Are You Huffed?

2 more Huffs here.

With about 6 huffs each, we'll get on the rotating front page news at Huffington Post.

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I've been trying to post this comment since 1992.

I thought you'd enjoy the (long) read.

Frontline (PBS) Contact Info.

Thank you for your story suggestion. ( I submitted the suggestion that they dispute the claims being made by Rosie O'Donnell and others or else answer their questions. They sent me this back )

You may send program ideas, suggestions & proposals in writing to:
Story Editor
125 Western Avenue
Boston, MA 02134

The Huffington Post.

Thanks GW. I always Huff, Digg, etc but I have yet to see any of these stories on the Huff It web site even though we have more Huff's than others. Have you noticed these Huff's making a difference? I hope so. I just hate to think of those at The Huffington Post censoring 9/11 related news. Peace.

Huffin' It.

Actually, my bad, I was looking for the stories under the "News Reader" heading. Those always stay the same it seems. I see your posts under the "Most Huffed News" section. Good to see where to look now. Peace.

I don't know

how much of a difference its making. In a way, you really never know until you look back from a later date . . .