Huff Since Digg Censors

2 Huffs: "Bioterror" and "9/11 Fact Sheet"

Please vote here: 6 votes each and they get on the front page.

Thousands of people from Huffington Post read these stories when they make the front-page. Since Digg censors 9/11 stories, this is a good way to get the word out.


We must be making progress...

Some really nasty pieces of work are out tonight...

Any assistance, vote-ups / downs or DIGGs would be appreciated...

Thanks and best wishes

it isn't so much that digg

it isn't so much that digg censors as much as it is that people bury what we digg..

imagine a bush loyalist mentality.. anytime they see anything 9/11 related they bury it.. all it takes is a certain percentage of buries to diggs and the thing gets thrown out..

Good point, DZ

Any ideas on how to deal with this?

well, unfortunately all we

well, unfortunately all we can do is try to outweigh that ratio or plead with digg for a better solution.. also we can make use of sites that don't have a bury function like huff.. netscape didnt have a bury function until recently, but at least there doesn't seem to be the crew of burriers there yet..

basically there are people which flag users they disagree with and bury all their stuff (because they know they have a predilection for posting 9/11 stories).. i dont know what the solution is, but you would think this would be against digg's usage policy..