How fast did Building 7 Fall?

"Some people say that Building 7 fell in under seven seconds. They're wrong, and this video shows why." claims the user who posted this video.

The argument is that part of the building gave out prior to the so-called "total collapse".

Your thoughts?

The user who posted that video is a debunker.

Probably from JREF. Any intelligent person knows that the law of phyisics dictates that a structure will fall in the direction of damage. The only way the building will fall straight down is if all the support columns were severed at the exact same time. Just because a part of the building falls off, doesn't mean that's the start of collapse. When the building began total collapse, it fell at free-fall speeds.

So they're saying...

The portion of the building that fell in 6.6 seconds was only 6.6 seconds of the building's collapse, and not the total 16.6 seconds?

I sent this to Prof. Jones to see what he has to say.

To me, it seems that the building did fall straight down in 6.6 seconds. My question is, if it was CD, how long does the process take? Did the Penthouse collapse during that process? Do you start counting when the whole building starts to fall, or when bits and pieces do? I dunno.

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The penthouses had to come down first...

Otherwise the buildings edge walls would have fallen outwards damaging the buildings either side.

The objective of conventional controlled demolition is to have the building fall in on itself.

The center falling first "pulls" the outer walls inwards.

If you look at the rubble pile the outer walls are on top of the pile...

CD 110%

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Thank you...

For the response.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Similar admitted demolition...

In this 20 second clip, you can see a smaller demolition with a roof fold / kink very similar to WTC7.

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Makes sense to me...

From Prof. Jones...

In my paper, I painstakingly point out that the collapse time is measured thus:

Speed: How fast did the southwest corner of the roof fall? (Students and I measure [6.5 +- 0.2] seconds for the SW corner of WTC 7, after this corner begins its steady fall.)

If you look at other demolitions, as I have done, you will see that often there is early "kinking" and weakening in the building. If you start timing when the first action begins, you will often find a fairly long time (around 20 seconds) for the entire demolition -- including the pre-weakening phase. But the time for a section of the roof to descend to the ground after the roof begins its steady fall is typically a little longer than free-fall time (in a vacuum), both in known CD's and in the fall of the roof (we veiwed the SW corner) of WTC 7.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

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Exactly what I had in Mind, but he put it in better words.


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It's not about what ya know...

don't know about yall

but I love hearing steve jones talk about kinking...


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no doubt that the 47 stories

no doubt that the 47 stories still standing fell quickly, regardless of the penthouse.

from roof to ground a considerable amount of that building came down in unison.

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straw man

the six point six is important insofar as the portion that fell in that amount of time was as high as it was off the ground. The middle crumbling in first does not figure in the least into the significance of that figure.

In fact anyone who has bothered to read the NIST report knows that it is the crumbling of the Penthouse first that provides a difficulty for the official story. WHy? Because it leaves less room for arguing hypotheticals about how the collapse may have initiated.

We know based on the crumbling in of the penthouse that the collapse started with a specific set of columns. We also know that starting with those specific (central) columns would have been a method of controlled demolition used to make the building fall inward. We also know that it is extremely unlikely (perhaps impossible) for the existing fires to have been responsible for either the free fall collapse of the center portion OR the free fall collapse of the surrounding building.

This post proves nothing other than how desperate the perps are to muddy the waters about building 7. I suggest people read the official reports before expressing confusion about the penthouse collapse--it is in fact integral to OUR case, not their excuses!


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This video serves 9-11 Truth by highlighting the penthouse collapse in Building 7 several seconds prior to the general collapse. Thanks 911veritas for the controlled demolition video - very impressive. I posted a clip of the penthouse collapse on David Cameron's website (-- the first video clip posted on 9-11 there) because to me this is most compelling evidence in favor of controlled demolition. See the clip at:

6.6, 7.7 or

6.6, 7.7 or 77.7......explain the molten metal



Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
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The exact time it took to collapse is irrelavant..........

The fact remains that WTC7 was hit by nothing and collapsed in a controlled demolition in its own footprint. For NO reason!!

That's what's important.

The schmuck who made this video doesn't explain
that, does he??

Just be careful

The only case in which this distinction matters is if someone who isn't even interested in the subject has been beaten over the head with "6.6 seconds" before even seeing the collapse video, let alone mounds of related evidence, and then reading something like Popular Mechanics. This isn't the first time anyone's noticed the penthouse, it is however a blatant attack on another one of our "smoking guns" if you will. The regular attacks on our more popular beliefs will not abate, and they show how important a thorough education (lazers aside) can be in this arena.

That is a completely dishonest misuse of the word "facade."

There is no reason to describe the rest of the building, which is following the mechanical penthouse inward and downward, as "the facade."

What's your reason for posting this here?

The answer is pretty simple:

The collapse of the main structure, the perimeter and the main building took 6.6 seconds.

The roof of the building, took 6.6 seconds to reach the ground. There is no denying that. Period.

Now the total time of the implosion can be anything, you still cannot deny that the ROOF of the building, fell through 47 stories of massive perfectly intact columns, in 6.6 seconds.

In other words, IF all the building ceased to exist, except for the roof, which as we all can see REMAINED intact 10 seconds into collapse (i.e. it fell in free air), it would fall at a rate very close to the one observed in the video, which is inexplicable.

Obviously , even in demolitions, columns are taken off, one by one in a certain order to keep the building fall on its own footprint.


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This is addressed in

This is addressed in Improbable Collapse and actually lends more support to the demolition theory...

Creepy Nazi Announcer Boy

What a fascist voice over, huh? I love the "go to sleep, go to sleep" vibe at the end.

I think the film 9/11 Mysteries (which I don't generally recommend) contains an important section on demolition sequences. There are several stages initiated before the final smackdown. The basement is attacked, then the center columns taken out (visible at the penthouse), and then the total collapse is initiated with floor by floor charges.

I think a little bit of digging will provide a credible counter argument to this clip. If someone can rip the section out of 9/11 Mysteries and post it as a response, that would help.

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Idiots, Asses and Skepters, Oh, My!

That has to be some of the most ridiculous logic, asinine skewing and unfortunate wishful thinking I've ever seen. (in case you weren't paying attention, I'm being polite, so don't ask me what I really think)

I would call it disinformation if it was better done and wasn't so obviously stupid.

There will be those clueless individuals who will embrace it and promulgate it, but they are lost souls anyway, although there will always be hope for them, perhaps sometime down the road. They will, in the mean time, infect a few people with it, but nothing and no one of significance or consequence.

Other than that, if I thought it was worth any more of my time, I would "debunk it", but I have to go watch some paint dry on a wall.

(if this and the likes of "Screw Loose Change" and "Screw 9/11 Mysteries" and the Unpopular Mechanics crap is the best they can do, then we should all have no worries and sleep soundly)

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Yes, we should take comfort in the transparency

of the lies of Polypar Mechanus and the others. Who here thinks Jim Meigs has one of the worst jobs in the world? JIm Meigs. Let's all remember that name and vow to teach it to our children...


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I have a ball in my hand. It took me 30 minutes to get to the roof of WTC 7 (I prefer the stairs)

When I got to the roof, I dropped the ball in the air and it took 6 seconds to reach the ground.

I think not, the "process" of throwing the ball, took me 30 minutes + 6 seconds = 30minutes and 6 seconds!


/sarcasm off

Stupid Bedunkers.

P.S., Oh shit, I forgot to consider that it took me 18 hours to get to NY from Europe! Damn I should have considered that too...


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LOL... Good one medfreak...

They are toast... and they know it.

Thanks and best wishes

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