NIST releases some of the Computer Models for a Fee.

Some of the Computer models have been released according to this person and the ones he acquired are available for download.

He obtained them after a successful Freedom of Information Act request.

The fee for obtaining his models was $58.

Download links to obtained models:


I hope we can obtain rest of the models NIST relied on for further study.

How have you managed to open up these files?



Here is a description about the program:

Here is a copy for a torrent for the file: (WARNING, NOT VERIFIED FOR MALICIOUS SOFTWARE)

I am downloading to check if it is clean.


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Good Job Posting this

I found this mentioned on the STJ911 forum too, so I think it will get some attention.

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Thanks. Although I seem to be having a problem opening the files. It seems that they take a very long time to convert to the new format. Retrying now.


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Let me know if it's okay as I would like to see the contents of the files myself.

Just scanned it

Just scanned it with my AVG, looks clean so far, but tread with caution.


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Virus Scanners

Virus scanners likely will not detect the types of custom rootkits that get embedded in pirated software. The only sure way is to verify the MD5 of the install package. Use a virtual machine if your going to mess with software "from the wild".

A open-source solution is qemu.

Most torrents will die if

Most torrents will die if they have rootkits or are malicious. The community won't have any of that.

This isn't Limewire! ;)

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I tried

I tried opening the files with SAP 2000, and my pc is finding trouble opening the model files.

I do not know the reason why, but for a person like me, who uses the PC for internet research and entertainment, I cannot judge the content

Any way, the files are here, and 2 of them are supposed to model the two towers.

I hope some one with much more experience picks it up and studies them.


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