Ex-Air Traffic Controller Robin D. Hordon's Amazon review of "Debunking 9/11 Debunking"


No way back...except forward..., April 27, 2007

If I really lived in a "free" country, I would not be the only air traffic controller speaking out about the events of 9/11/2001. There would be others much younger, much more up-to-date, but there would be none any more patriotic. So, if anyone were to claim that my statements quoted in this enlightening book are self-serving, I must deflect that aside and state that I am still serving my country as many current air traffic controllers, government employees and military personnel would also do if their careers were not threatened by the various agencies within the the United States Government. Current controllers will never forget the events of PATCO and 1981 as they were hired to replace us, and those in the military know that they must follow orders. They all KNOW that they would be punished somehow should they excercise their rights of free speech.

And with me being fired by a president of the United States might lead one to believe that I hold anger at this action, and I do, but it is only that the PATCO strike, as seen historically, was only the "labor" portion of a 40+ year plan hatched by conservatives to dismantle our democracy which they have done in ways far, far greater than just labor and income disparity issues. My road since hasn't been pretty, but I'm not yet "terminated".

Nearing my 60th birthday, coming of "political age" after reading The Pentagon Papers, and having an unusual vantage point from which I can view 9/11/2001 [I am also an experienced pilot] allows me to put this latest attack on our country into a longer term context. Eventually, as it is now known that FDR knew about the Pearl Harbor attacks and actually took precedent actions to provoke the Japanese into the attack, we will come to see that the attacks on 9/11/2001 were self inflicted and done for the self-serving reasons of a narrow band of wealthy people, the military industrial complex and huge multi-national corporations who operate above common law and use our planet and its resources for themselves, and for whatever it is that they believe in. Since most people's "belief structures" cannot accept this except perhaps through some form of knowledge "osmossis" over the years, it will take some time for this full knowledge to reach into their souls. This form of societal denial can be explained better by experts, but it exists.

When it does come time for the common person to gain the strength to look deeply into what has happened to our country, and they want to focus upon the events of 9/11/2001, they will not have to go any farther than Dr. David Ray Griffin's work on the subject, and "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" will serve as THE SEMINAL WORK on the subject. This will even be true to those of us who know a great deal about 9/11/2001...those of us who comprise what is known as the "9/11 Truth Movement".

Should a new reader tackle this complex and highly emotional subject, I recommend that you read Dr. Griffin's "New Pearl Harbor" and then "Debunking 9/11 Debunking". Then, when you read the "9/11 Commission Report", Dr. Griffin's "Ommissions and Distortions", and lastly, any and all of the articles and books that are debunked by his latest book, you will make your transition to the truth a lot easier. You might even be able to explain it all to others...and certainly to your children.

I place this "false-flag" or self-inflicted attack of 9/11/2001 in a very special and narrow group of events that are extreemely significant, at least in my own consciousness regarding the portion of US and world political history in which I have lived, or have been chronologically near. To me, bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima, landing man on the moon, and perhaps assassinating our own president are the only others to make that short influential list.

Much is noted by Dr. Griffin in his works on 9/11/2001 about how much opportunity this attack gave many folks to make money, to spread US interest across the world, to gain military geo-political footholds, and to me, to hold up the value of the US dollar, but I look at 9/11/2001 as another, far greater opportunity. We can, as a country, look at the attack as merely a symptom and not the base problem, and therefore, we can, if we want, take steps to remove the cancer, to remove the disease, to reinstate what many of us once held in high esteem...our democracy.

9/11/2001 is easily THAT BIG, and Dr. Griffin's book on the subject is hundreds of times bigger yet. We can, and will effect such changes.

Love, Peace and Progress...and PAPER BALLOTS ONLY

Robin Hordon

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name one

name one mistake and let's correct it here, for the record. Your comment is without substance and slanderous because you don't back it up.

Also, you do not claim that he is entirely mistaken. Only that he maintains SOME mistakes.

If any of what he says is true, then we have a cover up, obstruction of justice, accessory to murder after the fact, an administration that has neglected to uphold and defend the Constitution and therefore must be removed from office and prosecuted.

An investigation without predetermined conclusions by an Executive Branch doing its honorable duty is what we want. Why do would any American disagree?

