Bay Area Tanker/Bridge Crash - AP reports Steel Beams "Buckling" from Heat

My brain has been severely weakened and is buckling from this weekend, but can someone analyze this AP story? It is currently the number one story. Excerpt of interest:

...Heat exceeded 2,750 degrees and caused the steel beams holding up the interchange from eastbound I-80 to eastbound Interstate 580 above to buckle and bolts holding the structure together to melt, leading to the collapse, California Department of Transportation director Will Kempton said...

Fiery Crash Collapses Bay Area Freeway

By Marcus Wohlsen, Associated Press

A gasoline tanker crashed and burst into flames near the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on Sunday, creating such intense heat that a stretch of highway melted and collapsed. Officials predicted a traffic nightmare for Bay Area commuters for weeks or months to come.

Flames shot 200 feet in the air, but the truck's driver walked away from the scene with second-degree burns. No other injuries were reported in the 3:45 a.m. crash, which officials said could have been deadly had it occurred at a busier time.

"I've never seen anything like it," Officer Trent Cross of the California Highway Patrol said of the crumpled interchange. "I'm looking at this thinking, 'Wow, no one died' — that's amazing. It's just very fortunate."

Authorities said the damage could take months to repair, and that it would cause the worst disruption for Bay Area commuters since the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake damaged a section of the Bay Bridge itself.

Nearly 75,000 vehicles use the portion of the road every day. But because the accident occured where three highways converge, authorities said it could cause commuting problems for hundreds of thousands of people. State transportation officials said 280,000 commuters take the bridge into San Francisco each day.

On Sunday the collapse doubled the half-hour trip drivers normally face getting to and from San Francisco and the eastern suburbs — even though many didn't even attempt the trip because of the crash. Traffic appeared light on the bridge itself, but motorists looking to get on and off were backed up on both sides.

Transportation officials said they already had added trains to the Bay Area Rapid Transit rail system that takes commuters across San Francisco Bay, and were urging people to telecommute if possible. In preparation for rush hour, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger authorized funding so that ferries, buses and the rail system could carry commuters free of charge during Monday's commute.

State officials said motorists who try to take alternate routes Monday instead of relying on public transportation would face nightmarish commutes.

The tanker carrying 8,600 gallons of gasoline ignited after crashing into a pylon on the interchange, which connects westbound lanes of Interstate 80 to southbound I-880, on the edge of downtown Oakland about half a mile from the Bay Bridge's toll plaza.

The driver, James Mosqueda, 51, of Woodland, was headed from a refinery in Benicia to a gas station near the Oakland Airport when the accident occurred, according to the California Highway Patrol.

A preliminary investigation indicated he may have been speeding on the curving road, Cross said. Mosqueda was being treated in a hospital for burns Sunday; the hospital would not transfer media calls to his room.

Witnesses reported flames rising up to 200 feet into the air. Heat exceeded 2,750 degrees and caused the steel beams holding up the interchange from eastbound I-80 to eastbound Interstate 580 above to buckle and bolts holding the structure together to melt, leading to the collapse, California Department of Transportation director Will Kempton said.

The charred section of collapsed freeway was draped at a sharp angle onto the highway beneath, exposing a web of twisted metal beneath the concrete. Officials said that altogether a 250-yard portion of the upper roadway was damaged.

The cost of the repairs would likely run into the tens of millions of dollars, and the state was seeking federal disaster aid, Kempton said. Schwarzenegger late Sunday issued an emergency declaration to allow repairs to happen faster, said Adam Mendelsohn, the governor's spokesman.

The Bay Bridge consists of two heavily traveled, double-decked bridges about two miles long straddling San Francisco Bay.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said the accident showed how fragile the Bay area's transportation network is, whether to an earthquake or terrorist attack, and has the potential to have a major economic effect on the city.

"It's another giant wakeup call," Newsom told reporters at the California Democratic Party convention in San Diego.


Associated Press Writer Tom Verdin in San Diego contributed to this story.

well, we know

from the many physics lessons we've had that hydrocarbon fires, normally aspirated simply do not "melt' steel.

so there is error in the reporting somewhere, I suppose.

see my comments

in this thread

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Professor Jones coming on Alex Jones show in the...

second segment of his show !!!! (starts approx 25mins from now)

I believe they are going to talk about this bridge... In my opinion it's like comparing chalk and cheese, but c'est la vie...

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Language and the Public Myth

As soon as I saw this last night on my local (Philly) news I asked myself, why is Philly showing a Fire on a Bay Area Highway? I just chalked it up to, Media Execs can't pas up an opportunity to show a good 30 sec clip of a fire (National Rubbernecking, if ya like) , but after seeing it lead CNN headline news banners today, and reading the language of the article, it is apparent to me that this is just part of a much wider operation. Before long the American People will have it in their sub-concious that Fires can melt Steel and extrodinary collapses just happen, because Fire is Hot...pat, pat , wink wink.. Amazing how deep this rabbit hole goes.

In God I Trust, All Others Bring Data

Can someone explain to me why the bridge....

....didn't explode into microscopic dust about an hour after the crash?

I don't get it.

