Defending Our Home

If a burglar breaks into my house, I've got the right to defend myself and my property. If a bad guy is climbing through my window, I don't have to be all that shy about protecting myself.

If a foreign invader tries to seize someone's home, destroy him and his way of life, that person is going to fight hard to repel the invader. History has shown that people fight harder to defend their home and town from foreign invaders than in any other situation.

Well, foreign invaders are trying to destroy my way of life. Some of the invaders - many of whom call themselves "neocons" - have dual citizenship, and their loyalty lies primarily with the foreign nation.

Some of the invaders are Americans, but in name only. They are traitors who couldn't care less about America or her people. They are attempting to repeal the Constitution (especially the Bill of Rights), criminalize dissent, implement a Big Brother system of total surveillance, deceive the people into hating the enemy-of-the-day (whoever is standing in the way of the next phase of the imperial plan), and rob us all blind. Even if they have an American passport, these people are as anti-American, in the true sense of the word - loving liberty and having core American values - as anyone in the world. Indeed, these are people who have no problem killing 3,000 American citizens to kick start their imperial agenda.

I was born in the U.S. and I've spent my entire life here. This is my home. I am not willing to let these foreigners, these burglars, these invaders, take my home and my way of life away without a fight.

This is not a small, third-world jungle village we're talking about here. This is the United States of America. The vast majority of us know that the Neocons lied us into invading Iraq. Some 100 million of us know that 9/11 was an inside job. Many of us understand that the last couple of elections have been rigged. We get that our treasury has been looted. We are the real Americans, the true patriots, the people -- and we know.

We must fight like we are defending our home . . . because we are.

We can repel the foreign invaders and prevent further false flag attacks against American citizens . . . because people defending their own homes fight the hardest.

If you think I'm exaggerating how much of a threat these people are to our life, liberty, and happiness, you're being naive. These folks are ruthless.

Note: I am NOT advocating violence of any kind. Nor do I advocate an overthrow of the government. As I've previously stated, I am calling for a RETURN to the American, Constitutional form of government and the rule of law.

Wow Mr Washington you dare

Wow Mr Washington you dare to speak out against the Zionist controlled Government and Media. How dare you?

The First 30 seconds are in dutch and most of it is in english.