Why do you distract from our efforts to pursue justice and prosecute ALL of the culprits who seek to destroy America? How could you not demand that we have a President that protects our right to life by turning over EVERY rock, by following EVERY lead and nailing every guilty party no matter how powerful and well-connected? How could you be against that?

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLK

Show "Well" by ref

'Ref', why do you not accept emails?

Or have any way to offer feedback on your incredibly vague, weak, 'brief summaries' web site? You are quite out of touch with the mountain of solid science that long ago proved controlled demolition, to name just one huge hole in your presentation.

What can be said? It seems pretty straightforward to me: You simply are not ready psychologically to engage the facts of this troubling mega-issue. I have compassion for you on that level. But please cease posting here until you are prepared to say something truly constructive or additive. Challenges are fine, if you are actually at least in the ballpark of up to speed with the basics of 9/11 knowledge AND are able to be honest with yourself and others. At this point you are not even close. Good luck.

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JREF is a joke, I tried to register on 5 different occasions and never got an acceptance to my registration E-mail.

You guys just want to zero in on a single 9/11 Skeptic and start Hi fiving each other when he backs off. Go back to your fantasy land where a building collapses in close to free fall speed within its own footprint, due to nothing but random fires / random damage.

Actually, I suggest you make a business off it. Honestly, your ways are FAR more efficient. The costs are seriously cut down, all you need is some diesel fire, throw a dynamite in a random part of the building, and before you know it, in 7 hours, the whole thing neatly collapses.

You would sure beat the hell out of Controlled Demolition Inc.

7 hours of fire > Weeks of planning
Cheap Diesel > Expensive demolition
Nature > Experts.

Enjoy your lucrative business!


Help me on 9/11 debates on:


For any 'newbies' to 911 truth.

Don't believe the un-sourced tripe these bedunkers spew. Especially this intellectually stunted Sheeperson.

You can verify for yourself whether the alleged 'hijackers' are named on any of the 911 Flight manifests here.


You are good for a laugh though 'ref'.

""How many steel framed, not including concrete structure remember, have survived the hit of an airliner? None."

WTF does that diarrhea of the mouth have to do with anything regarding 911? The WTC WERE STEEL & CONCRETE STRUCTURES, Mongoloid. Psst, by the way, WTC 7 WAS NOT STRUCK BY A PLANE.

Now, Mongo, (I think I'll just refer to you bedunkers as 'Mongo's' from now on.) how do you reconcile the free-fall 'collapse', the molten steel, and the pulverized concrete? Gravity, right? LOL.

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You seem terminally confused......

You said: "WTC was not a concrete structure by any means. The towers had only 4 inch thick concrete slabs on floors. The slabs were not part of the structure that held the towers up."

Agreed. What is your point? There were hundreds of thousands of cubic yards (approx. 400,000 cu.yds) of structural concrete in those buildings. Essentially ALL of it was pulverized into micron sized dust. Where would the energy come from to do something like this? BTW, add to this concrete the contents of a million square feet of office space (telephones, filing cabinets, chairs, desks, computers etc............and human bodies) -- essentiall ALL of it pulverized. How? How can the KE of the collapes account for this?

You said: "All concrete did not pulverize, and it has been shown that it is possible with a gravity driven collapse anyway, where is the problem."

Wow. Yes, essentially ALL of the concrete was pulverized into micron sized dust particles. Show me a picture of a single chunk of concrete of any significant size. Show me a picture of a desk, half a desk, a chair, a phone for god sakes! You can't.

Who has shown that a gravity driven collapse has enough energy to accomplish this pulverization? Please, direct me to your source. You can't.

You are either confused or lying.

You said: "WTC 7 was hit by a large chunk of debris."

You haven't offered any evidence of this, of course, but let's say (for the sake of argument) you are right. Why then did WTC 7 collapse symetrically? At essentially free fall speed, no less? Wouldn't damage to one section of the building tend to cause asymetrical collapse? ........or did this "large chunck of debris damage the entire building equally?

Finally and most fantastically, you said: "There is no evidence of molten steel."

Again, you are either confused or lying. An incredible amount of evidence exists supporting the presence of molten iron in the rubble of WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7. See Stephen B. Jones paper "Why Indeed Did the WTC Collapse" He cites photos, videos and multiple eye witness accounts.

