Debunking 9/11 Myths

Note to readers of 911Blogger: In my never-ending quest to find a way to present info in a way that people who do not want to hear about the truth can receive, I've written this.

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Polls show that a large portion of the American population believes outlandish theories about the attacks of September 11th. These myths have been spread far and wide both by malicious people and by good people who have been duped by false information.

What do credible people, like high-level military leaders, scientists, legal scholars, Senators, and the 9/11 commissioners themselves think?

The following links take you to summaries of what the experts say about 9/11:

Military leaders

Legal scholars


Members of Congress

9/11 Commissioners

But 9/11 is not just about military operations or science or national security procedures. People's views on 9/11 are also partly a function of their political and religious views.

The following links take you to summaries of what prominent liberals, conservatives, Christians, Jews and Muslims themselves say about 9/11:




Jews and Muslims


Dear George

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