What Constitutes A Political Movement?

Dear Truthers,

I am not satisfied with the sum total of our efforts and thought I would say so to possibly encourage more outrage, more action, more discourse, and more civil disobedience. When I say this, do not translate it as a pointing of fingers or harsh criticism of the honest work and toil of the thousands dedicated to our efforts. I am pleased and thankful to know you all, and it is only because I do not want to see our efforts crumble to the equivalent of background noise that I write this.

It has been nearly 6 years since the murder of 3,000 of our country men and women at the hands of a FEW, which as most of us know are in the darkest corners of our collective societies. Since my own research to the events of 9/11 started, I have seen certain patterns that have concerned me, but I was too obsessed with the stage of "educating" to know that ACTION was a necessity and TACTICS plays key role in any "movement" politically. Therefor, my only motivation now is the theory and completion of Justice and its importance in equalizing the subconscious collective mind of our country.

Let me explain. When a society subconsciously or even unconsciously sees that a grave a terrible "wrong" has been carried out in plain view, but goes unpunished, the consequences of those actions are far more detrimental than the individual or masses realize. No nation can thrive or at the least be settled without some form of Justice being served to the Lawless among us. High crimes unpunished, creates a sense of uneasiness, and after years of ignored attempts to rectify the said crime, RAGE develops.This RAGE can be felt in the conscious, but for the most part it thrives and lives in the unconscious and effects the society as a whole in ways that the society or individual cannot explain or are even aware of.

Deep rage in the furthest recesses of our minds can cause changes to occur on so many levels that our lives can deteriorate to a shadow of our true and moral selves. Hidden rage can cause fluctuations in heart rhythms, blood flow to vessels, acid in the stomach, skin irritations, etc. This all can and does happen to the INDIVIDUAL in times of high stress or rage, the rage that comes from a feeling of loss or unresolved issues, injustice, the feeling of hopelessness, etc.Imagine what this rage does to a society on the Macro scale.

Most people are AWARE that the events of 9/11 do not add up. When I say most I mean a larger majority than any poll or study can find. Those forums of data are based on what the CONSCIOUS mind sees, says, professes, or admits too. The human mind and collective conscious are much more than placing an "X" in a box, much more than what we THINK we are as a species. Collectively we hold the FEELING more than mouths can profess.

When I say that our society as a whole knows that something is wrong with 9/11, I only say so because I feel that it is mostly in the sub or unconscious. They are simply not "aware" that something is wrong, but can feel it. Depending on their personality they choose to either confront the issue by allowing it to rise to the conscious, or ignore it and stuff it away, which in the end increases the rage capacity damaging themselves further. Some people have the personality to confront threats head on and honestly at the first sign of danger. These people are often called "squeaky wheels" or " chicken littles" or "trouble makers". They usually don't let themselves get defined by "norms" or theories of "acceptable behavior". At the same time these people have made up the majority of what in the past is referred to as "HEROES". The are often applauded for their bravery when the smoke settles, after it is proven that their worry was founded in fact and for good reason.The other type usually fall in a place of bystander, often seen as most as the COWARD, when the smoke settles that is.

As Americans, I can only state logically and without bias that we are, more than ever, a nation of lawlessness.Within the past 6 years this lawlessness is now observed at the "top", in plain view, for all to see. Those of us dedicated to 9/11 truth have carried a heavy burden of knowing and PROVING a high crime, only to find the criminals still loose in the streets and on our television sets on a daily basis.

Imagine for a minute that you were awoken by a gang of thieves from your sleep to find that they were looting your house and spray painting on your walls. Imagine them taking your wife or girlfriend hostage. Imagine them putting duct tape around your children's mouths. Imagine them raping and torturing your wife/husband and children in front of you, while you watched. Then, you see them take your most valuable possessions, photos, diaries, memories, only to burn your house down, laughing at you while you sit strapped to a chair in the midst of the fire. And finally, imagine seeing these same men walking the streets of your neighborhood or on television giggling about that horrific night and telling you that it never happened.

This is a graphic description yes, but in all fairness it is comparable to what is happening to us and our nation, even more so since 9/11.Does this make you angry?