To flatly deny this kind of evidence borders on lunacy and destroys your credibility imo.

The irrefutable truth has been shown. The events of 911 could not have happened the way our government says they did. It really is as simple as that. Further argument with insincere folks like this is a very big waste of time.

Don't fall for it.


Once again ref you are wrong. DO you know anything about steel. There was no thermal imaging that showed the hotspots for weeks after the collapse. You didnt see the pictures two weeks later of them pulling red hot steel from the site. Why are you an expert on steel. I openly admit i have no degrees but i have been cutting steel for years. Did you know that you cant even cut steel like stainless with a cutting torch. Ever heard of a plasma cutter? It uses a very hot stream of plasma to cut things like al and stainless. Ever see the picture of the core column still standing in the debris pile. You google it and you can see it anytime but take a look at the perfect 45 degree angle that it was cut at. and the residue of the melted steel. and this was at the bottom of the building.
WHERE NO PLANE HIT. So tell me ref how did the fires melt it so perfectly?

You should look up the definition of Ad hominem.

Because I feel questioning you 'debunkers' character and your motives, not only your pseudo-arguments, highly relevant. I have no intention of masking my contempt for you lap-dogs.

Anyway, No evidence for molten steel?!?! (Nice dodging of the flight manifest evidence, by the way.)

"All concrete did not pulverize," LOL, no response needed. There's plenty of video footage showing lower Manhattan covered in a foot or more of pulverized concrete. not to mention this.

You're pathetic.

not our job to prove

Our job is to demand answers. Whenever you try to attack the truth movement, you defend the cover up.

This is not about changing presidents. This is about defending America. If you want America, as defined by the Constitution, to continue, we must seek justice.

If, like you ref, you think justice doesn't matter, you defend the official fairy tale.

You remind me of kids in elementary school claiming santa really exists.

You should be on our side, ref. You should be looking for the Executive Branch administer justice, not spin yarns. Of what are you so afraid? What do you have to fear from a little honesty on the part of our government?

This time answer the question, don't nit pick. I dare you.

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLKJustice deferred is justice denied-MLK

you are wrong

You said no steel framed high rise has ever been hit by a plane and still stood. do some research because the empire state building was hit by a wayward B-17 bomber near the end of ww2. It destroyed 19 floors and the building never fell. And to top it off the world trade center was built after the empire state building and because of that incident they made sure it was built to withstand multiple airline impacts as many of the designers of the building have said. Go take your ignorant disinfo somewhere else.


that was a b-25, btw.
nice hole, million bucks in damage, still standing to this day.

Morgantown 9/11 Truth
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

your right

it was a B-25 i always get them mixed up. thanks for the correction. do you remeber what year the trade center caught on fire. casuse one of the towers already had a fire that burnt longer but no structural damage


if memory serves, 1973. and i do believe that that was a 3, 3 or 4 alarm fire, burned 3 hours.

Morgantown 9/11 Truth
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

North Tower, Feb 13, 1975...

Best wishes

New book

Having read Mr. Griffin’s other books on the subject I am eager to read this one. He is so educated, rational and clear thinking. He has also mastered dealing with the media. I listened to the interview he did in Canada last Friday where he politely decimated the hosts who described him as a conspiracy theorist in the lead-in. He knows how to get the important points across in the allotted time in a mature and rational manner. He is a remarkable man.

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Kindly fuck off.

See a pattern developing here, Ref? Anyone who looks at this site for more than five minutes will EASILY be able to tell that you are a paid disinfo/bedunker/MONGOLOID/mentally challenged/out of your depth government worm. Your posts will all be voted into oblivion. As a matter of fact, I'm not even going to put forth the effort to read your garbage anymore. I'm going to ingore you and vote you down automatically. I suggest everyone else does this too. If anyone reading this thinks I'm not being fair, try reading some of my other posts and comparing them to Ref's. Ref, try bedunking me when I start taking my case to every high school and college physics teacher in my city. You think some pathetic internet flame-wars are going to stop this Movement? You sir, are an idiot.
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Ghandi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

troll alert - ref

ref- you are a troll. LEAVE!

Can't wait to read Debunking 9/11 Debunking!

