London 9/11 Truth Roundtable (Podcast)

Listen here on 911Podcasts (MP3)

This is a fantastic discussion by a group of local London 9/11 Truth activists. They touch on a number of very pertinent topics which include:

  • 9/11 and the Left.
  • The behaviour of the Mainstream Media in relation to 9/11 Truth.
  • Why are ordinary British citizens motivated to research and campaign for 9/11 truth?
  • Why they got involved in the truth movement despite the resistance of other activists and mainstream media?

Many other great points of discussion are raised also in this shining example of what the British 9/11 Truth campaign is all about. This hopefully should set the record straight for the sincerity, credibility, intelligence, passion and conviction of the genuine British 9/11 Truth Movement (after certain individuals had unwarrantedly associated it with absurdities about "Holograms hitting the Towers" and "Aliens from 'Planet X' creating mankind").

Length (h:m:s): 01:13:49
Date Recorded: 2007-04-30
Interviewed and recorded by London Sound Posse

(Original link to the podcast)

The War Party A BBC documentary

A BBC documentary looking at how Zionists have both formulated, set in place & then shaped the USA's strategic policies in recent years, ... all » especially with regards to the Middle-East. It also highlights the control, power, and influence that this group wields at all levels in Washington.This group does not reflect the Jewish people of the world, Zionism is not a part of the true Jewish faith. or the true values and teachings of the Torah. Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism, the former is a Truth, the later is an abomination.





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TRUTH RADIO (directory??)

There is so many 911 Truth Radio on the net now that I can't keep up.

I'm throwing this out in hopes that someone can put together a guide or directory
that can list and link to the best of these.

There is Truth Revolution, The Jason Bermas, the Programs on GCN, RBN, Webster Tarpley,
Kevin Barret, Jess from TV News Lies, Jack Blood, Alex Jones etc.

Can someone with a talent for this want to put one together.



Aliens from Planet X? Sounds too familiar.

Glad to hear that the movement is alive and well over there, and that these people are weeding through the speculation to focus on the most credible evidence. A positive example for us all. Thanks for the international update.

BTW, off topic, are you having trouble logging on to our new forum, or just tired of all our edits? Despite all our moderation surrounding the Global Warming issue, we do value your presence.

International Truth Movement

Thanks man, I thought I’d

Thanks man, I thought I’d chill with the “Man-made Global Warming” debate with you guys because it seemed like you were getting stressed a bit.

I wish all the luck to TruthMove though, I think it’s a great idea, I’d just suggest qualifying the “Peak Oil” and “Man-Made Global Warming” sections with the opposing arguments etc. The main thing that I object to and I’m concerned most with is the potential for manipulation with some environmental issues and the acquiescence into Malthusian solutions to those problems. That’s all really, I don’t doubt for a second that you guys mean well.

Thank you for posting

That was a nice listen, a calm 911 discussion from ouside the U.S.
We should have gotten distributed more of this kind from around the world.

- nick9/11 Very nice listen.

- nick9/11

Very nice listen. I like to hear what people in other countries think of the events of 911.

Truth has no boundaries.


-- "State Police and FBI


"State Police and FBI confirmed plane debris 6 miles away from Flight 93 site" (Source : CNN Transcript)


new wtc video?

Griffin Gives Talk in London

I just came across this video on Google. DRG gives one of his better talks to a full house of London 9/11 truthers. It is well worth watching. Our movement has now gone international and will not be stopped. Ex MI5 officer and whistle blower David Shayler also gives a short talk. Check it out.