9/11 and the Evil in America

This sent in by truth911.net.

"9/11 and the Evil in America" was broadcast last year on Rupert Murdoch's SkyNews network, and was recently re-broadcast. This time someone had their act together and got a .torrent out there. Surprisingly leans toward the "alternative" side, not the OCT, at least, the majority of points of view presented in the documentary are alternative, not OCT.

British TV personality Danny Wallace interviews Nick Levis, Alex Jones, Wayne Madsen, Don Paul, John Rappoport, Daniel Hopsicker and others on 9/11 skepticism.


what a load of shit...
I watched the entire thing only to see them dismiss the theories in about twenty words at the end.

so tired of this sort of conspiracy nutjob "reporting."


I think it was hysterical how they used selected quotes from John Judge to "debunk" us.

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

A Pile of Distortions

Why didn't they address the Pentagon for the real problem there. The Pentagon has nearly 200 security cameras which certainly captured whatever it was that hit the Pentagon. All the Pentagon questions could be answered in a NY minute, just release all the videos. No videos have been released despite the legal efforts presently in place trying to force the Pentagon to release the videos.

Why didn't Danny wallace address the fact that the Secret Service failed to follow Nation Under seige protocol with Bush in the Florida classroom and drag his ass out off to an unidentified and secure location. The Secret Service followed Nation Under seige protocol with Cheny on 9/11

They talked about Operation Northwoods which were dastardly plans for the government to kill innocent civilians and blame it on foriegners; plans which were never carried out. Yet Danny failed to bring up Operation Gladio which was carried out and the CIA killed innocent civilians across Europe.

Danny also talked with the dope Corn from the Nation with his incompetance argument which expects us all to believe that it would be impossible to plan such an event like 9/11. This argument would have to accept that everything just simply went wrong that day by sheer coincidence. The statistical odds of all the wrong way occurences are simply astronomical. It is statistically insane to follow Corn's lame argument.

The worst of Danny's crappy piece is the fact the somehow he sqeezed in the anti-semite nonsense. Just because you talk about Israel's Mossad doesn't mean you are talking about Judaism. I'm certain the Mossad does not have one legitimate Torah respecting Jew amongst the entire bunch. For starters, the addage of the Mossad is to "live by deciet" whereas with a good Jew, it is immoral to decieve others.

Ray McGovern & Larry Johnson on Andersen Cooper 360

CNN paradigm truth shift happening before my eyes tonight.

I really won't be suprised to see the MSM break 9/11 truth very soon.

The Bush Rats are running scared and are jumping ship.

The absolute crushing blow the Iraq war is going to deal to this country will result in an incredible backlash . . . even if the perps try another 9/11 . . . .I don't think most people will go for it.

Maybe I'm being too optimistic



what was on cnn? was it today? Ray and Larry were on Anderson Cooper today? what did they say?

Not too optimistic.

or maybe a tiny bit, but it's in the realm of possible, that the cumulative weight of history, might totally crush them, a weight even heavier than their own hubris. They tripped and fell over the corner stone, which might be likened to the man who lept to his death from the 100th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. "even as you did it unto the least of them.."

Personally, I don't think you're being too optimistic. It's entriely conceivable that the world is changing, and that Carol Broulliet is right that the American people are on the verge of growing up by finally becoming willing, to face their worst fears about their government.

On the 11th day, of every month.

I somewhat agree.

I, however, believe they're getting their limited hang-out escape plans together. Get ready for an investigation de farce, followed by a few small fish getting hanged by a kangaroo court.

half ass 'balance'

It doesn't lean towards the alternative side than the OCT side if it does nothing but smear it by cherry picking idiotic statements and then add in the 'tinfoil crowd' mentality.

I wouldn't necessarily call this a 'slick' approach to discrediting 9/11 truth...it could be innocent incompetence on the part of Danny (or whoever designed this peice)....

but the effect comes across the same.