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/90

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I dont think you are a troll and you have every right to disagree. but if you make statements that are false and you make statements that you cant back up then your opinion is nill. i will be respectful and not call you names but dont let the governments lies and propaganda distort your life. tell me that we are not living in a police state and that we are losing our rights. then prove it. tell me that wtc7 collapsed because of debris and fire then prove it. we are much closer to proving that it was cd than collapse from fire. the 911 commission didnt even mention wtc7. Doesnt that seem a little off to you. Course it would be much easier to figure out if the feds and guilianni had destroyed all the evidence. And remember we would go to prison if we destroyed evidence from a crime scene. Please Ref if you are going to argue your point get some more facts to back it up.

ref's game

is very similar to this. The reaction he is seeking and deserves.

Ref is a waste of time

He's just looking to provoke responses. Just ignore him and vote him down. That's what bothers a troll most of all. The JREF's are morons and aren't worth a second of our time. If someone is willing to actually debate (WITHOUT straw-men arguments) and learn something, that's fine. But these people aren't here to do that.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Waiting for Your Copy of Debunking.... from Amazon?

You can order it directly from the publisher at Interlinkbooks.com .

I received two copies of the book one day after ordering online!

Still working my way through it. But its clear Dr. Griffin is pissed .He immediately comes out swinging at his critics and supporters of the 'official' conspiracy theory. Its a TKO in the first round and I've got three more to go.

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Why would a renowned and

Why would a renowned and respected academic, prolific author, and sought-after speaker, who is invited to address 9/11 issues in across the globe, debate a "tour guide" nobody like MR (who, among other things, believes that a snide and supercillious tone replaces facts, reason, and logic)? He can stoop to that level at a local bar -- why waste the ink to mark it on a calendar?

It's a strawman argument: he won't debate MR, therefore he must be afraid to do so. (I won't debate our much loved local schizophrenic, but not because I don't think I can win on merit.) In the world of 9/11 commentators, MR doesn't merit the steam off DRG's piss, let alone his time and trouble. DRG has offered to debate higher order representatives of the OCT at any time.

BTW, if you consider MR your "side's" equivalent of DRG....well, that just speaks volumes.

Would this "debate" only

Would this "debate" only include things like Controlled Demolition, Pentagon Hit, Flight Manifests, and Hijackers validity and skill?

If so, I'm not interested.

If obstruction of justice, gag orders, blocked investigations, conflicts of interest, contradictory statements and testimonies, and other items are on the table, then I'm all for it.

I for one do not want to sit through another "It's CD, no it's not, yes it is, no it's not, yes it is" sideshow.


911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

good point

You made one here. Everyone is always arguing was cd was it fires. Pentagon hit plane no plane. If you ask me all the info involved such as gag orders and conflicts of interest and the rest may even be more valuable. but we need to make sure that all is included. Like the put options placed on the airlines that has been traced back to CIA and the duetsche bank. All inclusive debate is what we need. But i know i run into it all the time so it cant be any different for the people in the spotlight. Anytime i start a debate with an individual the first time i prove one of their points wrong they either get mad or run away


It's late and you might not still be around, but, and I hate to rehash an old comment, but I want you debunkers to understand what I think of you as members of my species:

"Anthony is relentless, he was at a Wed. night meeting as well, got into arguments without making any clear points at all. He would not shut up, and it was impossible for deal with him in a logical manner.

To the debunkers, other "Anthonys" out there: Yeah, we're still at the mercy of your government, its military, intelligence, mercenaries, the police, sheriffs department, the mainstream media, corporations, politicians, -your sick, corrupt system of egotistical powermongering American Capitalism. But, we might wrest control someday, as the Truth expands. And I have no mercy for you traitors to humanity.

To you debunkers: My main issue of 9/11 is not just that our government murdered fellow Americans (but with the Odigo warning to the Jews, that was merciful!), that a government would turn on its people (now that has never happened in history, has it?).

