9/11 Truth...time to Stop Calling the Uninformed Silly Names

There is something important that many in 9/11 truth could use in relating to the uninformed...

I have recently reviewed Dale Carnegie's classic.."How to Win Friends and Influence People." A fundamental lesson from this book is to avoid criticism and speak to people's interests. This is a hard concept to stay connected with when approaching 9/11 Truth. Someone questioning 9/11 may face name calling coming from skeptics who don't even understand the silly names that are thrown about repeatedly in a debate or discussion. It is important to avoid name calling which is simply attacking someone's character. Pointing out a label specific to a topic or focus of someones is not the same as a character attack.

Taking part in the name calling or even responding to name calling can function as a trap for that will catch and slow the efforts of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Let 9/11 Truth not waste a breath fighting the name calling, especially responding with more name calling. Name calling makes us look worse than the skeptics. Name calling shuns away those who are opening up to truth. There are many people who simply will not want to affiliate with people running around screaming 'wake up you ZOMBIE'S.' Calling people names like "zombies" can unfortunately make 9/11 Truth to look like a group as fact-less as the attack dogs claim us to be.

Another important point which Carnegie's novel stresses is speaking to OTHER people's interests. 9/11 Truth must welcome the uninformed into skepticism through speaking to the uninformed people's own values and needs. Understanding how to speak to people coming from different political backgrounds is what the 9/11 Truth Movement has the truth and moral power to do. If a truther were brought up as a democrat, let that truther use his knowledge of the party. For example, the democrat (or former democrat) truther can call into liberal slanted show and speak to a topic commonly accepted by the audience. Then once the audience is listening, the truther can drop a website which can be sighted as a reference to whatever topic is being discussed, even though the site is of course outside of the party line! This technique can be especially effective for dopping a 9/11 site that doesn't have 9/11 in the title.

Once 9/11 Truth understands the lies.... instead of going out and repeating the lies in an attempt at attacking them, Let 9/11 truth ring alternative thought's and ideas. 9/11 Truth must do this commonly and with OTHER PEOPLE'S interests in mind. 9/11 truther's must be willing to step back, take a deep breath, and let the name calling look as childish as name calling is. Time to present cohesive political alternatives to the official story which don't require minute details and mocking those who are not informed.

I am largely in agreement

I am largely in agreement with these statements, but do believe that there are important exceptions.
For example, Luke's video from sometime last week or Kevin Barrett's calling Nass a "coward."
The bottom line, I suppose, lies in what is most effective and what kind of personality one has.
Luke is good at what he does and Barrett is aiming at a deep sort of "humor" concerning 9/11, or so it seems to me.
Also, I am truly sick and tired of hearing politicians brush of truth people with vague comments like "let me see your evidence" or "I have heard that is wrong," etc. I believe that in many of those situations a more confrontational approach might be called for.
No American politician anywhere should be allowed to get away with answers that do not show a lively and clear understanding of 9/11 issues. And if they try, I think name-calling, or the next closest thing, is most appropriate.
By the way, I wrote a blog on non-violence a few weeks ago. As mentioned, I am largely in agreement with what you say, but also believe that there are important exceptions to this rule.





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right on

I read HTWFAIP a few years back and found it to be a great tool for understanding how the elites have been trained in manipulating people for decades. And most of its advice is very good. In fact, it applies just as much to dealing with disagreements within the movement.


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There are 9, or so, ways to skin a stuffed pussy cat plushy

I read "How to Win Friends and Influence People".

Unfortunately, I disagreed with everything in it.

I'm joking, of course, but, just as there are hundreds (or more) of philosophies, and economic theories, and political theories, and all the rest, there are different ways to speak to different people at different times under different situations.

There is rarely "only one way to do something".

Like many others, Dale Carnegie had some good ideas, but he wasn't perfect, and didn't know everything.

I'm just saying.

And you will never be able to please everyone all the time.

I'm working on a 9/11 t-shirt, and I plan on putting "9/11 Truth — The Path To Peace" on it.
Several people to whom I mentioned it "freaked out" and thought I should not have the word "peace" on it because it has "certain connotations". (my big-worded paraphrasing of their comments)
I think their assertions and comments and such are absurd, ludicrous, ridiculous, etc.
Interestingly enough, most of the people that had a problem with the word "peace" were NWO-er types.

