War and the Police State: Complicity of the American People

Excerpt from;

War and the Police State: Complicity of the American People

by Donna J. Thorne

Fear, the Nemesis of Rationality

One cannot analyze the dynamics of a post 9/11 society without examining one of its principal characteristics: fear, anxiety, dread, apprehension… in a word, Terror. To those who benefit from its proliferation, fear is a currency, a commodity, and a powerful marketing tool. If one is aware of the devices by which leaders have garnered power and support for any given war or agenda historically, one can easily discern the same machinations at work today. A key ingredient to any successful war rally or acquisition of power is the exploitation of fear through the manipulation of perception.

On September 11, 2001, corporate media and the government elite launched an aggressive political and media campaign upon and against the American people. With Madison-Avenue expertise, purveyors of fear heightened our perception of imminent threat by inundating the airwaves with continual, repetitive, easily-learned sound-bytes, words brimming with emotionally-charged meaning, "…Bin Laden, Taliban, Axis of Evil, Saddam Hussein, Terror-Threat, Terrorist…" with just enough intensity to successfully persuade the American people to procure security at any cost.

Comprehensive and firmly-entrenched fear is the means by which the current administration manages to sell the "War of Terror" and, allowed to flourish, has solidified mechanized cooperation from the masses as our leaders appeal to the most basic of all human needs-- security.

The groundwork has been laid. Today, newly identified "threats" are announced with almost predictable regularity. Now firmly embedded in the collective unconscious of America, fear is employed to rationalize unprecedented dictatorial powers in the White House, to justify the erosion of privacy and the stripping of human rights once sacredly guarded by the Constitution. Yet, what should one expect from an administration whose platform is built upon a substratum of fear, except for fear itself?

Fear attempts to silence dissenters. As the Truth Movement gains momentum and amasses credibility, the fear profiteers have begun heralding yet another "threat" to National Security - inquiring minds. This is both good news and bad news. We are no longer ignorable. Fearing exposure, the Czars of Propaganda know that "Truthers" must be branded and discredited if government corruption and corporate fraud is to flourish unabated. This said, prepare for an intensified Smear-and-Fear Campaign. Any group or individual who vocally questions the official story of 9/11 or who exercises the right to demand Government accountability will be labeled "Anti-American and Anti-Patriotic"...


FDR once said

"The only thing to fear is fear itself". How true. Let me state first I am not a big FDR fan because of Pearl Harbor but what he states is still true. That being said what the truth movement needs now is a fearless leader. Someone like MLK. Remember he lead the Civil Rights Movement back in the sixties. That movement turned out to be a huge successes. It cost him his life but in my opinion it was worth it. I am sure he would agree. When is someone in the 9/11 truth movement going to step up, show no fear, and lead us to victory? That is one thing this movement desperately lacks. This is strictly my opinion but please give it some thought my fellow truthers.

Superb Article

I have said many times to the Question "Who is the enemy" -

It is US. It is your neighbor - it is your 'comrade'.

Quick to relinquish their own "rights" out of fear of themselves, they ensnare you by the conquest of "democracy". Democracy being that of MOB RULE, overriding and trampling the individual like a herd of cattle chased by a field fire.

Yup - Look right across the street to find your enemy, albeit unknown to themselves as well.

Driving is dangerous - Some have been sued. Some have not been recompensed for the wrongs done because the defendant had no means. Ah, the solution : Compulsory INSURANCE.

Is not Compulsory Insurance "communism" ? How can it not be?

Yet, prior to this ( does anyone remember the date it became 'fictional law'? ?? ),some 50+ years, our fathers traveled the rivers of tar and survived.

At what cost did this "security" come? And to suggest that one might travel the "rivers of tar" without this "security" is to raise the ire the likes of ATTEMPTED MURDER in the eyes of the public.

Oh the "brainwashing" that has occurred in the last 20-30-50 years.
Yes folks - FEAR FEAR FEAR.

