My question for Rudy Giuliani posted at for the upcoming MSNBC GOP debate

I could sure use as many votes as possible to get my question presented to the GOP debate panel.

So far, this link will take you to my question:

by Mekt_Ranzz on 05.02.2007 at 03:49 PM
Question is for: Rudolph Giuliani
Topic Is: Environment

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has determined that EPA officials are not liable for giving false assurances about the air quality in New York following the 9/11 attacks. Do you agree with this ruling? Why or why not?

Excellent Question

I just went and voted for it.

While everybody's there, be sure also to vote for my question, which is now near the top of Page 2 of questions for Giuliani sorted by popularity:

Rep. Ron Paul has called the 9/11 Commission Report a "charade" and supports a new investigation. Millions of Americans agree with him, including 9/11 victims' families. Do you agree, or do you believe the government has been fully honest about 9/11?

Let's see if we can push it up to the first page of questions for Giuliani!

While browsing through all these debate questions, also be sure to vote for any other good 9/11 related ones, too.


Great Question. It was right where you said. Hopefully it gets bumped up a little too.

Vote it's a better link

Keep voting...

The questions above Freethinking's are pretty weak. It's already on the second page, so keep voting. This link should go to the question (it's on page 2 of the currently most popular questions for Guiliani):

If that doesn't work, this link is to the top of the 'most popular' questions for Rudy. From there it might be on the second page, but not if we can do something about it:

(It doesn't seem like there's any limit for how many times you can vote up a single question, often)


Made it to the First Page!

Just now, it's up on Page 1 of the Giuliani section. Looking good... keep the votes coming, everybody!

New Link to the page with my question:

I'd ask

all of them about abolishing the Federal Reserve and the illegal federal income taxation of the american people, and what their plans are with that.

Only Ron Paul will have the right answer, and would make for a "Mike Gravel" moment.

This ought to be good, I will be watching the debates tomorrow.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB



voted it up last night, good

voted it up last night, good luck!

Quick correction

My mistake...

Two questions have been posted at

1) about 9/11 and Ron Paul's stand for truth

2) about 9/11 and the health of first responders

 Keep voting...heck, vote for 'em both (lots of times)