The article lacks

the time frame the bridge was exposed to heat and how did Kempton arrive at the 2750 figure?
You mean that brige did not fall up and out like the towers?? Amazing! Does gravity change depending on the date or what??

"I would imagine that if you took the top expert in that type of work and gave him the assignment of bringing these buildings down with explosives, I would bet that he could do it." -1993-John Skilling, Head Structural Engineer WTC Towers

see the other thread

of this same topic. I linked it above and have commented there.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

A DUH !!

Have to credit Jones for this quick, powerful rebuttal.


I'm stuck home with a nasty virus today and a request has come in to go to the collapse site to photograph the steel sections before it's carted away. Can anyone near the maze (as it's called), do this for the hell of it and post it here? I know that this will pop up by the disinfo folks as a redherring, so some good photos might be useful down the road (no pun intended).

Somewhat suspicious??

that truck just happened to park itself under the perfect location to do that type of damage.

What time did this all take place?

Where are all the other cars? They all avoided this catastropy?

Fuel melting steel? Go figure
Together in Truth!


Do we have a time frame as to how long it took to collapse?
Together in Truth!

Steel melts?

This freeway collapsed in arond 20 minutes according to their reports. Intense fires caused by burning gasoline.

The reports said that 250 yards of freeway collpased.

That would indicate that each span to the affected truss was 375 feet. Seems excessive to me. Looks to be half that.??

Highways ....especially in California are designed to withstand the effects of an earthquake. The connections which are made from one truss to the other and those made to the supports are somewhat unique. Vastly different from the structural connections in a skyscraper. There are flex connections and expansion joints which allow the road to move with the motion of an earthquake. Even at the support columns.

An unveven melting of the asphalt paving could have placed unbalanced loads on any one of the steel trusses causing it to twist then that could have placed uneven stresses on the supporting truss causing it to twist. When a truss like that begins to twist that structure is doomed to fall.

The explosion from the tanker could have shaken the truss from it's supports.

Not one person was witness to this accident. We only know what we were told. Driving too fast around the curve? What curve? Had to be going hella fast.

Could this have been staged? Great way to start this type of debate to try and discredit us. What is it worth?

3:45 AM..... the slowest time of day by far in that area.

Park it.... look around.... blow it.... easy
Together in Truth!

Do we have

Name of the comapny owning the truck? VIN of the truck? License plate of the truck? Have any of tehse details been made known? And if not, WHY not?! And how did the whole thing not just explode in a huge fireball? What is this "burst into flames" stuff?


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driver had a criminal record?

Oh jeez, how can we ignore this? It's TOO juicy!

Truck Driver's Criminal Past Revealed
Written by Ayesha Thomas, Multimedia Producer

News10 has learned James Mosqueda Jr., the driver of the tanker-truck that crashed and exploded causing a portion of the MacArthur Maze to collapse Sunday has a criminal record.

In 1996 a James Mosqueda with the same date of birth was convicted of drug possession in Sacramento County. He served two years and eight months in prison. Mosqueda was also convicted in 1981 of possession of stolen property in Yolo County.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, Mosqueda has a clean driving record. The California Highway Patrol says he was able to obtain a commercial truck driver’s license because the state’s vehicle code does not prohibit a convicted felon from working as a truck driver.


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Sabek Transportation?

Or V.T. Petroleum?

V.T. Petroleum

Private Company, Headquarters Location
412 Metz Rd., King City CA 93930, United States
(831)385-4872, Primary SIC: Petroleum Bulk Stations & Terminals, Primary NAICS: Petroleum Bulk Stations and Terminals
Description: Wholesale: Petroleum, Fuels, and Related Equipment

Report: Comprehensive Report (COR)
Price: $129.50
Description: An informative, in-depth evaluation of a company's financial stability.
Format: MS-Word
Free Sample: Click Here to Download


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dba=doing business as

check out all the hazardous waste they seem to put out, and how many schools are nearby.... seems pretty shady...


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commercial driver's license

how the f*** do you hire a convicted drug felon to haul enormous tanks of flammable/toxic material? i don't care if state law allows for them to recieve a CDL. who in their right mind would hire Cheech or Chong as a trucker? that said, the way the freeway collapsed kinda looks like a stack of potato chips. too much heaviness, heat, and stuff.


hey hey now wait a minute

nobody could have IMAGINED he would be a bad driver. I actually thought the softened asphalt looked like taffy--didn't someone compare the WTC steel to taffy at one point?


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The twin 110-story towers of

The twin 110-story towers of the World Trade Center were constructed in the 1960s and 1970s to survive the impact of a crash of a Boeing 707 commercial airliner, Loizeaux said.

And they did survive the initial impacts yesterday, he said.

But the impacts of the planes striking the buildings probably destroyed their fire protection systems, and the heat from the fire softened the towers' steel columns "like a piece of taffy would become soft in the sun," he said.

"They survived the crash, but the damage overloaded the remaining columns, and as the fire burned over time, it heated the remaining columns, making them ductile," he said.

Loizeaux said yesterday that most of his information about the attack was from television news reports, but he said he doesn't believe explosives were detonated after the trade center crashes.

"Based on what I have seen, and the information I have," he said, "this appears to be a reasonable explanation for what happened.",1...


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