Bill Maher and Sean Penn still believe the "official" 9/11 lie.

I happened to watch Real Time with Bill Maher earlier tonight and sadly, Bill and Sean both
talked about us be attacked by the bin Laden and the terrorists on 9/11 when discussing how
bush used 9/11 to invade Iraq.

If they're still in denial or afraid to question the "official" lie, things look bleak for other
high profile celebrities to come out.

It was very discouraging.

Just my 2 cents.

I hear ya

Bill Maher is a known gatekeeper, so I'm not worried about him. But to hear the supposedly "independent" Sean Penn support the official conspiracy theory is kinda sad. I didn't see the show so I don't know the context of what was said and how, but maybe he was too nervous to voice his opinion on 9/11. But whatever...don't let 1 celebrity-in-denial discourage you. In fact it's kinda bizarre that you would considering how enormous our movement is!

Cheer up brotha!

A bit short on space and time, here and now...

... yet I think a compelling case could be made for apologizing, allowing, and even understanding a possible rational for Mr. Penn, and maybe even Mr. Maher too. Keep an open mind people, and don't forget that we (the hardcore '911truthers') will more than likely see the lie machine and zeitgeist deconstructed... in reverse. Even by those who 'know'.

I have limited patience

for those who actively speak out with a platform that a Bill Maher has--the best you can argue is that he is unwittingly helping the perps and assisting in the mass murder of a lot of innocent people. you are right that we are going to deconstruct this in reverse, but that basically means that Bill Maher should retire, the sooner the better. he and many others have proven to be unworthy of the attention they receive.


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This video never gets old.

What a shill.

Once is more than enough for me

He has some good ideas, but not any more than anyone else.

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Maher and Penn are latecomers

For all of the good stuff Bill Maher says and does, sometimes he takes the most stupid positions.

Like not being into 9/11. I'm not surprised about that, though. Anyone who knows anything about Maher knows that he is a severe technophobe, and only recently even started saying minimally good things about the Internet. He used to say it was only good for porn and not much (or anything) else. I don't think he even owned a computer when he was doing his network TV show, and he can probably barely turn his on now, much less use it for more than surfing porn.

And as we all (should) know, without the Internet, "9/11 Truth" doesn't exist. Except for the recent, very few, but increasing, MSM (-like) news we see now and then. And there still aren't that many people who even have the Internet, or real access to it, much less high-speed so they can view online videos. And many people I talk to, who have slow dial-up connections, barely use the Internet, except for email and minimal web surfing for fun. (and most of them claim they "don't have time" to read email or surf the net) Many people I talk to only have access to the Internet from work, and most companies discourage the use of Internet at work except for work-related uses.

As for the people who do have the Internet and use it for things like 9/11 research and edification and the same for other issues, many of them mistakingly think "everyone" has the Internet now (and/or know how to use it), but they are wrong. I don't have actual numbers, but we are really still in the minority in the respect of Internet access and functional use. Which is another problem unto itself.

So, at best, Maher is an 'unwitting accomplice' and is exercising 'willful ignorance'.

And Penn has his poker in so many fires, he's probably overwhelmed. Plus I don't think he's as smart as he acts or people think he is. And I think he is more of a "movie star type" than anything else.

I have faith, however, that both of them will come around in time, as have and did we all.

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hes mocked 9/11 truth on his show, saying it would be imposibble to sneal explosives in w/o anyone noticing. Dont expect any help from him. he laughs at 9/11 truth

Put simply

9/11 truth celebrities/activists need to get onto his show (and shows like his) and start spouting off 9/11 truth websites to reach his audience. We need to treat Maher like the neo-con media and infiltrate his audience/panel. Maybe Charlie Sheen would be up to the challenge? I doubt he'd be allowed on the program being how vocal he was about the subject.

I saw the show

I felt the same sense fo frustration that you felt. Not so much from Maher, but definitely from Penn. Sean Penn strikes me as a very intelligent and sincere American patriot. Having him speak on behalf of 9/11 truth would have been huge! If that were too much to ask, then he should have just remained silent on the issue. But he endorsed the governments story that Al Qaeda was behind 9/11. I don't remember the exact words he used, but he clearly endorsed the official "conspiracy theory". I stopped watching after that.
"Cogito ergo sum"

Hmmmm -

I'd really like to see this show.

I'm fairly certain that Mr. Penn has seen quite a few of my signs around town. I guess I will have to redouble my efforts to educate him and his neighbors.

I've been tempted to throw tennis balls with messages written on them over his wall, but that undoubtedly would freak him and his family out and land me in jail.

He did stick his neck way out on Iraq by going there twice, so now that he has been proven right on that issue perhaps he will take the far walk out to the cutting edge of American political activism.

9/11 Truth is where it's at, brothers and sisters.

As I've said before and will say again, 9/11 Truth does not live or die with any one person (even celebrities) or any one film. The grassroots are what makes this movement rock and roll, every day and in every way.

Love is a verb, let's get busy!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.