Canadian Action Party Leader Calls 9/11 a "Trick on a Massive Scale"

Connie Fogal, leader of the Canadian Action Party, recommends joining the 911 Truth movement and paying attention to the evidence. Also discusses PNAC, Terrorstorm, and how the 9/11 attacks are being used to further the North American Union:

Also available for download at 911podcasts here:

oh Canada........

oh Canada........


Remember Vancouver... Dr. David Ray Griffin may 16, massive conference June 22-24.

By the way, thank you to the Canadian Action Party for finally giving me political representation.

Contact the Canadian Action Party.

Send them a bit of thanks and some support for Connie Fogal here:

I'm sure they'd like hearing from us. Peace.

And here's their webpage on the net:

Reach Out...

Russell Simmons - the famous rap industry mogul - has an organization called the Hip Hop Summit Action Network. We can offer them a little Nine Eleven truth through the following email address:

Rappers never shied away from controversial topics when I listened to them. You never know...


Thank you for all the wonderful things you've been saying about Connie Fogal and CAP. We think she's pretty terrific ourselves!

I'm Wendy and I'm the Policy Chair for CAP.

We sincerely appreciate your good wishes and support. Little by little, CAP is getting more and more recognition out there - not in the mainstream media unfortunately, but in the alternative media for which we are very grateful. Connie's NAU address has made it to Prisonplanet and Information Clearing House as well.

Please consider joining us as a Member and helping us to get the word of CAP out there. We are trying to place candidates in all 308 ridings in Canada.

Help us keep up the good one else in Canada will!


...............I love that woman!

Action party is small.

Unfortunately the CAP is an extreemly small party.
Less than 1% in any election..... too bad.


That's only becauase people

That's only becauase people don't have the facts yet. If people haad the facts (and understood) CAP would be huge. So, not "too bad". That's defeatist. Go spread the facts and less than 1% will become 3%... then 7%... then...
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Ghandi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

You got that right!!!

You got that right!!!

Indeed. History is MOVED

like a mountain, with faith the size of the tiny mustard seed.

It's an emergent bottom up phenomenon. The top down nonsense they've given us has been crap, deadly, destructive, uncivilized.

"And what is bound on earth is bound in heaven also."

And now that we are starting to win the info war, the psych war, now the battle is over the historical record itself.

Release Loose Change, Final Cut!
On the 11th day, of every month.

lets look at numbers not %

in Canada 1% is about 320,000 people strong.


Richard Syrett is going to interview Dylan Avery, one of the filmmakers of Loose Change on his Questioning the Official Version of 9/11 series, Monday nights, 11 p.m. EST on (radio am 1010). I think he said the interview would be not this coming Monday, but next.

You can hear all the back shows at Richard's site:

Its been an excellent series.

Canadian Truthers

Canada is so integral in the truth movement. Big thank you to Connie Fogal, Barrie Zwicker, Joe Hawkins and other Canadian truthers.

Canadian Truth Sites:


I need to get my hands on any 9/11 truth films with Spanish subs so I can spread the word in the Latino communities in the Bay Area. If anyone can help, please email me at I could also use this opportunity to garner more Jersey Girls/Windows Petition signatures. Thanks.

Connie Fogal

I just love this woman. I have heard her speak before. Always speaking truth to power. What courage!! We need a million more like her. As I have always contended, women will play a BIG part in destroying these NWO thugs. Thanks for posting her talk. I always love listening to her. I pray her fellow Canadians listen also.

I've been lucky enough to meet her,

and she's legit, very reasonable and nice lady, natural leader.

Thanks for posting that

Thanks for posting that SBG!

As well as all of the kudos and supportive e-mails, Canadian 9/11 Truthers need to become members of CAP ($10 will do it).

CAP needs members and needs money to survive. They have no corporate support and the new election laws do not allow for rich benefactors to help finance their cause. They depend upon individual members.

At their convention last Fall, they made the need for a new 9/11 Investigation their #1 election platform!

CAP is a registered federal political party, and the only one that questions 9/11 and will talk about the NWO. Connie and CAP have been talking about and opposing the SPP / NAU from Day#1.

Being a card carrying member gives you some 'legitimacy' and some protection as an activist. It means you are representing legitimate dissent and taking part in the democratic process that 'they' love to talk about and claim to be exporting.

We need CAP, and CAP needs us.

And yes...... that means YOU!

And it means you have to get involved, and be willing to be a federal candidate for MP in your riding.

I am not sure if non-Canadians can donate to CAP or not. You may want to inquire about that. If it is allowed, I am sure that donations will be appreciated.

Connie Fogal and another CAP member Ken Fernandez will be speaking at the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, June 22nd - 24th, 2007 "9/11 Canada and the New World Order - Reclaiming Our Destiny".

BE THERE or support it!

Proceeds will go back into spreading the word, supporting continued independent 9/11 research,supporting independent media who question 9/11, and political parties that demand a new 9/11 investigation (CAP!).