Retired US Military Intelligence officer issues warning about false flag terror

In a recent interview published in "The Lone Star Iconoclast" a former military intelligence officer, Captain Eric May, explains why he thinks 9/11 was a false flag operation and why a nuclear false flag terror attack against a US target might be in preperation to justify waging nuclear war on Iran.

Below are a few snips from the interview posted at

Mission of Conscience Accomplished: Battle of Baghdad Cover-up Exposed
Monday, April 30, 2007
By W. Leon Smith, Editor-In-Chief


MAY: Iraq looks in two directions: it looks backward to 9/11, which is its prologue; and it looks forward to Iran, which is its epilogue. That’s the Bush presidency: two years to set up a war, four years of a war disaster, then two more years to escalate things into a bigger war. The crucial question is: Will Bush attack Iran, and thereby likely start World War III?

ICONOCLAST: Do you think he will attack Iran? Do you think he can?

MAY: Well, a better question might be do I think he can avoid doing it. More and more people are breaking the code of silence on the 9/11 treason and it’s catching up with the Bush administration. A couple of months ago Congressman Dennis Kucinich, in a Washington D.C. peace rally, said that the truth about 9/11 must come out to the American people. Shortly afterward, Rosie O’Donnell accused Bush of "treason" on ABC’s "The ‘View," then specified the nature of the treason charge a few days later by saying that the government had perpetrated the 9/11 attacks. The U.S. media can’t continue to cover up the facts of 9/11 forever. One damning fact is that Bush only reluctantly showed up for a one-hour testimony with the 9/11 Commission, refused to let anybody leave the room with notes, refused to take an oath before he testified, and insisted that the vice president come along to coach him. It’s very hard not to smell a rat on the 9/11 matter. It’s really not much of a stretch at this point to say that the Bush people were complicit in 9/11, which they used to catapult us into a Middle East war that they had prepared for from the day they came to power. In order for Bush to continue with the war, he needs another 9/11, another false flag attack, carried out by our own government, then blamed on "Islamic terrorists" to mobilize the U.S. Without another 9/11, he won’t be able to continue with the war, nor with the cover-up of the original 9/11.

In Ghost Troop we call this next contrived attack 911-2B, the "911-to-be" that the U.S. media keeps preparing us for not as a matter of IF, but of WHEN. Television programs like "24" and "Jericho" have been setting up the premise that a nuclear attack on America is emminent. If Bush is to go war against Iran, he must first have that false flag attack. Without another 9/11, I don’t think he can go to war against Iran. The Army and Marines are broken because of Iraq. They’re taking lower mental and physical categories into their ranks to make up for their falling enlistment numbers, and even that isn’t working. The officer corps is depleted, and a good part of the equipment can no longer roll out. This has been a military disaster, a fiasco, a leap-before-you-look plunge, head-first, into quicksand.


ICONOCLAST: But we couldn’t win in Iran by air power alone, could we?

MAY: Not without going nuclear, but the next 9/11 is supposed to be nuclear, remember? If we had a nuclear 9/11, then we’d have a nuclear war against Iran. If we had another conventional 9/11, then we’d have a conventional war against Iran. What’s certain is that we are going to blame Iran for whatever kind of false flag attack we construct and carry out against ourselves. You see, the false flag terror attack is the catalyst that determines the outcome. If we want a nuclear war against Iran then we have to have a nuclear 9/11 to warrant a nuclear response — and a nuclear 9/11 is what the U.S. media is setting up to blame on Al Qaeda, probably "sponsored" by Iran. It doesn’t stand up to close inspection, though. In Ghost Troop we don’t even talk about "Al Qaeda," we talk about Al CIA-duh. What the mainstream media pretends is the Al Qaeda record, we in Ghost Troop understand is really just the Al CIA-duh script.

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That's powerful testimony. Somebody get that guy on Alex Jones.

Later in the interview, he even suggests a potential time and place for the false flag attack (Chicago + summer session, when congress is away).

But I think he is bang on when he says the Bush people have a problem, because if 911-2B happens at least half the population will think Bush did it. In part, they're going to think that because of Bush's own propaganda trying to convince us that Iran is some kind of threat. And in part, they'll think that because of 9/11 Truth.