What exactly does "9/11 Truth" cover?

I understand that 9/11 Blogger (and other sites) want/s to keep the focus on "9/11 Truth". (as to blog posts, etc.)

But, what exactly are the parameters, or limits, or breadth and depth that should be included?

Obviously all of the "directly related" 9/11 issues should be included.

However, I suggest that everything that sprang forth from "9/11" should also be included.

This would include the Afghani and Iraqi war actions, the so-called Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and other related issues. (loss of civil liberties, attacks on the Constitution, Gitmo concentration camps, extraordinary rendition, whether "torture" should be allowed, Cindy Sheehan and other anti-war activists and activism, etc...)

And then there are ancillary issues, such as false flag operations, disinformation and propaganda, some or most of the things discussed on, for example, "Democracy Now", and ..... The list could be somewhat large here.

I would like to see the breadth and depth expanded to include most of the above issues. (at least for the non-News/front page blogs)

Partly what brought this up for me, other than a few blog posts that disappeared into the void (that I obviously thought should be included, otherwise I wouldn't have made them), is what I consider to be a small, yet significant, piece of disinformation and propaganda that I just ran across that seems benign unless you catch it. And then, when you think about it for a second, it seems pretty cancerous, if you will.

I was looking up "C-4" explosives because there was mention of it on DN-TWAPR, and it seemed like a lot of C-4 (30 odd pounds to blow up Fidel Castro), which sounded a bit excessive. (and elsewhere someone mentioned it was 200 lbs) I don't know a lot about explosives, so I wanted to find out just how much one might need, to make a decision on whether they were overstating the supposed/reported amount. (for which I am now probably on a hundred "watch lists") And it sounds like the amount stated was fairly reasonable. I thought C-4 was more powerful than that.

Anyway, while I was doing my research, I read the following paragraph that was "appended" (my interpretation) to an article about C-4 on the "How It Works" website. (my emphases)

( http://www.howstuffworks.com/c-42.htm )

Unfortunately, C-4 will keep making headlines for years to come. Because of its stability and sheer destructive power, C-4 has attracted the attention of terrorists and guerilla fighters all over the world. A small amount of C-4 can do a lot of damage, and it's fairly easy to smuggle the explosive past light security forces. The U.S. military is the primary manufacturer of C-4, and it tightly guards its supply, but there are a number of other sources for similar explosive material (including Iran, which has a history of conflict with the United States). As long as it is readily accessible, C-4 will continue to be a primary weapon in the terrorist arsenal.

The bolded sentence I found interesting, to say the least.

Of course, it could simply be a benign comment that whomever wrote the article "threw in". But one does wonder, and cannot help but do so. Sometimes the most subtle forms of disinformation and propaganda can be the most effective. And, if you keep your eyes and ears open and on the lookout for such things, you start to see them more often than you would like.

Larger perspectives

Dougtnut, I think that we all need to have a global vu on what is happening in the world, international politics to be able to understand wath happended on sept. 11 2001. Often people ask me why would a USA government deliberatly kill 3000 people. I just can't answer this question if I stay with facts like they wanted to cover-up a war. It's much more profound then this. It goes way back and there's a lot of exemples we have to give to show people that US government did worst than that in the past (Vietnam war, Pearl Harbour, Kennedy assassin. , etc.) Therefore I'm glad to read all kind of info in 911blogger. It has to be wide and open. Of course there's limits so it's important to see and read everything and let's be our own judge.

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the black market for weapons needs to be exposed

as always, it's not the crazies you hear about who are the real trheat. it's the crazies you DON'T hear about. $2.3 trillion missing from the pentagon? or $2.3 trillion worth of weapons? food for thought, Dov Zakheim!


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It's not so much that tangential events are unimportant

it's more that (a) 9/11 is a massively complex subject as it is, and (b) the site would probably lose any sense of purpose if it began including posts on Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other issues, unless they are discussed "in terms of" 9/11.

That is, you're right, but for purely functional reasons it seems we should limit posts to 9/11-related material.

You could, for example, talk about the Patriot Act as evidence of 9/11 foreknowledge. You could talk about the Military Commissions Act as it relates to the so-called "trials" of 9/11-related detainees such as KSM.

There are many ways you could make discussions of these other issues relevant to 9/11 Truth.

I don't see the mention of Iran in a discussion of C4 to be relevant, however. Not every mention of Iran is a pretext for war with Iran. This one seems benign. Somehow I don't think the NWO is inserting pretexts for war with Iran into How Stuff Works... ;-)

I should add

that I think the general question you pose, "What should 9/11 Truth cover?" is terribly relevant, especially as it connects our activities with the anti-war movement, for example. We may see 9/11 Truth as the key that unlocks these other issues, but the media have smeared us so thoroughly that mainstream Democrats and Republicans are terrified of association with us.


9/11 is the justification for just about everything that has come since, it is the one event that is shaping the 21st century, it is fueling endless war, racism against arabs and muslims, and domestic tyranny at home.
That is why everything else is a secondary issue, the root of all these issues is the big hoax of 9/11.
This blog should remain exclusively 9/11 related for these reasons.
I'm sure there are plenty of blogs you can post to that cover these peripheral issues.

I think you make my point

But I understand what you're saying.

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