7 till 11

Heads up!

The 11th is nearing quickly.

What will you do this month to awaken the masses.

I think I will take "Google WTC7" to the mall.

Helium balloons?

I have been taking it to all my George Washingtons,
Alexander Hamiltons, Abraham Lincolns, Ulyses S. Grants,
Andrew Jacskons and Benjamin Franklins for two months now.

Stickers, Stencils, and Promotion.

I know Jimmy Walter and the folks at ReOpen911.org were giving out free DVD's and encouraging people to make copies of them to pass out, does anyone know of someone doing the same with stickers. I really used Jimmy's DVD's when I was in the educational phase of 9/11, but now I am looking for materials to help in the publicity phase. Bike Paths seem like a great place to place a few well-placed stickers. I'm also looking into possibly making a cardboard stencil of "911 = an inside job" and spray painting that along the bike path as well. Any ideas as to whether this is kosher or not, and where I might get some stickers promoting 9/11? Thanks.

After reading...

After reading http://www.911blogger.com/node/8290 I've decided to probably stick with sidewalk chalk. I'm not ready to move into permanent graffiti yet, but I don't blame those who do on public bike paths or walkways. I'm just ready to step up my level of activism and I'm glad to have a place where I can work out my concerns regarding that.

On the other hand I feel the reason the NWO types have been so successful is because the public by and large is too polite and nice. I think the concept of non-violent direct action is a good motto to live by.

Regardless. Our activism seems to be working and truth is seeming to be on our side. The Freeway Blogger is a hero of mine, as well as all those who follow in his footsteps. Hope everyone is feeling comfortable with their levels of activism and here's to stepping it up if they aren't.


We The People Radio

Ive been listening to Cosmos on the radio show they have on this website.


Hes been calling for activism at your local media this 11th.
Im going to prop a small card table and my banners in front of our city newpaper building and pass out DVD's wearing my Truth T-shirt, cap and buttons.

Hopefully if we get a national move to protest at your local media this 11th, our numbers will make more of an impact and create more visibilty.