Barrett reports on press conference at Nass's office

Email from Kevin Barrett.

Dear friends,

Today's press conference at Rep. Steve Nass's office ( went very well.

Local newspaper reporters and photographers and TV crews showed up, as did an AP reporter. Keep an eye on WKOW channel 27 news, Madison this evening, and set your video recorders. Stories should be forthcoming in the local Madison papers ( and the U.W. Badger Herald ( as well as the AP.

I announced my upcoming trip to Morocco in search of Waleed al-Shehri ( and explained that I have been forced to do this because the media and government are not doing their jobs--following up on the story that al-Shehri is still alive ( I pointed out that my "bounty hunter" story is political satire, but with a serious purpose: to draw attention to the fact that the identities of the alleged hijackers, the very core of the official story, remains very much in doubt. I said I in all seriousness I will be acting more as an investigative journalist than a Fugitive Recovery Agent during my stay in Morocco (5/6 through 5/29) because, while I have little hope of convincing Waleed al-Shehri to return to the US, I have high hopes of discovering important new information about him.

I also announced that I am applying for a lecturer's position this fall at UW-Madison in a course utterly unrelated to 9/11, which means that if hired, I will not introduce any 9/11-related material in that course.

I then entered Nass's office along with the news cameras. Nass wasn't there (big surprise). I had intended to give him a copy of David Griffin's Debunking 9/11 Debunking ( along with my own book Truth Jihad ( which I autographed "To Steve Nass, without whom this book could never have been written. Affectionately, Kevin Barrett." Instead I had to give it to his aide. I engaged in some spirited debate with the aide, who claimed that Nass was too busy working on the state budget to show up at his office today. The aide said that he and Nass believe I should not be rehired at the UW or at any public or private university, citing my "performance" at the press conference as evidence of my unfitness to teach. I responded that I would not be giving any such "performances" were it not for Nass's repeated attempts to have me fired and barred from teaching, purely on the basis of political opinions I expressed on a radio show.

I assume the mainstream coverage will spin this as yet another adventure of the "wacky conspiracy professor." As with last
year's Fox News coverage, the publicity will lead many previously ignorant people to do what so many did last summer, including one pilot who called me later to apologize: Get so angry with me that they decide to research what I'm saying to see just how wrong and crazy I am. It did not take that pilot long to discover that I was right--and he has been helping wake up other pilots ever since. The same thing will happen when people start googling "hijackers still alive."

Thanks to all of you who have supported me in the ongoing "epic struggle" and keep the faith!

Kevin Barrett

Nice job Kevin

Keep up the good work. It is greatly appreciated.