No, this is about the sickness deep within the human organism. There is this potential within us to commit such disgusting acts. Like the guy that beat up the 101 year old lady on her way to church for 33 dollars. Maybe some humans are more likely than others to do such things due to cultural socialization. I hope that those of you who placed the explosives in the WTC buildings read these comments, but I suppose you were either murdered by the higher ups or are drunk at a girly bar in Phuket right now. You guys proved to the Universe what sickness the human animal is capable of, and at a time when we've polluted, overfished, deforested, wiped our numerous species, ruined the ozone layer...OK, we f*&%$#ed up our planet big time, and 9/11 wasn't exactly good marketing for the nobility of the human spirit. Humanity as a whole didn't exactly win any brownie points by your actions. And I believe the basis of 9/11 to be all about power and money. Hope you perpetrators enjoy spending that blood money. Gonna buy a bigger house? What kind of car do you guys drive, Porshes, Mercedes, or Hummers?

Perpetrators, intelligence agents in the know, and debunkers: I only wish I believed in a Hell for you to rot in, but I don't. I can only hope the the Truth comes out and you realize what scum you are and if you don't hang for your crimes then you spend the rest of your lives understanding what pieces of s*&$ you truly are and how you let down Humanity as a whole.

Ah, now I feel better. Just hope you trolls (especially Mossad agents here in the U.S) happen to run in to this comment. "Anthony", I'll see you at the next show! "

ref: I appreciate that you're here, because your arguments get shot down by the Truthers! Any Newbie can look at your logic and ours and realize that We are the logical ones, of course because We aren't trying to defend a lie! Simply logical, proving a "truth" is a lot easier than proving the truth of a nontruth-unless you watch Fox News.

I still miss Murph!

lalo I appreciate your passion and you are right about the perps

but to say "the Jews" were warned is both not productive and not entirely accurate. "the Jews" is a term like "the muslims" that lumps people together for no good reason. Were some Jews warned? Sure. Were some Christians? Yep. How bout some left handed people? Uh huh. Were some Jews responsible for parts of the crime (maybe most?) Perhaps. Were some Christians involved? Most likely yes.

I fight daily the perception of anti-semitism solely because I nelieve sincerely that the evidence available seems to indicate American Zionist/Neocon/Israeli responsibility for masterminding the events of 9/11. So be it. It's therefore my responsibility to speak out clearly and responsibly. The overwhelming majority of Jews in the world, regardless of how they feel about Israel and how stupid and deluded their beliefs are had absolutely NOTHING to do with 9/11.

If they are to one day acknowledge and accept potential Israeli complicity they will only do so (and who can blame them) if they feel safe in a world where that is known. Are Muslims currently suffering from many people's, including many Jews' inability to separate what they consider to be representative actions on behalf of Islam from the culture into which millions of children are involuntarily and quite harmlessly raised? Very much so. Does this mean we should "give Jewish people a taste of their own medicine"? Absolutely not--we must take the high road and say that wahat has been done to Muslims since 9/11 will NEVER AGAIN happen to anyone. We must reject divisiveness and scapegoating. It is on such hatred that the criminal Zionist state thrives.

Given the known tactic of posing as anti-semites to then claim victimization used by Zionists, I can't assume you are sincere, but I'll giove you the benefit of the doubt and simply suggest that you remember the love--no matter how obnoxious some poeple can be, most of them don't mean it and are quite deluded into thinking they are right. We have to change that. We can't compromise on the truth or on certain principles, but that said we can afford to splurge on love and good will. It's the only way that winning will be a true victory--THAT should be our goal, not just truth, but reconciliation along with it.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

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Robert Horton at the 911 Boston Tea Party

Radical Pragmatist


...the fool ramble.Don't waste your time replying.
It's obvious that DRG strikes fear into those trying to hide the truth.
Be afraid......THE TRUTH IS COMING!
P.S. Heard on prison planet E Howard Hunts confession on JFK.

D9D doing well on Amazon ranks.

Another good review: http://tinyurl.com/2k9as7

Griffin is an excellent 9/11 truth activist

Sometimes debunking the debunkers is a necessary evil, and this book appears to be an example of this practice.

The 9/11 debunkers are just one part of a disinformation campaign to slow down the 9/11 truth movement. I think it is important to understand why these arguments are false, and how we can be mislead by misleading arguments. In this regard, I think this is essential for people who are new to 9/11 truth to understand these issues.

The 9/11 official story is disinformation. Therefore, understanding disinformation is central to understanding the truth about 9/11. The other side of the coin is the disinfo campaign to spread false explanations for what happened on 9/11. The underlying methods of spreading false information are the same.

