Gas-Fire Melts a Freeway! What Exactly is Going on Here?


In any case, this will certainly serve as timely rebuttal-ammo whenever the implausibility of the WTC collapse is pointed out. Could it be...?
I'm not saying anything yet. They cite the temperature: 2,750 degrees. Does gasoline burn that much hotter than jet fuel?

Some further information on this topic to consider:

BBC Reports the collapse of Building 7 while it is still clearly standing in the background:

911 Mysteries:

911 Press For Truth:


gasoline is also a hydrocarbon

distilled from petroleum. no?

very strange, yes.


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Because we are building earthquake resistant items in this region, I suspect an asphalt material might have been used. Asphalt does not hold up against fire.
Just my common sense thought

i believe asphalt

will, itself, burn.

Oh, and on edit, I believe concrete on a road surface where water can become trapped in cracks etc. will itself crack when heated sufficiently due to expanding water.

I think you got this backwards

Water trapped in cracks would not expand when heated, but rather disipate into steam. However, water in cracks has been known to crack roadways when it is frozen and expands.

Watch the disinfo

at one point the reporter actually says "the beams melted, just like the girders did in the world trade center on september 11th" hahaha.

As I recall no one, not even nist or fema claims anything "melted" in the wtc on 9/11, they say the floor trusses sagged and broke free etc etc blah blah. So what the f*ck is the liar talking about? LOL.

here's some stats they are reporting:
8600 gallons of unleaded gasoline
2 hour fire
2000F temp

Yet they only use the word "melted" over and over, not "sagged" and "broke away from their flex joints". Let us remember a roadway and a steel framed skyscraper are not designed the same way. The trusses in the wtc were both bolted and welded, roads are not welded section to section, just bolted, especially for this reason. If a section fails, it fails alone and breaks away at its joints, as not to damage large sections of road. It is likely that the roadway sagged from the fire and its BOLTS broke away, causing the slab section to collapse. Trying to use this type of event to somehow explain the wtc is ludicrous, so anyone thinking about it had better think twice.

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What is even funnier is...

Is that the freeway actually collapses on another free way underneath it, and guess what? It held it! Not progressive collapse, the road collapsed on the one underneath, and yet the one bellow it held. Not to mention, the columns actually did not fail, only the horizontal floor actually did.


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don't you know anything?

For the pringle collapse to occur, ther has to be a lot of heaviness involved. PLUS jet fuel, unlike gasoline, makes things FLY, so obviously we're talking about much more powerful fuel. Don't you read Bo Dietl?

This just goes to show that we really are up against people who are trying to raise an army of violent idiots to oppose us for them...


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Well to add to that, the freeway underneath is actually not designed to withstand too much heaviness, 100MPH wind, or dynamic vertical stress. I am not sure however which burns hotter, gasoline or Jet fuel (paraffin/Kerosene). Saying that a fuel is used to "Fly" is irrelevant to the argument which one is likely to burn hotter.


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yes medfreak you are right

I was channeling Super Cop Bo Dietl who used the potato chip and "heaviness" theory to debunk controlled demolition arguments (on OReilly I think? He was on along with Gerald Posner...)


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Debunking the Yahoo article

Flames shot 200 feet in the air and the heat was intense enough to melt part of the freeway and cause the collapse

contradicted by the later statement...

Heat exceeded 2,750 degrees and caused the steel beams holding up the interchange from eastbound I-80 to eastbound Interstate 580 above to buckle and bolts holding the structure together to melt, leading to the collapse, California Department of Transportation director Will Kempton said.

First they say "part of the freeway melted", then they say it "buckled" but "the bolts melted" which is it?

Furthermore, they present a physically impossible number for the temperatures involved in an open-air, random, hydrocarbon fire. 2750 F is the melting point of structural steel, only achieved in a blast furnace where super heated oxygen is pumped in under pressure to create the crucible in which steel is forged. Hydrocarbon fires alone cannot reach the temperatures high enough to "melt" steel. But these disinfo/misinfo liars count on the public not knowing these facts.

