Tony Nicer , First Responder shares his heart about 911 Truth with Jim Fetzer and Molly Chesire

With all of the struggles facing 9/11 truth why all the infighting? Molly Cheshire tries to get some answers.

ME (Tony Nicer) and JIM FETZER, on Molly Cheshire show NYC MNN Network.

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Hope that was sarcasm

I think that it was, unfortunately it seems some took it the wrong way. Remember people we are in the 911 truth movement, thus that makes us look beyond the surface and do our own research.

911truther why would you disrespect tony

I Know tony from Paltalk He and some others started "911 was an inside job" room on that chat program and he is a brother truther. I signed up for 911blogger just so I could vote and tell tony keep up with the good work.


Wants_truth_More (my nic on paltalk)

Whoa Whoa Whoa

Apparently you can't tell sarcasm from an evenly cut gouge in WTC 7. I was being totally sarcastic. I hate the fact that people on here vote down posts just because they have to do with Jim Fetzer, Judy Wood, or Directed Energy Weapons.

I was in no way disrespecting Tony Nicer. In fact, I didn't even mention his name in my 1 sentenc long post.

A year ago you could have told me the WTC buildings were brought down by CD and I and probably 50% of the people on this site would have said your nuts. So it always amazes me how people don't want to even think about any other hypotheses. Think about it! Your asking complete strangers to buy the fact that WTC 1,2, and 7 were brought down by CD but you won't even look at the fact that maybe the buildings were brought down by some type of Energy Weapon. The irony...

(I am in no way saying the buildings were destroyed by a DEW. I have no idea what to believe anymore. CD or DEW, something happened to those buildings that was not natural.)

Its amazing that you would discount me and what i have to say

It's amazing that you would discount what I have to say because Jim Fetzer is in it.

I Lived through 9/11 live I was there. I worked at ground Zero and my interview was about unity, whats your Problem with Me. You don't even Know me. Who the hell are you anyway????


Hello Tony:

I do wish to thank you for your words. If I may however, simply consider the highly charged mood here at 911blogger against J. Fetzer. So many people asked him so many times to balance his words and to reconsider his championship of the poorly spoken and convoluted 'science' of Judy Wood. He seemed stunningly autistic in the face of countless voices at first asking patiently for him to AT LEAST refrain from undercutting S. Jones in his apparent attempt to make room for Judy. At first there was plenty of room for all, until J. Fetzer obstinately plowed over many people, at one point even aggressively poising his nose within inches of another.

To this day, I leave a door open in my mind for the possibility of strange and undisclosed technology being employed on 911... yet I as many others, have lost our ability to hear any of these such things from Jim. To say he did it to himself (and you by extension), in spite of countless appeals... is a sad commentary indeed.

Maybe you have a better rapport with the man, one less tainted by a long drawn out exercise in futility. A genuine apology to the community at large for inflicting a great retardation in growth, would only be the first step for him in the eyes of many... myself included.

Show "Face the fact: Jones' research cannot survive critical scrutiny!" by Jim Fetzer

How rude

Tony Nicer is defending his talk with you, and you post this long comment. Why not just post a link? Better yet, why not edit it to readable length, then post a link. Better yet, why not let Tony speak for himself?

Thermite Straw-Men

Jim Fetzer,

Much as you continue to promote this straw-man argument about thermite, it has already been debunked:

"“Thermite Hypothesis” versus “Controlled Demolition Hypothesis”: a response to “The Scientific Method Applied to the Thermite Hypothesis” " (April 17, 2007) Arabesque

The point is not whether or not thermite can explain everything, the point is that it is present and proves an inside job. Furthermore, Steven Jones’ new data on the dust is more smoking gun proof that thermite was used—and therefore, 9/11 was an inside job.

Claiming that thermite doesn't explain everything, we must therefore COMPLETELY reject it, is a straw-man argument.

This is like saying, we’ve found evidence that a certain kind of potion was used to put someone to sleep. But there are also bullet holes in this person. Does this mean you ignore the sleeping potion? Not if it was used to commit a CRIME.

Why must you attack legitimate research with these straw-man fallacies? I have quoted YOUR OWN interview in the above link where Steven Jones responds that different types of explosives could have been used in combination at the WTC.

I support the firefighters and the victims of 9/11. We need to get an investigation. It’s not our job to prove exactly what happened (as some researchers imply), it is our job to prove that

1) the official story is false and
2) a crime has been committed.

We will never reach either of these goals through infighting, or straw-man arguments.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Thank you for standing up, Tony.

