'The Net' Shoves Ron Paul Right Down ABC's Throat

NOTE: Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate to have given an audience to 9/11 truth.
SOURCE: The Alaska Intel Report

It was embarrassing !

Whether ABC purposely left Cong. Ron Paul out of their poll, or whether they're just so arrogant that they just assumed that they know who the candidates are, or should be, they got a cold slap in the face the other day.

After deciding to ignore the 800 pound gorilla on the debate the other night, they thought by not including Mr. Paul in their 'poll', they could steer the results in the direction they wanted.

Wrong !

It didn't take long ! Pretty soon the net erupted and they were swamped with calls and emails demanding that Ron Paul be included.
Well it didn't take ABC long to figure it out, they knew they were busted. They then did the only thing they could, they scrambled to get out in front of it by quickly including him in the list which resulted in these results ! View Here !
Now given that some Paul supporters may have voted more then once, though I believe cookies were dropped to prevent this, that's one hell of a lot of votes !

Even using MSNBC's own numbers, it was a blowout ! View Here !
Ron Pauls amazing come from behind win on the debate embarrassed the bought and paid for media whores so badly that they went into overdrive trying to bury this story.
It would seem like ABC is learning a valuable lesson that DIGG.com just recently learned about modern day America. Americans talk back. And when enough of us talk back and say the same thing, they listen. If they don't listen, we tell the world. Then they listen.

Regardless of whose poll numbers you use, it has become obvious to anyone willing to look, that Americans all over this country, responded to Cong. Ron Paul's message and his straight forward programs to rescue this train wreck that The United States has become. Immigration, The Economy, The War, as you go down the list, his common sense approach and singly focused view of what is best for America within the framework of what the Constitution says, makes him stand out from the rest of the group of professional liars, thieves, and grade B actors like a bonfire on a dark night!

I wouldn't want to be Ron Paul. I've heard that he has some real concerns about his safety should he become a serious contender. And I must admit that we as a country don't have a great record when it come to protecting our leaders when they don't go along with the Bankers and other corporate Godfathers.
I have no inside information about what the future holds for the good congressman, but one thing I CAN say by way of observation ..

"Cong. Paul may not be able to walk on water, but he has already demonstrated that he is fully capable of swimming with the sharks !"


..That was a good read. I've seen him in the past speak out. A man of integrity. I have to agree with you on the issue of his safety. The powers that control our puppet polititions would do whatever it takes to stop a honest man from becoming president.
The one thing that pisses me off is there trying there asses off to gain control of the web. The truth must come out before that happens. Buy the way i think you might like this.

Great article!

It's nice to see the MSM slapped into submission once in a while!

Excellent Read Chris Rose...

Brought some warmth to my soul... Thanks ;-)

Don't forget you can keep track and offer support via his campaign website, at...


Best wishes


We need to "keep them real".

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent


ABC Censored the comments

heavily. I watched them delete my comments and many others. Funny to watch the MSM squirm ay?


I hope he doesn't have secret service protection yet! We've all seen how well they 'protected' JFK.


LMAO @ the ABC polls


RON PAUL / Mike Gravel 08!



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