Please Vote to Save 9/11 Truth Prof Kevin Barrett's Post at U of WI

Kevin Barrett has got back in the news again, and the Wisconsin TV station has put up a poll question on their website today,


"Do you think Kevin Barrett should have a teaching position next fall at UW-Madison?"

Just now there were only 314 votes, with 61% saying No Way and only 33% saying Yes, definitely.
We have a chance to turn that around.

Kevin of course is the professor and 9/11 Truth Activist who has come under heavy fire from neocons in Wisconsin who are pressing hard to have him fired for his views on 9/11.

Kevin's website is, the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance. He converted to Islam after marrying a Moroccan woman, and has recently taught a course on Islam at U. of Wisconsin.

There is also a great story at the above link about his upcoming trip to Morocco to "arrest a hijacker" and his challenge to debate a neocon totalitarian enemy of free speech in the Wisconsin legislature.

If you can support Kevin Barrett in a material way, he recently published "Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle against the 9/11 Big Lie" which is available from him at for only $10, postage paid, or on I published it -- because it is such a terrific and entertaining work!


only 40 votes behind now...up to 42%

Morgantown 9/11 Truth
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

let's win this one

Only a nose behind the noes now - 47 to 47%

If you can call in to alternative talk radio to ask listeners to vote for Kevin in the poll, here is how you can direct them to the story verbally on the phone:, 3000 written as a number
click on news link - It should be the 2nd story

if it isn't there, then type in the word Lecturer in the little search site window at the upper left of the page, it should come up as the first hit.

Voted, my pleasure !!!

I like Channel3000...

Best wishes

Just voted

the "Yes, Definitely" is now in the lead with 52%

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

But how reliable?

I was a bad guy, I voted more than once just to see if they would allow it.

But the problem is that they would even think of getting rid of him. Steve Jones already paid for being honest and seeking "Truth". What's up with this F######$$ country? I'm getting pretty sick of it myself.

The blogger didn't post the Chico News and Review article-is that because it gives Dr. Mills side as a structural engineer? I was hoping it would be posted here so that he could hear from structural engineers around the world on the Truth side. Does education have to blind people from the obvious?

My problem with this article is that it paints the movement as a religious entity. But, it shows Truthers as educated professionals living normal lives.

Here's the CN&R link:

Any structural engineers out there? Please give Dr. Mills your "educated opinion" on why buildings fall straight down in x number of seconds and bodies get blown into pieces y centimeters across.

hey lalo -

I didn't like the obvious "religious" slant to the article either, but I thought, all in all, it was a pretty good piece.

As for Dr. Mills, can you guys give him a copy of Debunking 9/11 Debunking by David Ray Griffin and then get his response? I'd love to know what he says.

Keep up the great work in Chico, I look forward to my next visit.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Dr. Mills?

I missed his presentation (and at my frustration level at this point I might have blown my cool), but from what I heard at the Richard Gage event he is a super-educated condescending full-of himself pompous poser. But I haven't met him. I know the type well-"I have 5 degrees, don't tell me anything that goes against what I "know" (=believe) to be true". I hope to contact him on campus in a polite way just to see if there is a possibility he is a government-financed (Grant$?) shill or just unable to cope with "Truth"-should be able to tell by a conversation.

If we gave him a copy of "Debunking..." I have the idea from what I heard that he would not open the book to the first page. But, I haven't met him so I'll let you know if I do. Again, I wanted the story posted here exactly so that scientists-esp. other structural engineers, would respond to him in a professional matter, speaking in the technical language that is beyond the reach of us social science majors.Although I am using terms like "albedo modification in geoengineering" these days. Won't say what that refers to (google Dr. David Keith, Paul Crutzen, Mikhail Budyko).

Did Mills speak at the Richard Gage event?

I would like to hear his explanation for the "collapses" - more than "I'm a structural engineer and FEMA is right that the buildings pancaked."

No Ningen -

Dr. Mills did not attend the Richard Gage event and did not want to go back to back on the same night or even have his presentation recorded. He also did not want Richard present when he gave his presentation.

Doesn't sound like he has much confidence in his position, eh?

I think he would benefit a great deal from reading Debunking 9/11 Debunking by David Ray Griffin, I wouldn't expect him to admit a change of position, necessarily, but I don't think he would be able to defend the FEMA fraud or the NIST nonsense in public anymore, and that would be something.

How's the physics studies going?


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Voted on the first, Now what about the .....

"Do Barrett's Views Belong In The Classroom" second survey....??

Looking good there too

Could use some more yes votes, though.

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!"
-Dr. Frank Greening

Yes, Barrett makes some good

Yes, Barrett makes some good points that students should be exposed to. 738 36%

Yes, as long as he encourages students to question and disagree with him. 489 24%

That's 60% for Yes.

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I am an alumnus of the

I am an alumnus of the UW-Madison, class of '90. I admire Kevin Barrett's efforts for 9/11 truth, and am intrigued by the Muslim perspective he brings to the issue. I generally disagree with his Bush-did-it approach to 9/11, and am puzzled at why he shies away from the evidence pointing to 9/11 as an Israeli-Zionist operation.

One thing's for certain, his presence in the UW-Madison faculty would be a plus for the stature of that college as a whole. The students want the perspective of such an unorthodox thinker as him; they have expressed that clearly in the last year. A tenured Professor Barrett would be an exciting contrast to the sea of mediocrities and apparatachiks that make up the majority of the faculties of universities in the U.S.

70% Yes

Keep voting, people!