Mercury Unveils Four New Titles for MIP TV and MIP DOC -- Including 9/11 MYSTERIES!


27/03/07 Mercury Unveils Four New Titles for MIP TV and MIP DOC.

International distributor MercuryMedia will be showcasing four new documentary titles at MIP TV and Mip Doc in April 2007.

9/11 MYSTERIES presents an argument suggesting that the events of 9/11 were part of a deliberate hoax, designed to provide the pretext for the perpetual War on Terror. With compelling evidence pointing towards the wholesale demolition of the towers, In the Wake Productions’ ‘9/11 Mysteries’ draws some very disturbing conclusions about the real events of that tragic day.

ORWELL ROLLS IN HIS GRAVE, 105 minutes - Sag Harbour Basement, examines the one subject the American media doesn’t discuss – itself. The film asserts that mainstream American media are no longer the voice of American freedom. Instead, they're part of a repressive political power structure sharing disturbing parallels with Orwell’s dystopian vision. This is a disturbing expose of the manipulation of the media by America's power brokers.

KING OF SCOTS from Glasgow based production company Saltire Films is an historical portrait of Scotlands greatest hero Robert Bruce. First shown on the BBC this 59’ minute film investigates how Bruce overcame colossal odds in his quest to become King of Scotland. A cause eventually won at enormous personal and national cost.

Vine Street Pictures’ new 56 minute film OUT OF THE SHADOW charts the story of schizophrenic Millie as she suffers with the US mental health system and the chaos of her own mind. Affecting millions of people around the world, sufferers experience stigma, barriers to treatment and a broken and fragmented mental health service. A story of madness and dignity, shame and love, this film helps to dispel the many misconceptions surrounding this harrowing illness.

Mercury boss, Tim Sparke said: “These titles are strong. They slot right in with the overall feel of our catalogue and we are hoping to do well with them at this year’s markets.”

All titles are available worldwide now.

MercuryMedia will be exhibiting in the UK Indies Pavilion (PACT Stand) No: LR4-15 where more information on the films and Mercury’s catalogue can be found.