They did let a lot of decent points allowed to be raised, but at the same time focused on a lot of crap that is dubious....and then they go into the whole 'mind control' bit....inevitably dragging out the tired and idiotic implied notion that we think we should all wear tinfoil hats to protect ourselves from the cell phone rays.

Their ridiculous 'too small hole' Pentagon bit only showed the punchout, not the impact hole. A total invitation for 'debunkers' to chime in. No mention of how the pilot was a dumbass. It's all centered around the belief of the plane being disposed in the ocean.
What in the hell is wrong with believing the plane hit it? It doesn't answer how the plane got there, both by the idiot flying it, how they lost track of it, or how there was no air defense (jets or sams)
No mention of the anthrax attacks whatsoever.
No mention of building 7.

A very sloppy and ill informed 'rundown' of 9/11 skepticism. Just another strawman to throw on the pile...intentional or not.

It certainly doesn't help when the skeptics presented, while raise important points, don't go into very much detail and also say other idiotic things for the documentary makers to make use of more than the rest of what they said in their interviews.

Notice also

how they didn't use shots of the WTC collapse that show massive explosive squibs bursting from the towers. Instead, they repeated the same closeup of the North Tower antenna (which, of course, is pretty damning by itself).

But, hey, you know where I saw a shot of the squibs recently on mainstream TV? The new Linkin Park video has a 2-second faraway shot of the north tower exploding.




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Why can't you just say it...it wasn't bad

I know some of you are studied experts on the finest details of the case; and others are perennially skeptical of mainstream media, disinfo, and internal hijackings of the movement (no pun intended)....but come on.

If dz or luke or whatever 911truth whizkids made this movie and added a snappy alt.metal soundtrack you'd all be praising this...it covers many of your main points!

At some point, if things are really "starting to break", even the MSM will start to look familiar. Maybe good old Rupert doesn't have his hands as tightly on the puppet-strings as we like to think.



I thought it was a plus gain for the movement, I agree.


We ALWAYS win in this psych-war/infowar. Always. The truth has an inexorable historical magnetic draw to it, something that the PTB cannot control, and have lost control of because of the Internet, and soon, more works like Loose Change with Charlie Sheen, getting locked and loaded even as we speak...
9/11 Ripple Effect by Dave VonKleist is coming out very soon btw..

This year we'll have brought in an extra 50-100 million people, into our historical worldview.

Soon one sixth of the entire population of the frigg'n PLANET will be 9/11 truthers. One BILLION truthers.

We're over 100 million now in the US, and probably just as many throughout Europe, Canada, and other parts of the world.

Release Loose Change, Final Cut!

It's like a catapult! ;o)

Heh! Eventually, we'll have to transmit our message to the stars of the heavens above, since we'll have almost no one LEFT to convert down here on earth! ;-D

As above, so below. ;-)
On the 11th day, of every month.

Sorry but IT WAS BAD. Why

Sorry but IT WAS BAD. Why didn't they discuss eyewitness testimony about bombs going off? Why didn't they show squibs? Why didn't they mention 2.3 trillion DOD reported missing on 9/10? Why didn't they mention the accounting wing of the pentagon was hit?

This is a fluff piece intended for consumption by the average person who has not investigated 9/11. This is meant to satiate the serious lack of MSM coverage.

The soundtrack for video compilations isn't what matters. If soundtracks were what mattered this movement would not have come this far.

"Good old ruppert"? Are you smoking crack? Get out of here with this bullshit! The powers that be are attempting damage control to keep all of their powers from unravelling. It's too late! They blew it! They've gotten away with scam after scam. Their own humaness is their downfall. They've used deception and conditioning on the masses but where they screwed up was becoming more and more arrogant with each successful scam. Ruppert is going down with the rest of them.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)


This is an OLD film, more than a year old . . . why is it posted on here? Some people featured on there have different viewpoints today, so this misrepresents them.