Just be careful w/ Fetzer, I don't think he has your best interests at heart.

Do some research on 'cointelpro' for insight into exactly what I mean.

Discount this from someone that was there??/WTF

Sure we all have different feelings about Fetzer, but this is a very telling and poignant testimonial from someone that lives in New York and has done a lot for the truth Movement. Take a look at it and you decide, we need to hear the voices of people that lived, and currently live there now.

Take a look and try and remember how YOU felt when this first happened.

Tony Nicer Video

Way to go Tony! Shout it from the mountain tops!

I'll miss the WTC

As a native NY'r, I watched the WTC being built and marveled at its majesty. I worked the building on a temporary basis and enjoyed the view. I'll miss that important part of NY history and its corridor to NJ via the PATH. And YES, its demise was an inside job - Believe it!

Jim Fetzer!!!

Isn't it sad how JF's name gets a reaction similiar to saying "Susquehanna Hat Company!".

"Slowly I turn... step-by-step..." Old school Abbott & Costello fans will get the reference...

Or "Niagra Falls!!!" from 3 Stooges fame...
"Cogito ergo sum"

It's sad, but it's also well deserved.


Mr. Nicer, great video and great words.

Very touching and heartfelt words Mr. Nicer. I guess i'm not up to speed on the Fetzer news and issues, but you were great in that video. I'll chat with ya on PaltTalk sometime.

911 was an inside job!

Great video Tony, good work, my heart goes out to you man.

It amazes me that people have a problem with this because Jim Fetzer in it, who gives a fuck about Jim Fetzer, it isn't him posting this video up and If it was then there is all reason to dis away, but it's not Fetzer it's Tony, and i'm pretty sure Tony doesnt agree with Fetzers theory anyway.

Show Tony the respect he deserves, he is a First Responder, he worked in the Towers, he witnessed it with his own two eyes, he's taking his time to express his opinion on the matter, and most importantly he is a truther! Not to mention Tony is an active member of the truthmovement, he stands for the truth in the streets with the NYTruth and We Are Change. He is an example for what we should be doing, it's time to take the truth to the next level, not sit on our arse talking on the internet waiting for something to happen. - irish truth movement

The goals aims and objectives

Are greater than the any single person, Anyone who can criticise people who have courage, are truly cowards, and there loyalties can't be with THE MOVEMENT.

Patriots who know there country is being damaged or patriots who blindly bow in praise to fascism?

Oh and in my opinion to become more unified we need a council and a leader. Everybody knows but everybody thinks that they are alone and wont speak out.,2763,952289,00.html

Now why would someone sell nukes to someone who's on the axis of evil, makes perfect sense after 911, the famous Sadham handshake?

Thank you Tony

Thank you Tony for going on this program and posting it here for us to view. Your words hit home for many of us and I for one was moved by your passionate statements. Please feel free to contact me through my website.

lying eyes Fetzer

Tony good show you shouldn’t associate yourself with a disinfo artist. I personally don’t care about nothing but the truth. Fetzer might tell you some truths but he is compromised he says stuff like mini nukes space beams x-ray microwave technology brought WTC 1,2and 7 down very much cant compromise your integrity by hanging out with lying eyes Fetzer

Fetzer may be hanging with Tony to try to leech-off Tony's

credibility. Fetzer has spewed so much disinfo, he almost sunk the truth movement singlehandedly. Fetzer is a shill, period.

I agree to a degree

that this is Fetzer's way of trying to gain credibility, by leeching onto an "emotional" issue of a first responder. I still listen to Fetzer's radio show to keep tabs on what he and his cohorts (Wood, Reynolds) are up to. He actually had on Crockett Grabbe last week, and was trying to convert him, on air, to his DEW theories, which was pathetic to listen to since Grabbe himself admits he hasnt studied 9/11 very much between the days and months after the event, and now. Fetzer directed him to Wood's site, again on air, and walked him thru the photographs and speculations of DEWs (of course without any proof whatsoever, except for explainable photographs to the contrary), but Grabbe still remained leaning towards being able to explain everything via conventional materials used in CD, even tho the CD of the towers themselves was not carried out in the conventional CD manner (ie bottom-up CD like was used in wtc 7). Fetzer urged Grabbe to study Wood's site some more in his spare time and offered to have Grabbe back on his show at some later date. I am looking forward to hearing that.