Imo, people who have "problems" with certain words, ways of discussion, and related issues, tend to have an agenda —sometimes of wanting to "dumb down", if you will, ideas and thoughts and discussion and the like. And/or they often "don't want to make waves", and/or "don't want to upset anyone", and/or "don't understand how controversy can be used as a VERY effective tool", and/or "don't want to seem or look 'radical' or 'too different' or 'not mainstream' or 'insert your word here'", etc.

Within the bounds of common decency, more or less, and other minimally social ways and means, I think it is all good. To each his own. And if you disagree, then we will simply have to agree to disagree. (I can do that, can you?)

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like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master.
Never for

t-shirt idea

Self-deprecating is better than confrontational, no?



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New approach

....For the most part the people i tell say they would look at the 9/11 questions ,and search the web.
There are those that say they will,and you know they won't, and some that do.
I am trying something on a very smart co worker.He has been the only one that flatly refuses to look, saying he would'nt waste his time.
Like i said this guy is a smart guy so..........I told him yesterday in a disscusion that i was wrong to say our goverment did 9/11....What i ment to say was a few very powerful people in our goverment were responsible. He started to put up the defenses again,so i quickly change the subject.
I asked him a question i've asked hundreds of people.A question i've asked in grocery store lines,
theater lines,and just about everywhere.NOBODY has ever got this question right.
Who owns the Federal Reserve? Well i was amazed he got it right. Although he thought it was put into place to control inflation, he still knew it was privately owned.
I told him to google monopoly men federal reserve fraud. I was amazed he said he would.He sounded curious.
My point to all this..........I want to slowly show him how corrupt our system has become. I want to show him how the global elite run the show. Then i can convince him to at least look at, and decied for himself
the truth about 9/11.
You can try and put a frog into a pan of boiling water....It will jump out.....but
put the same frog in a pan of luke warm water and slowly turn up the heat. It will boil to death.

actually, the melting point of a frog is lower than the boiling

point of water. the frog WILL boil away, but it will be dead as soon as it melts. have you tried showing thim the OKCity news footage? Make sure to ask him what he knows about the attack (most likely he'll say Tim McVey used a truck bomb...)


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Actually, the bones of the frog...

....only have to just start to "weaken".....for the frog to immediately melt away....and that point takes place at a temperature far, far less than the boiling point of water.....

And, of course it doesn't matter how small the amount of water, how short the length of time the heat is on the water, or the temperature of the water itself....(how big, how long, how hot).

(Very funny, RT)

touché altruist

But remember, that's only if the water is covered and doesn't lose any heat to the atmosphere. In such a case I agree that once the frog is no longer crunchy (i.e. once the bones begin to sag and bend like taffy) you're basically looking at a full on progressive melting of the frog. Also, this presupposes that the frog is not strong enough to lift the cover off the pan (remeber the heaviness factor!), in which case it's out of the frying pan and into the fire with the frog, which changes the situation substantially. At that point the best analogy is of course the potato chip model, whereby the frog becomes rapidly crispy.


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Of course, it must be remembered that....

....the melting point of the frog is lowered and exacerbated by the fact that it is a very rare, distinctive, and prized (so, of course, heavily insured) specimen that has ingested a slow-acting poison that will ultimately render it sterile, if allowed to live.....

Curiously, nearby frogs that witness this first melting, and experience only a few small droplets of heated water splashed upon them, may empathetically, spontaneously melt...although this doesn't usually happen until after some time has passed....an almost inexplicable phenomenon.....

indeed, further study is warranted of this bizarre phenomenon

hop to it, frog experts! we rely on your expertise to explain these things, and while you take your time to make sure you get it right, conspiracy theorists are having a field day with unfounded allegations of frogicide. personally i blame video games that feature the wholesale slaughter of frogs on highways for this.


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BTW, anyone who disputes my....

....official frog-melting theory is a "buffalo-genocide denier".....

Don't worry

I am sure with 20 million dollars, and a parade of so called experts, NIST would still prove your frog melting theory.



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Just as long as they don't ask me....

....to demonstrate my conclusions under reproducible and accepted scientific methods...

Those conclusions have a, uh, "low-probability of occurrence".....