Rosie Unable To Host Major 9/11 Skeptics On 'The View'?

Are Rosie's efforts to host an honest discussion of 9/11 being suppressed?

From Rosie's website message board:

Posted by ro on May 2nd at 12:38pm in ask ro

Susan writes:

You’d mentioned on the show that you would have an expert on to discuss the “implosion” of Trade Centre Tower 7. Any chance that will happen soon before your last day on the View?


i doubt it

There is no way

in hell ABC will allow ANY factual information to squeak through about 9/11.

They wont even allow you to post it on their message boards.
There is only ONE way the facts about 9/11 are going to be heard mainstream and that is for the 150 Million Americans that already KNOW the truth about 9/11 to FORCE it down the medias throats.
If we don't then we may as well give up right now and stop wasting time.

FAUX news needs to burn and the rest of them need their feet held to that fire until they squeal.
If we all act like these spineless, worthless Democrats in Congress then these Treasonous War Criminals are going to walk away from this Scott free and nothing is going to change.

We all let Rosie down, she stood up and we all sat here like democrats.