Morgan Stack on with Barrett - 3-5 pm Central - GCN Live

3-5 pm Central

Can you help financially with Stack's political campaign?

If he had $4,000 to buy paper, he could force the Irish government election authorities to send out a mailing of 60,000 pieces and pay the postage, the equivalent of about $25,000 of stamps. But he needs the funds.

Stack features 9/11 Truth front and center in his campaign. This could be a decisive mailing. If you can help, send a donation at his website via PayPal;


Irish 9/11 truth candidate Morgan Stack will be Kevin Barrett's guest on Dynamic Duo, stream 2, 3-5 pm today. They will discuss the global 9/11 truth movement, comparing public opinion in Ireland/Europe, the US, and Morocco and other Arab and Islamic countries. (Barrett is leaving Sunday for Morocco and will be interviewing Moroccans about 9/11 and false-flag terror--while investigating Waleed al-Shehri, the alleged 9/11 suicide hijacker who may still be living and working in Casablanca.)