9/11 Was An Inside Job T-Shirt

This powerful 9/11 Truth tool has been a very popular item and am about to make another print run for some pre-orders. Sometimes not speaking can be the most powerful form of
activism. And with this 9/11 Was An Inside Job T-Shirt you don’t need to confront people with your knowledge. Suprisingly i have got many praise from people who have bought one
and they have struck more 9/11 Debate via the t-shirt then any other way. If anyone is interested please inquire at fight_the_nwo@hotmail.com since i am getting lots printed i can
sell them and ship them for cheaper, its $20 USD + $10 USD

Here is a link as to what the t-shirt looks like http://info-warriors.com/?p=65

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Great Shirt.

Very good shirt and great technique of activism. I can't understand why anyone would vote this post down. I give it a Ten.

You money grubbing whore

You literally joined:

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To advertise this overpriced item. I don't see any where in your ad that even 1 cent is going toward helping the cause more. Go screw yourself you parasite!

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$30 for a T-Shirt???

$30 for a T-Shirt??? GTFOOH.

Ridiculous. A friend of mine owns a T-shirt printing company and I can get this thing made for about 6-8 bucks each, if not less considering he's my friend.

911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

Alex Jones is selling a 2-pack of those T-shirts for $22.90, &

he uses much of the proceeds to fight for 9/11 truth.


Alex Jones

I bought a shirt and cap from Alex Jones, he threw in a few free bumper stickers. I thought that was so cool.

I was also very happy with the quality of the shirt and cap. Well worth the price. Not a paper thin cheepo model.
Got my order in 3 days. I couldnt have been happier with the product and fast service.

I will definately shop his store again in the near future for more shirts.


Well sorry some think its over priced. I dont have a print shop and the guy i use in town will not dirty his screen for less then 12 t-shirts. I printed 40 t-shirts, i am a member of 9/11 Vancouver Truth and i will donate part of the money to help fund out conference in June http://www.v911truth.org/conference2007.html

Its sad most people think its all about money when its not, like these t-shirts will make me rich, Alex Jones prints 1000 and can make the price cheaper. It is no mistake i am new to this blog as of today and posted my t-shirt, where else could this t-shirt be more popular. In any case attacking me doesnt take away its a cool t-shirt and i wasnt forcing anyone to buy it.

Have a nice day peeps

Another look.

Oh I see now what people are saying. I was just commenting on the concept of shirts used for exposing 9/11 Truth. I didn't take into account all the rest. No problem. But shirts are still a cool idea for spreading the word.

Please consider

printing some on bright colored tee shirts. Thanks.

Good luck and welcome to 9/11 Blogger.

(Hope you have thick skin)

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