I like to call it the lawyers "WHAT IFS"

WHAT IF: One were to slip on your floor and get hurt?
WHAT IF: You were to drive into a car ?
WHAT IF: The terrorists bomb a schoool?
WHAT IF: Your shoe comes untied - tripping you into a well?
WHAT IF: A drunk driver hits you?
WHAT IF: A stupid driver hits you?
WHAT IF: The moon falls on your head?
and the "DEMOCRATIC" response being the infamous phase -


Ever stop and think that LAWs are CHAINS ? Freedom and LAW are diametrically opposed?

I love the word Anarchy. It always gives birth to CHAOS in the minds of the leashed. Because it is the means of control from the days of old old old - Who told you anarchy is chaos? Who? and why?

Does anarchy = chaos - or have we been sold a bill of goods from bullies?

I've seen countless small communities across the u.s. live in total harmony without police/regulations/beauracrats, without "limits" and "taxes" and "levies" and "fees" - People sharing and loving and considerate. I've seen people bond together and help those in need from drugs, money, laziness - you name it.

The solution is to LEARN-WAKE-TEACH-LOVE. You reap what you sow. Sow chains and you will wear them friends.

Good post.

Barrie Zwicker's "Towers of Deception" is a great read to learn how the media is complicit in brainwashing American people regarding 9/11 events.

"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey

One of the best books (actually a booklet) about FBI & police

harassment, surveillance, infiltration, and CIA-style covert action (COINTELPRO) against domestic dissidents is:

"War at Home: Covert action against U.S. activists and what we can do about it" (South End Press Pamphlet Series, No. 6) (Paperback) By Brian Glick, 1989.


"Brothers" The exclusive

The exclusive story of Robert F. Kennedy's secret search for the truth about John F. Kennedy's assassination. From the new book by Salon's founder and former editor in chief.
One of the most intriguing mysteries about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, that darkest of American labyrinths, is why his brother Robert F. Kennedy apparently did nothing to investigate the crime. Bobby Kennedy was, after all, not just the attorney general of the United States at the time of the assassination -- he was his brother's devoted partner, the man who took on the administration's most grueling assignments, from civil rights to organized crime to Cuba, the hottest Cold War flashpoint of its day. But after the burst of gunfire in downtown Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, ended this unique partnership, Bobby Kennedy seemed lost in a fog of grief, refusing to discuss the assassination with the Warren Commission, and telling friends he had no heart for an aggressive investigation. "What difference does it make?" he would say. "It won't bring him back."

But Bobby Kennedy was a complex man, and his years in Washington had taught him to keep his own counsel and proceed in a subterranean fashion. What he said in public about Dallas was not the full story. Privately, RFK -- who had made his name in the 1950s as a relentless investigator of the underside of American power -- was consumed by the need to know the real story about his brother's assassination. This fire seized him on the afternoon of Nov. 22, as soon as FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover, a bitter political enemy, phoned to say -- almost with pleasure, thought Bobby -- that the president had been shot. And the question of who killed his brother continued to haunt Kennedy until the day he too was gunned down, on June 5, 1968.

Because of his proclivity for operating in secret, RFK did not leave behind a documentary record of his inquiries into his brother's assassination. But it is possible to retrace his investigative trail, beginning with the afternoon of Nov. 22, when he frantically worked the phones at Hickory Hill -- his Civil War-era mansion in McLean, Va. -- and summoned aides and government officials to his home. Lit up with the clarity of shock, the electricity of adrenaline, Bobby Kennedy constructed the outlines of the crime that day -- a crime, he immediately concluded, that went far beyond Lee Harvey Oswald, the 24-year-old ex-Marine arrested shortly after the assassination. Robert Kennedy was America's first assassination conspiracy theorist.

Robert Kennedy did not live long enough to solve his brother's assassination. But nearly 40 years after his own murder, a growing body of evidence suggests that Kennedy was on the right trail before he too was cut down. Despite his verbal contortions in public, Bobby Kennedy always knew that the truth about Dallas mattered. It still does.