It's a shame that someone that could provide so much good for 9/11 Truth has put all his eggs in such a weak basket so to speak.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Tony Nicer-A True USA Patriot

Tony Nicer made several interesting points about 9/11 in the video. Actually , they were very distrubing in the fact that it make me wonder what really did happen on 9/11. There still remains so many unanswered questions. I admire Tony's zeal & courage in his quest to find answers for them. Keep up the good work, Tony!


Thank you to all the Truthers that signed up for 911 blogger and voted and made coments I really appriciate it.

And thank you to everone else.


Check me out on

Thanks Tony:

That explains way I was noticing an influx of new names with short-time history (it can also make some of the old hats take notice... shill-troll alarm-bells start to go off). Yet thanks to all of you for coming by, and thanks again Tony for shaking the ground.

Paltalk "911 was an inside job" room

Our Chat room on Paltalk has lots of members. On a consistent basics we have 30-50 people in the room some nights from as many hrs a 6:pm to 6:am; Lots of them will be signing up to post comments on blogs i submit here on 911 blogger. I am not a shill, neither are my friends. Many of them signed up for the first time today. Sorry for any confusion, and if your like me then you know that clarity is important to being understood.

I am friends with Jim Fetzer , any problems you may have with him are between those with the problems and Jim. I am also good friends with Luke Luke Rudkowski and many other activist from

I am friends with people, lots of different people and I don't particularly agree with everything they do or say, but that doesn't make them my enemy, for 18 years of the 37 years i have been alive I have been Fighting with all the wrong people, miss directed anger is dangerous, and hurts everyone involved.

I don't live life anymore looking to fight with fellow believers, Do I believe that no plane theory???? HELL NO. I do not believe that. I saw the planes crash into both towers with my own eyes, but everyone has a right to their opinion, they have FREEDOM to express their Views. And we have the freedom to reject others views. Do you know that some people from NY911 truth actually think that some of the guys from we are change are agents trying to destroy the movement. I told them they were Crazy for suggesting that. It seems everyone I meet in the " 911 Truth Movement " has problems with people I know. Thats too bad. I stand by my friends, who ever they maybe, once your my friend it takes a lot for me to cut you out. Thats Me I'm stupid that way.

Thank you once again for all the comments,
Good night. Time for me to put this day to rest.

Tony Nicer

Welcome to 911 Blogger, Mr. Nicer

It's good to have you with us.

I met Luke in AZ in February, he's a good guy and a fearless truther. I commend you for your loyalty to your friends. I am also loyal to a fault.

Let me apologize for the rocky reception you got here and I assure you that it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Your comments about Willie Lynch are extremely important for everyone to keep in mind and I'm sure you will regularly apply that history lesson to situations you come across while you work with the 9/11 Truth movement. Anyone who consistently seeks to divide us against ourselves is suspect. As NYC is the most prominent American city, and literally ground zero for 9/11 Truth, it is to be expected that the NYC Truth groups would be targeted by the perps for the divide and conquer routine. No one honestly working for truth and justice wants this.

I understand your anger. Not only is the truth of the 9/11 event monstrous in itself, the callous disregard for the well-being of all those who went down to help at the WTC site is beyond belief. I would encourage you to find a positive outlet for your anger. I take that energy out on my bike and ride around my town and the surrounding towns posting signs on telephone poles.

I look forward to meeting you when I come out to NYC in September (I'm in NorCal).

We will get justice as we have the truth and physics on our side.

Keep up the great work!

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Makes You Wonder...

I remember watching those buildings go down. I wasn't up close and personal like you were, Tony, but I do remember thinking "something just isn't right about this". I was working for a construction company and most of the guys were ready to arm themselves and go against the "enemy", however, many of us were sitting there talking to each other about the fact that the whole thing seemed just a little too "perfect".

The truth is out there. Thanks to people like Tony and the other truthers who have the guts to stand up and say something.

Keep up the good work!

Mr. Nicer, you ask what can be done

First, let me say thank you for coming forward like this. It is a powerful gesture, and I am sure it will inspire others.

Don't worry about our intramural debates about Jim Fetzer. That is not a reflection of you or your efforts.

You wondered aloud what can be done to bring justice to the victims of 9/11, both past and future. If I may, I would like to make a suggestion. If you could convince some of your fellow responders to come forward as a group, I believe you could make a greater difference than any academics or celebrities.

I genuinely believe this, because I believe the primary problem here is the mainstream media. The media will attack academics and certainly celebrities, whatever the evidence, but they will not attack a First Responder because your commitment to the truth about 9/11 is beyond question. Your actions have demonstrated that your character is beyond dispute in this matter. Please use your well deserved credibility to forward 9/11 Truth.

Thank you again for your sacrifice.