Ron Paul Leads After First Republican Debate

Ron Paul, with his impecable voting record in Congress, and his Constitutional and Founding-Father-Type integrity, leads all of the candidates in Positive ratings, and also leads all of the candidates with the lowest negative rating. People are awake and are no longer falling for the status-quo bs anymore. In a debate full of "death to the islamic fascists" and "terror" and "9/11", Ron Paul was a breath of fresh air.

You can vote by visiting, then on the left click Politics/The Debates, then rate the candites using the sliders

Some of Ron Paul's points:

-No national ID cards, dismantle the IRS, end the war in Iraq (a war he voted against from the onset), among other great points - watch the clips if you havent seen the debates.


Maybe now Faux will have to include Paul.... the South Carolina debates coming up....

from what I heard

he is already slated for the next debate. It'd be pretty damn obvious if a highly ranked paricipant of a previous debate was suddenly blocked from the next.

The goal here is not for Paul to get the republican party nomination, he wont, they will never let that happen. But we can get him into the conciousness of the people and convert all of the thinking people from both the right and the left (false paradigm), and the independents, and libs, and the friggin naders, and greens, etc etc - all of that combined could trounce any left and right candidate. Paul can just run under one of the other party affiliations when the time comes in 08.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB