CBS: The Modern Face of Terrorism (Is A Bunch of Dupes)

Kevin Drum of CBS News marveled at the recent arrests of alleged terror suspects who were said to be planning an attack on an army base:

"Let me get this striaght: these guys dropped off jihadi videos at a local store, talked to Philly cops about getting a map of Ft. Dix, were still trying to procure weapons after 17 months of planning, and practiced for the attack by playing paintball.

This reminds me of that guy who planned to bring down the Brooklyn Bridge with a blowtorch. Or those dudes who wanted to destroy the Sears Tower but couldn't even afford to buy boots and rental cars, let alone explosives. Or Jose Padilla, who, it turns out, was a deluded schmoe who didn't really have serious plans to do much of anything.

Is al-Qaeda recruiting these doofuses just to lull us into a false sense of security? Or maybe they're Jon Stewart fans and want to provide him with fresh material? WTF?"

While I don't believe that all terror-related arrests are staged by the FBI, I am suspicious of the number that feature two qualities: (1) an informant whose ability to affect the actions of the suspects remains unknown; and (2) suspects who are stupid beyond belief.

From the 1993 WTC bombers, who featured an FBI informant and who tried to retrieve a deposit on the van they blew up, to recent arrests in Miami and Toronto, we see this pattern repeated. One can't help but suspect some of these suspects are patsies.

How about this Quiz Question

Where would a Usa-ma looking bunch of bearded gents without proper papers, stand the least chance to succeed ,in killing A bunch of Us military men?

Ok the least likely would be at the site of a natural disaster, for obvious reasons.

I was going to list a few more likely places for success, but that could be twisted by someone into little old “me” “making a plot of some sort.”
So let’s go with the story we were given to work with.
To make a long story short, they really think we are stupid. This has to be the lamest excuse for a “homegrown” terror plot
A $#%$^ Two year old could do better.
There is only one reason to claim the target was a military base.
This way they can claim they did a full investigation “what 19 months” even infiltrated the group.”
Nearly a laugh but your really a crime”
A military base is not endangering the general public. RIGHT!!
You can claim the base was fully aware of the situation.
You know complete with pictures of the terrorists at the front gate.
This addresses the charge that they jumped the gun like in the liquid BOMB farce.

My biggest concern is there seems to be a nice neat chain of events,
One they could have never predicted 32dead.
The one they stopped See above........
And the one that slipped threw the cracks.
and now look at where the perps are this week
chain-ey is out of the country, The last one was too close for comfort for his slimy ass.
Coming soon to a city near you???
I’m not trying to spread fear. Just do your own research, drive down to your local Federal Building or any place the emergency responders like the FEMA guys that were in New York on 9/10/01 might be staging in your local town, And if there are A shit load of Black SUV’s I would consider if you feel lucky, or better off visiting grammas’ farm.

The only odd number ending in 11 left, is Friday 411 A very good day for a ride in the country.

Good Day
Rob B.