Christopher Story on 9/11

Christopher Story has been editing a series of Economic Intelligence Journals from the UK for the last 35 years. Subscriptions are expensive - $300 to over $900 per year. But he pubishes free bulletins on his website a few times per month: Http://

In reading the testimonials on his website I found this: "I read with the utmost interest your article* entitled ‘The 9/11 aircraft were diversionary: The buildings were demolished by explosives’. May I please have permission to reprint the article in our local weekly newspaper". M. Salwasser, Reedley, CA, USA. December 2003. [*In Global Analyst].

So he's been exposing 9/11 since at least 2003. His current bulletins contain mind bogglingly huge allegations of corruption against the Bush Administration. I am curious as to why his work gets so little attention in the alternative media. The testimonials on his website are impressive and I copy some below, as well his own bio.

The scale of financial misdeeds he's alleging in the Leo Wanta saga ($27 Trillion) is so collosal that I assume most dismiss it. But the testimonies concerning his collected body of work over the last 35 years from the likes of the Financial Times and the Vice Presidient of Citibank suggest to me that he ought to be taken seriously.

Selected Testimonials:
"The whole Review is written at a level of economic knowledge and sophistication that can face professional criticism of the highest caliber". Dr Miroslav Kriz, Vice-President, First National City Bank (later Citibank), New York, NY, USA, 1972.

"We regard it as a first-class publication with a fine panel of contributors".
Mr L. B. Cooke, General Manager, National Westminster Bank, London, UK, 1972.

"I am a regular reader of your Review and I find it invaluable in my job".
D. W. Goedhys, Adviser, South African Reserve Bank, Pretoria, South Africa, December 1982.

"My colleagues in Shell’s Treasury and I found your December 1987 issue of International Currency Review most stimulating reading, one of the best you have produced (this from a reader of 15 years’ standing)". S. M. G. Hodge, Shell Centre, London SE1, UK, December 1987.

"Mr Story is a highly intelligent and articulate individual. It would be no exaggeration to say that he has added a new and rare dimension to the very difficult art of financial and economic reporting: intellectual honesty combined with healthy skepticism concerning the tenets of the conventional wisdom. Through his writing and publishing he has not only informed: he has stimulated debate. His acute perceptiveness has given him a number of "firsts": he predicted the Mexico financial crisis of 1982 at a time when highly respected financial institutions, to say nothing of many commercial banks, were describing that country’s economy as sound. In general he predicted the development and the course of the world debt crisis at a time when many who should have known better were, at least publicly, questioning its very existence. Recently, of course, he has been engaged in a series of profound and detailed analyses of the US budgetary system". R. M. L., World Bank, DC, 1987.

"Dear Sir – I know that you have issued the very interesting paper about the Nazi Third Reich’s Plan for a Europabank with your excellent periodical International Currency Review which has been subscribed to by our University’s Institute for very many years". Kyuga Shimazaki, Faculty of Economics, Kanagawa University, Kanagawaku, Yokohama, Japan. October 1994.

"The publication of a graphic description of just how foreign exchange dealers could be defrauding the institutions that they work for in the International Currency Review (which has built up a high reputation) produced a storm of protest from the international dealing community – but not the panic which might have been expected in today’s uncertain climate". Financial Times, London, 9th September 1974.

"And the International Currency Review has therefore performed a most valuable service in spotlighting in its latest issue an exceptionally pernicious aspect of the EEC’s ‘red tape’ modus operandi that has so far attracted all too little attention – the ‘Monetary Compensatory Amounts System’…. For acccording to the International Currency Review study, ‘the demoralisation of British food trade management at home, reinforced by first-hand experience of ever being unable to pin down any official in Brussels who is in a position to effect a desirable change, has already forced some companies to consider shutting down their export business altogether’". Financial Times, London. 13th March 1974.

"Shortly after Lloyds Bank had revealed last summer that its Lugano Branch had lost £33 million through foreign exchange dealing excesses in a matter of months, the International Currency Review accused bank managements of failing to exercise proper control over the behaviour of their exchange dealers. Although the journal was promptly accused of exaggerating, no-one was able to deny that there was a great deal of substance in its allegations. It has to be asserted that what is now coming to light about the Israel-British Bank leaves little room for doubt that behaviour of a similar kind has characterised other banks with foreign exchange dealing rooms". Financial Times, London. 31st January 1974.

"Christopher Story has acquired… a well-deserved reputation as the most prolific and often uncannily perceptive observer of the global financial scene and the currency markets today. His work is frequently controversial, pragmatic, intelligent, to the point, and invariably written in excellent, slang-free English. His International Currency Review is excellent, and greatly respected". Ian Harder, Managing Director, Maxwell Stamp Associates Limited, London. 1989.

"We at First National Bank of Toledo have subscribed to both London Currency Report and International Currency Review since the very early 1970s. Over the years, you have given me an overview of your outlook for the US and international economies. I have never ignored your opinions, nor the crystal clear danger signals you have identified. I continue to believe that a realist who turns out to be right provides a better service than an optimist who turns out to be wrong". Rodolphe Huart, First National Bank of Toledo, Ohio, USA. August 1987.

Bio from website:
Christopher E. H. Story FRSA, Managing and Operations Director, a former occasional adviser to Lady Thatcher, has over 35 years’ experience of specialist intelligence and financial publishing. Mr Story has testified on several occasions before US Congressional Committees on international affairs issues. He is a very well-known independent currency, economics, finance and current affairs specialist, and is also a conference speaker on dimensions of the World Revolution that are swamping and confusing the West.

Mr Story is now among the longest-serving editors of any publication in the world, having edited and published International Currency Review since quite shortly after it first appeared in 1969. This means that his experience of geofinancial and global economic analysis is virtually unparalleled. In addition, his exceptionally extensive knowledge and understanding of ‘hidden’ intelligence operations, policies and dimensions, derived from many years of deep analysis and intelligence community contacts, enables him to elaborate and explain financial, geopolitical and intelligence issues which ‘mainstream’ analysts may not understand, or even recognise to be issues requiring investigation. This long experience, and his editorship since 1991 of Soviet Analyst, enables Christopher Story to throw much penetrating light on contemporary World Revolution developments otherwise considered inaccessible or else irrelevant by ‘mainstream’ journalists. Indeed, few seem to realise that ‘there’s a Revolution on’ at all.

You will have noticed many references to the World Revolution on these websites. Didn’t you know that this is what we are all experiencing? Who are the ‘dark actors playing games’ to which poor Dr Kelly, the brilliant British microbiologist who was ‘suicided’ in 2003, referred shortly before his death? Did you not know that certain over-powerful intelligence services, protected by long-standing legislation that they use as a cover for their open-ended organised criminal activities, are in control, out of control and need urgently to be brought under control, before they deal their suffocating death blow to democracy?

Judge for yourself, and also on behalf of the organisation, business, institution or corporation that you may represent, whether you need the range of publications, books and services that Christopher Story’s intelligence companies provide. Apply to join the worldwide community that recognises the penetrating importance of his research and published work, and of the excellence of our intelligence publications.

Is this

Is this a well disguised ad for an over priced magazine publication concerning 'New World Order' financial issues?

"$300 to over $900 per year"

The Money Masters is a great video that explains alot of it. I dont mean to sound rude, but your blog sounds like a great sales pitch.but is light on meat. No facts, just testimonials.

Puzzled by the lack of interest in Story's story

To my knowledge the Leo Wanta story is not carried by any other alternative media. There is a huge amount to learn for free from this story by clicking on the archives at Http:// The bulletins are long, detailed, and average about 2 per month for free. I have been following it for about a year on that site. No I am not a salesman! I mention it here only as it seems to me to paint a very detailed financial background to those behind 9-11. It is a huge story, and I am rather puzzled that there is scarcely any discussion of it on the internet.

I clicked through some of

I clicked through some of the archived news stories. They are VERY interesting. The 9/11 link is not operating (surprise), but the financial dirty dealing, corruption, names, etc. are amazing.

From the As If We Needed Any More Proof Department: with this type of information available for the taking, investigative journalism is buried and fully decomposed.

9/11 link

I posted the summary to his 9/11 item here:
If you google:

You should be able to find the whole article.

Most of the news items in his archives are reposted multiple times on blogs around the world. So there is some discussion - but the main alternative media news sites don't cover it. With the exception of Arctic Beacon. But the editor there now posts articles critical of Leo Wanta without really addressing the content of the story seriously. I believe it needs more serious attention

some research on this

A summary of the story was produced in January this year in a publication called the Idaho Observer, link here:

Excerpt: "According to Leo Wanta, on November 1, 2001, U.S. agents secretly met in Manila, Philippines with a "lieutenant" of Osama Bin Laden, Datu Ben Abu. Wanta detailed the identity of participants of the meeting, which was reminiscent to the above-referenced Hilton Hotel meeting in 1986. In a handwritten letter to Vice-President Richard Cheney, Wanta described "Red Mercury, Stinger II missiles and boxes of cash (weapons)."

A critique of Chris Story and Leo Wanta is given here:

Either the Leo Wanta "27 Trillion Dollar Man" is the biggest story of our time, or the biggest hoax. I find myself divided on it - but leaning towards the idea it is true.

I knew I had seen

that site before and left it alone. Upon revisit I read intros to various areas and the general orientation of the bits I read appeared more sympathetic with the PTB than clear and balanced analyses. E.g., one quote from the Latin/South America sections:

"It is very clearly differentiated from all other publications covering Latin America by its sober geopolitical dimension and an absence of the usual revolutionary Marxist orientation."

Sounds like code for anti-Chavez, anti-Bolivarian, anti-populist and anti-people revolution etc. But most likely, pro plutocrat....

In other words, World Reports, Christopher Story and .... testimonials from bank managers......not my cup of tea.

Plus, anybody associated with Thatcher.... you gotta be kidding.

Your cup of tea

In searching for answers to 9/11 it is necessary to take a hard look at who's running things in this world. And the problem is, banking is pretty boring so most quickly lose interest. But if you click on the news archives at I think you'll find it far from boring.