9/11 First Responder, Vito Valenti, Has Gone Into The Hospital, Send Him Well Wishes

To all of my supporters, friends, and those who care about 9/11 responders:

Our own Vito Valenti who sits on the board of the FealGood Foundation, was admitted to the hospital today. He is at the Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, Long Island. Saturday, Vito fell and did not realize he fractured multiple ribs. He bruised his lungs, kidneys, and has blood on his already damaged lungs, as he awaits a lung transplant. Please send your well wishes, and speedy recoveries to lego372@optonline.net

I am sure it will raise his spirits, and help this hero recover more quickly.

God Bless,

John Feal


Justice for 9/11 Responders

Get better soon!

You did great on Rosie's show, wish you all the best.

This made me cry...

It's just the saddest f-ing thing...

Update on Vito:

Vito is being fit with a brace tomorrow. He has 6 fractured ribs, a broken collarbone, a broken larynx and other broken bones. Because of his medication, it is causing his bones to be brittle and as the doctor told us, he now has the bones of an 80 year old man. His spirits are good with all the well wishes and when he gets out of the hospital he will rejoin the FGF at his pace. I kept my cc list short tonight for the ones that matter.

John Feal

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