An gasoline fire consisting of 8600 gallons, which burns hotter than jet grade kerosene, igniting in a localized fashion directly under a section of roadway made up of a handful on non-welded horrizontal members is vastly different from what happened at the wtc, yet the reporter actually equates the two incidents as if they have anything in common, other than the bare basic generalized facts of "fire" and "steel". Again they rely on the general public's inability (or perceived inability) to distinguish any of the many crucial differences.

What happened here is really quite simple. A tanker crashed and 8600 gallons of gasoline caught fire under an overpass. Over time, the heat caused the horizontal steel members to sag and put abnormal lateral stresses on the bolted (not welded) joints at the vertical column supports, joints which are, by the way, designed to fail locally. Over time the stress and heat on the joints caused them to fail, causing the section of roadway to collapse.

When NIST and UL built scale models of floor trusses, which had no fireproofing, and subjected them to fires with temperatures not possible in either tower on 9/11, they were able to get the truss members to sag... 3 inches on center. What they were not able to achieve was anything even remotely resembling a condition that could lead to a collapse, let alone a collapse itself. The only way a collapse was achieved was in computer models where the values were ramped up to values that are not possible, to create a sag effect of 42 inches. These impossible values and results could still not cause the effects seen on 9/11 (ie global collapse at near freefall speed). I am a software developer and I could use a computer model to do anything I want, including having the collapsed towers reconstruct themselves before your eyes. A programmatic computer model is as only as good as the values being seeded, and only carries the integrity of the people seeding those values. Much like electronic voting machines, you should be very worried about "computer models" coming from these federal institutions.

well, thats all. 


Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.

9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

this 8600 gallon gasoline

this 8600 gallon gasoline FWY overpass fire was a REAL fire, not a pretend fire as was observed at both wtc.

gasoline does burn much hotter than jet-fuel which is basically kerosene. gasoline would probably explode in a jet engine and kerosene would certainly not fire in an automobile engine.
anyway, i tried a controlled experiment a couple of years ago - i tried to melt my wheelbarrow using kerosene - the kerosene fire would not even burn the paint off of the wheelbarrow - it did not melt an aluminum beer can either.

the implausibility of the wtc "collapse" is easily proven as the wtcs did not collapse, they were rendered almost completely into powder at the rate of 11 floors per second. POOF!

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Freeway under construction

This freeway is currently being updated and upgraded to handle the stresses of earthquake force.

Take a peak to the south of the collapsed freeway.

Look at the brand new concrete supports.

Notice the modified spans. Almost 1/3 closer together.
The span that collapsed was next to be updated. When you see the rebuilt structure you will see that it will be modified in nearly the same way as the road to the south. They would install the two new supports then demolish the current one between.

The way it looks.... the fallen freeway was going to require a very specialized upgrade through that area to meet specifications. The road going under was not going to allow the same simple solution and was likely that that area would have been demolished anyway creating the same havoc to commuters. Kill two birds with one stone. It's just logistics. Good business
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I was watching the BBC last

I was watching the BBC last Sunday afternoon about 4:35 PM, and they had a news report that another ramp, one that CalTrans called "Ramp 7" had just collapsed. I changed the channel and a lady reporter was talking on and on how Ramp 7 just collapsed and that it caught everyone by surprise, yet you could plainly see Ramp 7 still standing in the background behind her! Even though she said it had collapsed, you could see the ramp standing plain as day!

45 minutes later, Ramp 7 collapsed symmetrically, even though no gasoline tanker ever crashed or burned beneath it!

They say the tanker really didn't crash because it was speeding. There were reports that shots were fired from a nearby grassy knoll, which shot out the tires causing the truck to crash. A "magic bullet" was found nearby, in pristine condition, even though this bullet punctured a tire, ruptured the gas tank and ignited the fuel and wounded the truck driver.

On tonight, Nov 28th, 2007

Amazing: The Rebuilding of the MacArthur Maze
Wednesday 7:30P

In addition to interviews, Amazing includes a wide variety of news and archival footage of the entire 26-day process beginning with the fire that melted and collapsed the structure and an animated depiction of the gasoline tanker truck which overturned and created the fireball. The film captures the vivid impressions of the first responders, the overnight creation of new design plans, and C.C. Myers capturing the winning bid, planning on a large bonus for early completion. Viewers will see how Caltrans and the Myers team tracked down enough steel and worked day and night to rebuild the structure in record time.

Freeway Collapse
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