I just got a copy from Amazon.com. I'm sure there are lots of interesting things to learn from Griffin's consistently excellent research.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Take the bait every time

I find it absolutely astonishing how truthers in this forum don't seem to realize that these "debunkers" are not trying to convince us of anything. They are not here to engage in an actual debate of substance. They are here primarily to distract us, and to re-direct the course of our conversaiton, and thusly, to destroy our movement. There are some 5 year olds who would realize that. I have to confess I get a little embarassed when I see good-hearted truthers in this (and other) forum(s) fall for it every time by wasting their precious time trying to explain things logically to these "debunkers" when the effort is futile and a sheer waste of their time. Oftentimes I'm sure the "debunkers" KNOW that we're speaking the truth, but that is not the point. Yet it happens hour after hour, day in and day out. And I can nearly guarantee that my comments here will be ignored and the "taking of the bait" will continue as usual.
Just fucking stop the arguing with these people, they are not here to learn from us or try to teach us. They are here to disrupt, and shit man...it works almost every time. You sincere truth seekers still don't yet seem to understand the depth of psychological operations. You think that all these "truth skeptics" are actually skeptical. NO. They know that 9/11 was an inside job (at least most of them, I suspect). They are accessories to the crime of 9/11, and therefore complicit. And yet you guys continue to allow them to steer the course of the conversation. Stop it already?

100% absolutely correct.......

"no evidence of molten metal"
"gravity can explain pulverization" etc. etc.

Obviously, the lapdogs sent by murderous liars to write such things are not sincere. They are not looking for the truth. They are, indeed, trying to disrupt this movement. That is all they are interested in.

Don't cast pearls before swine.

Don't waste your time or your momentum on these slaves.

you can't wake someone pretending to sleep

or convince someone pretending to disagree

don't let them frame the debate. move on to other issues--THAT's what they don't want you to do. keeping the debate focused on stuff that they've already lost the debate on is the way they keep us from learning even more.

The serious researchers and bloggers are those who refine and expand our knowledge, not those who engage in debates with obvious disinfo shills.

Obvious disinfo includes directed energy weapons, hologram planes, video fakery, mini nukes and a few other things that some people still inexplicably waste time, energy, and bandwidth refuting.


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Sorry, off topic..

How do I track older threads I have running, to see if people have responded to my comments? So far I've been tediously running back over things manually. Can I tell Blogger to send me an e-mail if I get replies?
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
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"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

Do this:

Use "Track". Click on your user name  CONSCIOUSNESS or "my account".

Click on "track" Here's yours: http://www.911blogger.com/user/2642/track

It tells you if there are new messages.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

comment moved

moved to respond to ref



A word of caution

I just hope David Griffin double-checked everything Robin Hordon fed him before he included it in his book.

Unfortunately Hordon is either serious disinfo or he is a mentally unstable troublemaker. Maybe both. Ask the people in D.C. or Seattle who have had dealings with him.

very nice piece robin

until the end when it became outstanding. We truthers must use our growing strength to affect related societal change, foremost among these has to be only PAPER BALLOTS...... talk about a no brainer..................what freakin moron ever came up with the idea of handing the very DNA of our "Democracy" over to hackable cyber systems?

Also, if we could hasten the demise of the 2 party system while we're at it and what the heck , maybe defang or neuter Capitalism itself enough to drown in a bathtub ....our planet and progeny will be eternally grateful...........if not, dead

not a freakin moron

a very clever criminal came up with the idea of abandoning paper ballots. the freakin morons are the ones who let their votes be digitized without a fight.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

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Trust Truth

After this many years to study so many issues, we should be able to clearly and calmly refute the obfuscators (paid government informants). Ref came here to antagonize and stir up emotions, yet he has not offered up anything of substance to clarify his bushco side of the discussion.
I suspect a new event is soon to occur which will help to solidify the movement towards enlightening the rest of this country to understanding that many evil persons are currently sitting in positions of power, throughout the political spectrum. DRG has helped point out many of them already.
Actually we have witnessed many of them fall out of their luxury positions, over the last few years. Most notably, of late, Donald
'shake hands with Saddam' Rumsfield.
Hang in there, my friends, truth wins in the long run...