I have stated before and will continue to say that 9/11 is a key event in which most truths and policies have emerged from in the past 6 years. It is the event which has defined us as a people, be it good or bad, left or right, patriot versus subversive.In order to bring our nation to its proper "alignment" the full and complete circle of 9/11 and it's subsequent policies needs to be tied together, no matter how hard these realities are to swallow.

Those of us in the 9/11 movement have screamed from the tops of mountains, typed till our fingers hurt, researched to the point of exhaustion, begged to be heard given a voice, asked for moments of ones time, gathered the data, posted the photos, written the books, signed the petitions, made the phone calls, passed out the pamphlets, etc.

We did this because we cared. We did this because we have the PERSONALITY or trait that cause us to jump into action when a threat arises. We DO THIS because we believe in Justice and feel that our cause will be heard and wrongs will be righted. I can say that most of do not do this as a passing fad or hobby. I myself do not enjoy the fact that I have to write such lengthy monologues as I have for years. It is only a sense of duty that I do this, and would much rather be spending time playing guitar or writing songs. But alas, there is an elephant in the room and my house is on fire, how could I possibly rest easy and enjoy myself when my neighbors are being murdered in more ways than one? Who can just "live life" in such a time? Many share my view, and many more don't, a sad truth about what we are as a people.


One thing that Elites know, namely Neoconservatives, is that the INDIVIDUAL is not a formidable enemy when it comes to politics. While I myself value the Individual and Individual rights, the focus on the "self" is a sure fire way to fail at any movement in politics.Social engineers and think tanks alike know that societies need a sense of purpose, accomplishment as a whole, a forward progression, to thrive and remain intact. The part where they make the mistake( almost always) is in what they CHOOSE to give us as our "common good" or "common evil". Greed is usually if not always tied to the "cause" that they give us so naturally that "cause" is flawed and ends in loss of life for someone, some culture or community not equipped to defend itself. Additionally there is always a profit to these "causes" that they give us, which doesn't really make it a technical cause at all, more like a business venture with WE THE PEOPLE as the unwitting fools.We in 9/11 Truth have a cause that is not motivated by greed or dollar value. What we seek is Justice, Peace, Truth, Honor, Fairness, and other treasures of a higher self.

Unfortunately, in our efforts we have become splintered into "personalities" and sub groups. At the same time we have become DEBATERS and THEORISTS running around in circles trying to reinvent the wheel of data in regards to 9/11. We haven't emphasized the ACTION it takes to bring justice. Many of us have thoroughly convinced ourselves that just talking about it, the guilty magically end up in hand cuffs or behind bars. Instead of a movement toward justice, we have become professional gossipers and opinion writers while the guilty run free among us and have become so arrogant they taunt us while doing so.

Back in the late 60's/early 70's people stopped a war based on their protest. They did it with one HUNDREDTH of the data we have today. They did it because they were out there on the STREETS, not tied to some digital representation of life called "cyberspace"like we are. Yes, our knowledge is vast, and the exchange of information is unlike anything we could have imagined as kids, but to what end do we do this? How much data must we share? In my humble opinion the crime has already been proven so what's the hold up here? Where are the masses asking for immediate detention of the suspects, where are the civil suits, where are the SIT-INS, where is the civil disobedience? It's ONLINE, that's where it is, and ONLINE is not LIFE, it is a tool of communication in our world, but it is not the World.

Look to the left of the page you are currently on now. You see all the various 9/11 links that "911blogger" points to as links of interest, all dealing with 9/11? I say this not to take away from the sites in question or criticize their efforts, but think for a second. How many sites have been developed to address, discuss, archive facts on 9/11?. Now it is all well and good that this information be archived, but as I said before, to what end do we do this? The old saying that familiarity breeds contempt applies somewhere in this equation, also, the theory that doing something over and over again and expecting different results being the definition of insanity may apply to.