And why promote a site - truth911.net - that implies planeswapping for FL 93, that no plane at all hit in Penn? What's the deal with pushing that meme all the time. That's the Killtown position. Along with holograms.

I was surprised the Highway collapse wasn't on the front page on here. CNN is now broadcasting to the world that fires melt steel - headline in China - and there's nothing on here except on the blogs. Seems bizarre to run an old film as a top story on here . . .

DAN WALLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm sorry but this is off topic. I saw the name Danny Wallace and I thought of Dan Wallace, the 9/11 truther hero that inspires me EVERY SINGLE DAY to wake up.
I never met the man and during his life I wasn't a big supporter (although I did know of his work with Luke). Now, I REFUSE to forget this man's life and the conviction he showed when he was spreading his message of truth.
I can't stop crying over here just thinking of what a loss we had when this great man left us. I dedicate my entire life and cause to this man. Dan Wallace: your death was NOT in vein.
Dan, I live for you, man.....I can never and will never forget you, my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Luke, you are AMAZING!!! Dan is smiling right now looking down on you...you are an American hero for the history books!!!! Please, please please please PLEASE keep doing what you do!!! There's 100 people at least just where I am who anticipate your EVERY move!!!! YOU ARE A HERO in the truest sense of the word!!!! People like you help me face every single day. You are incredible!!!)

ya seriously.... do not you

ya seriously.... do not you people realize this helps the movement? it was not a perfect news cast, but as far as mainstream media goes, it was pretty good. could you imagine that being on fox, nbc, cbs, etc. ? you people are so negative. this was a very positive video. and you people should realize that. dont be so quick to call everything a "hit piece" or whatever.

There's too many facts they

There's too many facts they left out. This piece IS damage control. Plain and simple. We need to population to come to grips with the social hierarchy that is ruining many of our countries. Pieces like this don't help. This video lumped together all people with alternative theories together which is the most dishonest thing I have ever seen.
Watch again and ignore the video while listening only to the audio. Carefully parse each argument and you'll see more dishonesty in this piece.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

hear hear whitey

We are well beyond having any need to show gratitude for limited hangout disguised as hit pieces or whatever the f*** they think is going to help them. These aren't heores, these are the very enablers of the perps realizing the jig is up. There's a natural tendency to be appeased when you are offered more than you ever have been, no matter how little it is. It is time to be greedy mofos for truth. We want it ALL, and we have shown that we don't need BBC or CNN or NYT or any other shill to give it to us. We have shown that despite their best efforts to stop us we are winning. We have proven that we have the potential to change the world on OUR terms if only we learn the lessons of history. This is not about being an extremist, it's about being a realist in a world of make-believe. I say this to every other real truther out there--the fight is just beginning. We have won the first round--we have reached a point where we can't be ignored. Now, when all truthell breaks loose, and the shit hits the fan, remember that people will again be in shock. They will again be vulnerable to people offering comfortable lies instead of hard truths. I know I speak for alot of us when I say that we did not come this far to settle. We will not settle out of court, we will not settle for limited hangout, we will not settle for anything short of massive and monumental change in the way things work. Make no mistake--we are not after a mere admission of guilt or acknowledgement that we were right about this one thing. We are going to destroy the very paradigm that made this atrocity possible. And you can either help in a sincere manner, or get out of the way.

Onward, (real) truthers! Hasta la (verdadera) victoria SIEMPRE! Until (real) victory, ALWAYS!



Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Thank you Real Truther

Thank you Real Truther for your revolutionary and absolutely correct, uncompromising attitude. No deal-making with demons. The 9/11 Truth movement, which is now international in scope, is still at the beginnings of its historic, unyielding fight, yet is nonetheless well positioned information-wise for the match, which is going to get pretty intense. They (the Reich and its mass-media collaborators on both the Right and Left ) most definitely know that we know what they did, what they try to cover, and how they operate. Clearly, they are now starting to feel rather cornered (Iraq, Iran, Gonzalez, Impeachment, 9/11 Truth, etc.). All the smarter ones amongst them are now starting to seek out peripheral positions as far away from the core center of the conspiracy as possible. Many of them, at the moment, are just worried about the “lying about Iraq thing,” which should be the least of their worries. Lying about Iraq Intelligence will get you impeached, but a high treason situation like 9/11 will place your neck in a noose with no public debate needed, and no tears shed.

We are dealing here, essentially, with a bunch of shifty, slick lawyer/corporate board member types – you fight in the desert; they make cash and go to lunch – that sort. They think that all crimes, including genocide and corporate-sponsored child prostitution rings (see DynCorp), are negotiable items. This morally bankrupt, sub-species of Homo Sapiens are very fond of playing the ‘let’s make a deal’ game after they get caught. They are also of the belief that they can skillfully manage their current and past crimes through the usage of a good public relations campaign, but with the 9/11 Truth Movement and the information that it wields, that long-held, fantasy notion of theirs is about to go down in flames against the hard earth of uncompromising righteousness and final truth.

Every day, Larry Silverstein looks out from his new office in the new WTC7, and in his little strip-club, heroin-dealing soul he is watching the American people, day by day, constructing multiple sets of gallows down in the still empty pit at Ground Zero -- gallows for the Day of Victory, gallows for the Day of Closure. He is watching himself and all his buddies and operational partners in orange jumpsuits and leg manacles being escorted down the ramp by angry NYC firefighters while screaming citizens throw bags of burning shit into the pit from the streets above. So if all the perps and their stooges look a little noivous these days, it is because they can hear the ever-closer sound of the hammering and the sawing, and the twisting of the new ropes by the citizenry of the world.

Could Have Dug Deeper

Frustrating to watch in that it could have gone much deeper.

Yet it did hit on some good material.


and thusly

it shows the real agenda of shows like this.

what we really should watch is those crap shows on discovery channels like that were on last night. not to hear their lies but just for the video factor. Discovery Times channel here in NYC on Time Warner ran 2 shows about 9/11 last night, both containing clear full size archive footage from that day. You dont realize how bad internet video is, and how much is lost in the lossy compression when compared to the real video.

Some examples:

-when south tower is hit, the north tower explosion is undeniable

-when the north tower collapses, and the core section is standing there for a few moments swaying, they cut to an angle I have never seen and it was close up, and clear as glass, you see the core section FALL from the bottom, not DUSTIFY as some people claim to see.

This event is clear enough to me in even the internet videos (core falling, not dustifying) but these types of msm video gems make you realize there really is no doubt as to what went on. Its too bad we dont have access to these films, and its too bad they dont show more of it on tv, but we all know why that is - the proof is there, clear as day. Too bad those archive sites are shit quality, but I guess what else should we expect.

there were more examples but thats all I can think of at the moment. The shows were titled "Inside The Towers" and something like "Flight 175: Terror That The World Saw" or something similar (memory shot, chemtrails) meh.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB


I didn't think this was too bad up until, and everything after, the mind control detraction. They also falsely give all the supporting evidence for the inside job theory as "the many differing theories of the reason for the attacks". No serious 911 researcher thinks Silverstein has the power to orchestrate something on the scale of 911, and the put options are only more proof someone had foreknowledge.

No surpirse though, like the 911 omission commission, they left out building 7.


I tried to tell myself that because the report seemed weighted more towards the 9-11 truth movement's side that perhaps this was an example of the sort of story that could only get a green light to air by showing opposing views. And the fact that the opposing views were so brief proved that the creators of the segment really DID want to get some truth out. I hope that IS the case, but I doubt it.

I dunno. At the very least it DID discuss some topics that SHOULD make viewers do some research on their own.

Bay Area highway collapse, new thread?

Hey sorry, off topic, but can we get an item or a thread on the California Bay Area highway overpass collapse?

