A Saturday Afternoon with Luke and Gang

My friends and I went to Ground Zero last Saturday to get a feeling for what these guys/gals (wearechange.org) go through every Saturday and more in NYC.

If you live near NYC, I encourage you to come up on a Saturday afternoon from 1PM - 4PM to give support!

Nice video...

I liked the sight of all of those people standing around the info sheets. Who was wearing the FealGood Foundation shirt?

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

Great Job Guys...

You should try out some of bruce1337's new hand-outs... They are totally superb !!!!

You can view / download them in the blog at :


Many thanks and best wishes

There was always a crowd of

There was always a crowd of no less then 30 people surrounding those posters, sometimes many more. In the video you can see 2 young ladies kneeling down to absorb the info intensely.

I spoke with some of the guys that have been doing this for over 3 years, and they said that back then they got spit on, yelled at and harrased by many. This last Saturday was a complete 180! People were very interested in the info being provided. The 4 hours I was there, I only witnessed 4-5 hecklers!

Thanks for pointing out those flyers, I will print those out and take to Kinkos, make a bundle of DVD's when I go next time! They ran out of their stash of DVD's fast!

"A copy of this has been filed with the NYPD"

Just FYI - here's a flyer that was distributed at St. Mark's Church last Sunday. Is someone trying to frame CHANGE as a violent group? Gee, I sure the fuck hope not.

"To the Public:

NY911Truth.org is not in any way connected to the group called "CHANGE."
There is just one thing they have in common: Two persons who USED to be in NY911Truth.org are now members of "CHANGE," and they still use one of NY911Truth.org's banners, as well as fraudulently adding the name
"NY911Truth" to their newsletters, blog entries, and other communications. The peaceful activist organization NY911Truth.org is not responsible for anything that "CHANGE" does now or in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify this.

A copy of this has been filed with the NYPD.


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