existence and consciousness to me, based only on science. Explain life in its complexity and humanity in its infinite capacity for creation without accepting something on faith. Go ahead, and when you do, you may be worshipped. Until then, why not follow the example of a mythical Jewish upstart who preached love and morality over authority? I can think of worse role models, real and fictional.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


The Book of Revelations,

to people who aren't getting off in anticipation of floating up into the sky naked, can be read as a heavily encrypted political screed.

and dude, please... judge not.

All your talk of others'sin is sinful itself. that's between them and god. don't threaten people with god's wrath for sinning--you do not speak for god--if you tuly are a christian that is.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


""I too believe 9/11 was an

""I too believe 9/11 was an inside job.""

This is the only sentence out of your entire post that makes a lick of sense, the rest is completely irrational, totally delusional psychotic blather.

Anyone that "believes" the Earth is 6000 years old even though there is absolutely overwhelming & irrefutable evidence that proves well beyond any doubt that in fact the Earth is BILLIONS of years old is a delusional psychotic plain and simple.

The Bible is so contradictory that in fact it has to be the MOST contradictory book ever written. The contradictions are so numerous that once again anyone that cant see them means they are delusional and suffering severe almost debilitating Cognitive Dissonance.
These contradictions are what fuel so many different sects of the same religion (33,800 sects of Christianity alone) if there were no contradictions and 1000s of ways to interpret the myriad of allegories, homilies, parables then there would be just ONE sect of Christianity.

""I do believe our Christian account of creation makes way more sense than evolution""

The Christian account of creation is virtually identical in many ways to the Sumerian creation story which is where the Jewish creation story originated from.
This is archaeological fact literally written in stone.
You also show your ignorance of Evolutionary Theory considering Evolution has nothing to do with "how life began" but in fact how it has "evolved" and it does this with mountains of irrefutable empirical evidence.

"Christianity, at least biblical Christianity was NOT spread with a sword""

Again total denial of the facts due to your Cognitive Dissonance and overwhelming need to believe in your fairytale.
Without the sword and fear mongering Christianity would not exist today anymore than belief in Zeus or Hercules, same goes for Islam, both were spread by the sword and this fact is proven over & over again in well documented history.

""News Flash: the 'Crusaders' were not Christians""

ROTFL wow you really are way off the deep end, it always surprises me how few Christians actually know ANYTHING about Christianity.
All "Crusaders" were indeed Christian, the early Crusaders were usually called ""fideles Sancti Petri " (the faithful of Saint Peter) or ""milites Christi " (Knights of Christ).
The Crusades lasted about 200 years and were sanctioned by The Pope.
Actually these lunatics were exactly like YOU they were some of the first Fundamentalist and willing to "die for christ".
People like you are scary as hell to those of us that are sane & rational.

""but if I say I don't drink because it dishonors my Lord, I'm a kook and a wacko""

Correct, that should give you a clue but sadly all it does is make the delusional dig in deeper and fight reality all the more, such is the insidiousness of the mind plague of religion.
Your mother is real, your "lord" is a figment of your psychosis.

There is some small compartmentalized section of your brain still able to function enough to realise that 9/11 was an inside job, I would suggest to latch onto those few brain cells left firing and key on that message and forget about trying to spread your religious drivel which will only alienate you from most everyone and place you firmly in the category of stark raving lunatic.
Stick with 9/11 truth and drop the insane fundy crap, there is nothing more divisive than religion.

In fact I stopped going to my local 9/11 group because of some fundy lunatic spewing the same manure you are, I can not be around some one I consider to be completely insane.
There were only I think about 20 people in the group and this one lunatic caused at least 2 of us to leave it, maybe more left latter I don't know.


I'll add this to the talk. I was born into a Cahtolic family and was babtised Catholic. But I have questioned Christianity ever since I could remember. This video kind of explains alot. Although it doesnt go as far back as the Sumarian texts, its clear on modern day politics and religions. I took the time to watch the whole video and now I have a better understanding how we are controled by our FORCED beliefs in christianity.