It's been over a day and ABC News Message Boards has NOT deleted my thread "John Edwards asked about WTC 7"! HELP!

Here is the location of the thread:

I was sure it was going to get deleted when I set it up yesterday, but there it is even today!

Most of the people responding are clearly in line with the OCT. And I'm the only one holding the fort.

Admittedly, the moderators have been editing the thread as they completely deleted the original post made by me with the link to the actual video of Edwards speaking about WTC 7. And they also deleted my link to David Ray Griffin's book "Debunking 9/11 Debunking". But so far the thread looks like it will survive another yet another daily cycle!

THIS IS GREAT NEWS! It shows the ABC News Message Boards are finally becoming more tolerant of the subject of WTC 7, which they definitely were not before:

So all you 911Bloggers, go set up an account over there to help me out! I really could use the support!