Alexander Cockburn's climate change adventure

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Alexander Cockburn's climate change adventure
The Nation columnist goes through the global warming looking glass, and comes out looking like a 9/11 "truther."

Andrew Leonard

May. 04, 2007 | The dose of Alexander Cockburn's global warming skepticism included in the recent special issue of the Nation on Cuba (and available in full from ZNet) elicited immediate derision in the enviroblogosphere. But no single rebuttal has been as amusing as the one by George Monbiot, the environmental bomb-throwing columnist for the Guardian, who, with all the precision and attention to detail of a brain surgeon, demonstrates how Cockburn has neatly relegated himself to a loony bin full of conspiracy theorists who look remarkably similar to people Cockburn has previously ridiculed. It's simply too good not to pass along, and thanks much to Grist for bringing it to our attention.

My favorite sentence, in reference to Cockburn's ignorance that the arguments he is regurgitating as proof of his remarkable claim that "There is still zero empirical evidence that anthropogenic production of CO2 is making any measurable contribution to the world's present warming trend" have already been thoroughly refuted in the scientific literature:

The fact that Cockburn appears to be unaware that these arguments carry no weight lends support to the suspicion that he knows no more about this subject that the 9/11 truthers know about the thermal properties of structural steel.

UPDATE: I originally wrote that Cockburn's column appeared in The Nation's special issue on climate change. A reader pointed out that it was actually in the issue on Cuba.

I agree with Cockburn about

I agree with Cockburn about the "Man-made Global Warming" hysteria, I think that there's no doubt the planet is heating up (the Sun is at it's hottest for 300 years) but there's huge amount of valid dissent from the "Man-Made" theory. Think about whose pushing it ultra hard (i.e. the same media that hypes Terrorism) and think about how perfect this is for the agenda that wants to socially manipulate the globe.

You nailed it.

Skip to 2:25, the defense against the onslaught of criticism of the man-made global warming hypothesis is to violently cry out that the criticism does not exist.


New Rule... Ignorance is Strength, isn't that right Bill?

Here's one of Cockburns

Here's one of Cockburns recent articles supporting Ron Paul (Although he seems to only get a mention in the title);

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I know Cockburn has been an asshole towards 9/11 truth, although he/Counterpunch did do a great piece on Israel’s connection to 9/11;

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And George Monbiot was also ironically one of the first journalist to be challenging the official 9/11 narrative;

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So I think these "Left Leaders" are deep down closet Truthers who are afraid of loosing their little place on the perch of Left Gatekeeperdom. Although with Cockburn challenging the "Man-made Global Warming" theory perhaps we're seeing a realisation on his part of how stagnant and false his loyalty to political ineffectually has been.

Israeli cover up

I pretty much destroy "What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?" as the half-baked sham it is.

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