911Truth.org Has Been Hacked

Just an FYI... 911Truth.org has been hacked for the last two days. They are trying to deal with it now.

First, someone posted this story (sorry I don't have the title)... and they posted it on digg.com...

by Ori Whory
Looks like we were all wrong about the whole 9/11 thing guys.

So we're all sitting around here in our tree house thinking, hey, maybe 9/11 wasn't some bat shit insane flag waving crazy conspiracy orchestrated by the government of the fucking United States. Maybe it was just some nutty extremist radical Islams who did it? It sounds far fetched I know but hear me out. Alright well it seems not everyone in the Middle East is too fond of America, and it could be possible, this is just a theory now, that TERRORISTS could have been behind that whole World Trade Center Business. We've decided to stop being armchair politicians and we're giving up on the whole conspiracy business.

Sorry for any misconceptions we may have caused you to endure.

On a related note: BUSH OWNZ US 2K7.

So much for freedom of speech. (NeoCon, NWO, Fascist websites

can be hacked too, btw.)

It was hacked and

It was hacked and re-directed to http://jewsdidwtc.com/. It's ok now though I think.


Anti-semitic much?

It would be funnier if it wasn't so sad and unfortunate.

I suppose it could be a disinformation site trying to make the movement look bad, but, also unfortunately, there are plenty of "misguided" people around that truly believe in that kind of crap, so it isn't necessary for anyone to "make it up." (just point it out, try to associate it, etc.)

It's one of those "truth is stranger than fiction" kind of things.

(it's also possibly one of those 'extremely warped sense of humor things', but I'm going with the other)

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent


Welcome to Stage 2

Expect more of this sort of thing

As we can all see, since we are making an increasing difference and having an effect on the status quo, "they" are starting to fight back.

Make sure you are all doing good backups of your websites so they can be fairly easily restored and you don't lose a lot of information. (for those that are more dynamic, like 911blogger)

We are now experiencing the Schopenhauer Effect, and seeing it in action.

All truth passes through three stages:

First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent



I don't think it a coincidence that just last night we were on Colorado Public Television and during the interview Tim mentioned 911truth.org. Was about that same time the site was hacked. Thanks to Janice Matthews for working halfway through the night to get the site back online.

Federal Crime

Isnt it a Federal crime to hack sites like this?
Someone needs to report this. It will be interesting to see if the Feds are even interested in investigating the hacker or even their attitude on it since the site is 911truth.org. Or perhaps they are the ones involved?

Current message...

Welcome to 911Truth.org!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Our apologies: Our site is being persistently,

maliciously hacked: We need to spend

some time reviewing our security situation...

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

So tiring...

Given that we're all, collectively, fighting the good fight for everyone, whether they know it or not, it gets very wearying to have to spend our (real truthers') time dealing with this kind of shit, frankly! In addition, it takes resources (money, computer security experts, time and energy) away from effective work. Fortunately, we have friends among the hackers, apparently, because I've gotten notice that the "2600 club" is NOT happy with this and they're "on it." From what I hear, the punk who's done this does NOT want them on him/her... We'll never know, but I still believe we all get back what we put out. I'll just hope that holds true for this moron :)

Last night, this bogus story (above) was posted. I got rid of that, changed passwords, then the site was redirected to jewsdidwtc.com (what a piece of shit that is!!). Then, they apparently changed their mind and redirected to digitalganster.com forum. (I can't believe what people spend their time talking about... incredible). When we fixed that, apparently we upped the ante, because they then redirected us to a bestiality site, so we've taken it down till further notice. Believe me, the anti-hacker-hackers are on it!

I'm encouraged by all the kind emails we're getting, reminding us that we must be doing something effective for someone to go to this kind of effort. So keep it up, everyone, and back up, back up, back up your work!!

Toward the victory of light over might...


Thanks Janice...

Thank you

Thank you Janice!

Just curious, I have been tirelessly trying to convince organizations like the worldcantwait.org the 9/11Truth is directly related to what they are doing (Impeachment of Bush) and the peace movement.

At first I was greeted with: "Thank you, but 9/11 is too devisive..."

After I wrote a few more emails about how it was not, in fact, devisive whatsoever but could capture more people than they thought, their 'argument turned into: "We welcome and accept the 9/11 Truth movement and think that they are doing a great service. However, We believe our energies are better spent fighting our seperate, respective issues..."

What is your assessment of this (if you have time or don't mind!), and what kind of reaction/welcoming/response did you receive in January at Washington or in general to the peace/anti-war and anit-Bush movement?

Thank you again for all of your efforts!


"However, We believe our energies are better spent fighting our seperate, respective issues..."

Cointelpro must smile from ear to ear when they hear something like this...
Every Revolutionary should know (by now) that single/sectarian activism can only lead to fatigue, withdrawal, and defeat. In order for us to win, we need to UNITE UNDER ONE BANNER. So ultimately, we need "single-issue activism" but only if that "single issue" is all-inclusive. The anti-war "movement" in this country continues in its defeatist ideology, apparently.

Thank you very much for everything you do, Ms. Matthews.

I know this must be an incredible hassle for you. At the same time it may also be a good indication of the progress the movement has made and an acknowledgement of 911truth.org's leadership role. Sort of a nasty, backhanded compliment. Well, that's my attempt at making a silk purse, anyway...

(My 77 year-old mother was quite distressed to hear of your sites troubles, btw)

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

hacking hijacking of 911truth.org

glad i'm not alone in discovering this unnerving hackjob. yesterday was persistently redirected, first to jewsdidwtc (disgusting) and then digitalganster. i am confident 911truth.org will uncover the criminals. k

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Just noticed this

Good luck straightening this out. I'm glad to hear that some of those hackers on our side (hey, why didn't someone hack the Fox New page to go to a 9/11 truth site instead?).

So was it just some punk nerd kid who thought he was cool and that 9/11 truthers are "stupid conspiracy whackos?"

It's time to back up.

International Truth Movement

Nope, it's the 3rd stage we're in now

FIRST we're ignored

SECOND we're ridiculed

THIRD we're attacked

911bloglines.com (05/07)


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At least they advised us of why they did the hack: "BUSH OWNZ US 2K7."

If Bush owns them, I pity their pathetic souls.