Media Crucifies Green Party Hopeful for 9-11 Views

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An article that finally does justice to Green candidate Kevin Potvin and tells the 'whole story', after he was savaged in the mainstream media to vilify him, the alternative media, and anyone who dares to think 'outside the box' that the corporate MSM elite imprison us all with (including the Green Party), to limit public debate and deter dissent.

Read the article here:

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! (comments at that I posted DIGG which put this all into context)

Potvin recently began to question the official narrative of 9/11 and made a brief guest appearance on a radio show days before, to outline his concerns with the 9/11 story. Someone then went digging through old writings and his original comments (made 5 years previous, and which were totally in keeping with the official story) were taken totally out of context. He was then attacked by an uninvited media horde at a small gathering in a cafe, in his community, to listen to the views of his constituents.

For weeks he was then parlayed in the headline news, not only in Canada, but around the world as a heartless bastard, which he is clearly not. It had the desired effect, and he was dumped from the Green ticket, where he would have been running against Federal Trade Minister David Emerson (who jumped from the Liberals to the Conservatives after the last election to maintain his cabinet post, and to continue implementation of the SPP / NAU).

The Potvin story was primarily reported on and milked for all it was worth by papers and TV owned by CanWest Global, who are as their name suggests unabashed 'globalists'.

Congrats to IPS for helping to set the record straight.