Cause this event, stupid as it may seem, could be a MAJOR setback for what you all seem to (overly) optimistically believe is a wave about to crest in favor of MSM revealing or addressing 9-11 skepticism. I'm already catching all kinds of flack about "see fire DOES BEND STEEL" type of thing.

Comments on the highway thing (I mean sophisticated comments on how it will be used against 9-11 movement), please.

amazing B/S...

from a yahoo story:
While crews sifted through the wreckage, outside experts did their own analysis. In one line of inquiry that could improve future responses, some scientists were studying linkages between the freeway collapse and how the World Trade Center came down on Sept. 11, 2001.


name the scientists

and name the linkages.

that's what we should say to any bedunker who tries to pull out this crap. Or, just ignore the BS altogether. Let's not dwell on this pathetic attempt at distraction!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


They actually did name a name

This story at Yahoo contains the following:

"While crews sifted through the wreckage, outside experts did their own analysis. In one line of inquiry that could improve future responses, some scientists were studying linkages between the freeway collapse and how the World Trade Center came down on Sept. 11, 2001.

The structural failures appear similar, said David McCallen, division leader in nonproliferation, homeland and international security at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory."

As I've already said elsewhere, I think this connection between 9/11 and a broken highway overpass is ridiculous.

But perhaps, RT, you wish to comment on the use of a scientist in the homeland security division at Lawrence Livermore in this Yahoo article? :-)

some background on the guy.

Structural mechanics engineer Dave McCallen,works with seismologists and other engineers to performcomputer simulations that test large structures like bridges,dams, buildings and industrial facilities. These simulations determine how various mammoth structures will respond during earthquakes in California.McCallen’s detailed computer modeling has helped CalTrans retrofit highways in Oakland. He has also studiedhow long-span arch bridges along California’s coast -- like the San Francisco BayBridge--will respond to earthquakes. His studies will improve structural designsand probably save lives in the “Big One.”

his email:

I wonder how he addresses freefall collapses of buildings during an earthquake, or lack thereof.

that was the easy part

So "some scientists" is actually "one scientist". And the precise linkages he is studying? Why do I sense that this freeway is going to find its way into the (still not ready) report on the collapse of building 7? Next up is to check links between Livermore, McCallen, Applied Research Associates (working on the 7 report) and the Loizeauxs (also working on the explanation for 7)


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force



every portion of that bridge was still visible after its collapse. You could reassemble the thing by the pieces it left behind. Try reassembling the towers or building seven.

now if the thing had turned to dust, I could see comparing it to the collapses on 9-11.

maybe that was the point all along

Is it possible to rig a truck to crash in a certain place? Am I too paranoid in thinking such a thing? Is there any reason to be suspicious of the freeway collapse per se?

"Why do I sense that this freeway is going to find its way into the (still not ready) report on the collapse of building 7?"

That's the first thing I thought of when I heard about this incident.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"


Egg on Face

Thanks very much for the corrective link to me, dz!

I was out of town Monday and somehow missed that on here.

Preciate it and sorry for the interruption.

This guy does cheep

This guy does cheep programs/documentaries where he interviews or investigates "freaks".

Hit Piece

So the guy does mention some good evidence, but none of it gets put together in a coherent way, and we have the prominent "no plane at the Pentagon" theory right out front, with "the Jews did it" and "CIA mind-control beams" sprinkled throughout.

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9/11 and the Evil in America

I just finished viewing the documentary "9/11 and the evil in America" I was disappointed from the get go, I think this discredits the truth movement in a major way, The evidence that is available to the public and the lack of the (obstruction) from the Bush administration speak for itself, When they throw in all these other looney tunes theories such as cell phone mind control it loses folks that may be new to researching the events surrounding 9/11, I call these Left and right gatekeepers, I just want to give a little advice for folks not to distribute this around, Give it a proper burial.