You see, we are not UNITED as a movement. The truth is that we are barely at a grassroots level, and most of our "protest" is in cyberspace backed by binary, HTML, animated GIFS, banners, Java Script, fonts and such. This is NOT a real RESISTANCE, at least not in the manner that History shows needed. It is a nice attempt at one, but nowhere near what it takes to make change and bring thieves to justice. What's even more disturbing is that even in our online attempts we are splintered. Yes I said it, splintered. Take a look again at the THOUSANDS of sites dedicated to 9/11 truth, hell, all you have to do is look to the left of this page and see dozens of sites pointing people in all different directions.What is someone supposed to do with all this info? Should we click a new link when finished with this one, only to send us to another site saying almost the same exact thing? Then what do we do, click another link after that, then another until we fall asleep at our computer only to wake up the next day and do it again, all the while convincing ourselves that we are some sort of cyber warrior for truth?

We are not as cohesive as we think. We fool ourselves into thinking that because we know HTML or Java script, or that we can BLOG like nobodies business, that we have DONE SOMETHING. Guess what folks, this may sound harsh, but we haven't done what it takes. We have created websites and blogged ourselves into oblivion. We have "educated" some but not nearly the amount we claim to have. One of the only reasons that we think the 9/11 movement is HUGE is because we are the ONES INVOLVED IN IT, on a daily basis, talking to people of our own mind and beliefs so of course we think that our cause is larger than it really is.

At the same time we have hundreds of individuals making websites dedicated to "exposing" 9/11 truth. My question is, how many do we need? Will we finally "get those bastards" when we reach 100,000 websites? And how many webmasters, writers, online "activists" are competing to have a name for THEMSELVES also? Is this the new Hollywood for those who want some feeling of fame and importance? How many chefs do we need in the kitchen before we serve the dish?

Elites know that as long as we are in "here" and not "out there" we pose no real threat, at least not enough needed to thwart murder. Neocons especially know that if you are not UNITED you are dead in the water. I'm not saying to become a Neoconservative or to value Brown Shirt tactics and join some colony or hive but think for a second about the power of a collective, when used for good. Millions of ants can destroy acres of forest in a week because they are all working toward the same end. Bees create hives in a day collectively working toward their end. If all the ants decided to be an "individual" they would cease to exist as a species.

Now I know that people are much more than ants, and certainly the value of the Individual is something to respect, but we need as 9/11 Truthers to come together more, in PHYSICAL LOCATIONS, where PEOPLE ARE. Do you think that Jesus came to preach those that followed his views, and would only speak to those which knew the "word" like he did, because that is exactly what we do for the majority of our time. We preach to the choir and that choir doesn't even have a face, it has SCREEN NAME and sometimes it has a voice (in chat rooms).

People, we can no longer keep rehashing the "evidence" and expect that to somehow solve the crime and punish the guilty by default. You can have and hold all the evidence in the world but if you don't convict, then what you have amounts to a discussion, that's all. Efforts NEED to be more geared on showing that we will not accept murder and punishing the guilty. We can no longer gossip amongst ourselves or YouTube ourselves into the history books. We can no longer be splintered into sad states of having 10 or 15 people here and there, holding placards while yelling at people in cars.It takes more than the local "meetup" group meeting at the local diner once a month to compare notes on what they "learned".

Keep this in mind to the future and concentrate on action or we WILL be forgotten and millions upon millions of collective hours of research will all amount to a Term Paper.

Onward To Tomorrow!

Citizen Pawn


I have not filmed myself doind what I do, but maybe I should. Bottom line--if you don't take what you learn online out to the streets, you are playying into the perps' hands. When I see people here steering people to Digg, like DIgg was some key to truth and awareness, or wasting time with which celebrities or politicians are into the truth and which are not, I wonder what about this movement is actually different from business as usual.

The only way to beat a corrupt system is not to engage it. Engage the PEOPLE around you, not the tv shows, films, and websites. Go out and talkj to real people, introduce them to real facts. Explain to them that you are not a member of any online cult--you are a citizen who has informed themselves and wants to share whaty they have learned. People are ready for you. They KNOW the media are corrupt. They know the parties are corrupt.

The number of poeple I meet in the street who STILL have never heard of building 7 is astounding. There are ripe ripe fruit out there to pick--low hanging fruit. Don't let it fall to the ground and rot people. Get off your online asses and into the streets TODAY.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

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