Pilots For Truth Welcomes Capt Field McConnell - 9/11 Lawsuit Filed!

Capt McConnell has been a core member for a while, but due to busy schedules we were just able to get his bio up on the core members page today. Its an honor to have you Capt McConnell!

Field McConnell (Captain Sherlock?)
23,000+ hours
Forced to retire due 9/11 exposure

9/11 Lawsuit Filed -


Rob Balsamo

Excellent news JDX!

This is great news for 9/11 Truth. Hopefully it won't get thrown out of court.

Sorry, I believe David Hawkins is either disinfo or out of it.

His claims that "the Canadians did 9/11" and "the teachers' union did 9/11" are very far out.

I don't know Mr. McConnell (who, for all I know, might be a really good guy), but anything associated with Hawkins is -- imho -- disinfo and will poison the well.


I have the same opinion.....

I remember being involved in discussions (not as frequently as others on the forum, but enough) with Hawkins back on the original ST911 forum and wondering wtf? (pardon), As I learned more with respect to the various issues associated with the 'rabbit hole' , I learned the signs of disinfo. Lo and behold. Many of those signs I recognized from participating in those discussions with Hawkins. More subtle in some ways, not so in others vs MarkyX's intrusion into Op-Ed news the other day.

But if you study the techniques of verbal cointelpro and disinfo (as most here have I guess... and probably before me) you will see them evidenced in many posters trolling across the web discussion forums. Remember, Operation Mockingbird had thousands of folks spewing the CIA sanctioned government line - before - 1975 (When Senator Church's investigation revealed two decades of their behaviors. Does anyone seriously imagine that there aren't more of them today?

Everything from probable neo-Mockingbirds like Monbiot, Rothschild, etc. to 'in the trench' shills bitching about on forums where issues of government 'evil' like false flag ops and 9/11 are discussed - unlike the 'state sanctioned' sites of so-called 'dissent' such as Alternet, Crooks & Liars, Daily KOS, Counterpunch and their ilk. Those are sites where the folks still immersed in the "consensus trance" go to pretend they actually make a difference.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Fair enough guys...

You claim they are disinfo... do you have a lawsuit pending against govt agencies and/or govt individuals? If so, please post it...

Bottom line here is... actions speak louder than words... people are doing something about the lies our govt has been trying to feed us. They are taking it to court. And im pretty sure the people who filed the lawsuit arent concerned with people on Blogger saying they are disinfo due to some forum exchanges.

Next up is.. Capt McConnell is more than qualified to be a core member of pilotsfor911truth.org and support and/or contribute to our research found on the website.

Last but not least.. every one is entitled to their opinions. In the end.. actions... bottom line.

Actions = People who confront govt agencies and/or govt individuals face to face in an open forum. (ie. court of law., recorded calls/video... not the internet).


Actions may be good

and some actions may not be. I mean no disrespect for Capt. McConnell at all, but..... Inductive logic demands that the history of experience be considered when analyzing the present. Crediting action simply for action's sake is, no offense, naive. Until we know much more about this event, it is too soon to determine the utility and possible intention associated with the above-mentioned action.

Most of us perform actions every day. Most of us do not have the high profile to be noticed in what we do by this web site or any other. Let alone to initiate a suit. So please do not be disparaging when we report our previous experiences. To simply applaud an action because it is an action removes reason and analysis from the equation. And, frankly, I don't think any of us wish to do that.

Oh, on edit, I do sympathize with your enthusiasm. When bleak realities confront us it is, no question, it inspires when folks do act. But that in no way diminishes the argument above.

And edit #2: I did never say "they".... please do not misrepresent my statements. They only reflected my suspicions regarding Hawkins.
He is the only person I commented upon.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)