State Police and FBI confirmed plane debris 6 miles away from Flight 93 site (CNN Transcript)

America Under Attack: FBI and State Police Cordon Off Debris Area Six to Eight Miles from Crater Where Plane Went Down

Aired September 13, 2001 - 11:43 ET


“DARYN KAGAN, CNN ANCHOR: Yes, we want to take our viewers live to Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Our Brian Cabell is standing by. This of course is the site where United Airlines flight 93 crashed on its way from Newark to San Francisco, crashed on Tuesday, and I understand, in this investigation, there's some breaking news.

Brian, what can you tell us?

BRIAN CABELL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Daryn, in the last hour or so, the FBI and the state police here have confirmed that have they cordoned off a second area about six to eight miles away from the crater here where plane went down. This is apparently another debris site, which raises a number of questions. Why would debris from the plane -- and they identified it specifically as being from this plane -- why would debris be located 6 miles away. Could it have blown that far away. It seems highly unlikely. Almost all the debris found at this site is within 100 yards, 200 yards, so it raises some question. We don't want to overspeculate of course. But there were some cell phone callers, one cell phone caller in particular, who said saw a bomb, or something that looked like a bomb with one of the hijackers. Also, the man who took over the plane apparently announced at one point, he had -- there was a bomb on board the plane.

Again, we don't want to speculate, we don't want to jump to conclusions. But what we do know is that there's a site about half mile behind me, where the plane went down, where most of the debris is, and then about six miles away up by a lake, there is another area that's been cordoned off, and state police and the FBI have said definitely there is debris from the plane located there. We have a crew on the way right now. We should have pictures of that a little bit later on.“

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Not "debunked" but probably misleading...

The BBC documentary touched on this. I personally can't pull up a mental map of the complete debris scatter, but the CNN reporter says this 6-8 mile distance is from the crater to the lake, which is precisely the distance "debunked" by the BBC doc. As the crow flies, it's about a mile to the lake and the only debris there was very lightweight according to the documentary, whereas a mapping website, like Google Maps or Mapquest, gives the distance somewhere between 6 and 8 miles because it takes the road. This doesn't pertain however to the engine being found so far away, nor have I thoroughly looked into this lately. Anyone got a good link on 93's debris analysis?

"THEY'RE telling us six miles away"

What is most important is that the "state police and FBI" confirmed there was "definitely" "plane debris" at a second location. How many plane crashes leave plane debris 1,2 or 6 miles away from the point of impact?


"But what we do know is that there's a site about half mile behind me, where the plane went down, where most of the debris is, and then about six miles away up by a lake, there is another area that's been cordoned off, and state police and the FBI have said definitely there is debris from the plane located there."

"What we do know"......."and then about six miles away up by a lake" How does one measure "up by a lake?"


"WE don't want to speculate about this large debris field. But it seems to me from covering a number of plane crashes on the scene, that if nothing else, this is not typical for a plane crash to be spread across an area this large.

CABELL: It's certainly doesn't make sense, because most of the debris has been found in a very compact area, within 100 yards, 200 yards, maybe a little bit beyond that. Then all of a sudden they're telling us six miles away, they have another concentration of debris, very small pieces. Most peoples here no bigger than the size of briefcase. The debris six miles away may be smaller. We have talked to a number of individuals here. They say they have talked to people who saw this plane during the final moments. They haven't confirmed whether they saw -- whether they talked to anybody who saw this plane actually land, or crash rather, and as to whether it broke up on the way, we don't know that. The FBI being very tight-lipped about that."


"Then all of a sudden they're telling us six miles away, they have another concentration of debris, very small pieces."

"THEY'RE telling us six miles away" and "scattered plane debris up by Indian Lake."

The Conspiracy Files program stated that "journalists and 9/11 researchers" came to the 6 mile figure by using online mapping sites. This transcript seems to show otherwise.

This CNN transcript states "they're telling us"............

What location was used as the exact starting point for the 6.9 miles shown in the BBC doc that is attributed to journalists and 9/11 researchers?

I find it hard to believe that CNN could have typed "Flight 93 Crash Site from 2 days ago" in to Map Quest and then selected a destination of "scattered plane debris UP BY Indian Lake."

Here's a good piece...

About Flight 93 that I believe appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News.

The Questions That "United 93" Can't Answer

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

As we know

93 was shot down. As we know, the phone calls from cell phones were not possible, and there is evidence suggesting any calls made from the air phones were fabricated. I would not put it past these bastards to have fabricated the story of a potential bomb on board the plane, allowing for plausible deniability of having shot down the plane. Fortunately for Truth they put forth and stuck to the bs story of passengers clashing with the terrists in the cockpit and the plane being scuttled nose first. They should have just said "it appears the terrists also had a bomb and blew up the plane in midair when the brave passengers stormed the cockpit". Then they would not have to explain debris fields that are too large for the crash story.

let's roll

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

If it was shot down, where did it crash?

It certainly didn't crash and caused that small Wile E. Coyote crate in Shanksville. The grassy field around the crater wasn't even burned by the reported 5,500 gals of fuel on board. The EPA found no contamination of fuel in the crater. Holes don't self-seal themselves and planes don't leave cookie-cutter wing imprints when they hit dirt w/ fuel in their wings (see the Lockerbie crash for example that shows what happens when fuel filled wings hit dirt at high impact).


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

DC Envoy: "Bush Ordered Flight 93 Shot Down"

"He compared the situation to one that occurred during the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the U.S. He noted that it was a Canadian general at Norad who scrambled military jets under orders from Bush to shoot down a hijacked commercial aircraft headed for Washington."

The best analysis I've seen

The best analysis I've seen of the crash debris is from Jim Hoffman's site:

Something made a hole in that plane before it crashed. The evidence is consistent with a shoot-down; but it is also consistent with other scenarios, like a suitcase bomb onboard being detonated. Was that the cause of the "explosion and white smoke" reported by passenger Edward Felt in his phone call from the bathroom-- the call that the FBI has tried to cover up? Anyway, it is unlikely that the conspirators would want to involve loyal elements of the US Military in their plot, and have to cover up something as dramatic as the shooting down of the plane.

The crash at Shanksville was undoubtedly made by UAL93. The reason the crash scene looks so unusual is that this was an unusual crash: the people controlling the plane were deliberately flying the plane as fast as possible, with the intention of destroying as much evidence as possible of their crime. That's in contrast to most crash scenes where the plane just floats to earth while the pilot desperately tries to successfully land.

The phone calls from the flights were not made by cell phones, so whether they are possible or not is not relevant. These calls were made from airphones. Some of them may have been staged-- like Todd Beumer's call to Lisa Jefferson. Would he really have ignored his pregnant wife to talk to a stranger for 45 minutes? The call itself may have been real, but it may have been made by someone portraying himself as Beumer, and it may have been made from another location, not from the plane. Beumer may have been chosen to be the perfect Christian hero-martyr. Someone who knew many details of his life may have made the call; Beumer himself may have been killed before boarding the plane in Newark, and his place taken by a genuine hijacker. Of course, we'll never know who actually boarded the plane under his name, since the surveillance footage from Liberty Airport has mysteriously disappeared.

Note that, according to Let's Roll, the book by Beumer's widow, Todd worked for a company owned by an Israeli, and he made numerous trips to Israel on business.

Tom Burnett's calls to his wife, on the other hand, seem authentic. In one of these calls he reported that the hijackers had guns. He was a hunter and a gun owner, and his report is probably accurate. The guns would explain how the hijackers disposed of the eight pilots on the four flights so efficiently, without even one of them being able to send any kind of distress signal.