Preserve the lies!

For anyone who is skeptical that the official conspiracy theory of 911 is not true, I invite you to study the existing evidence, the videos of the collapse. Every official theory of the destruction contends that gravity alone brought the towers down at nearly free fall speed because that was what everyone saw and that is what is in the video. I am personally skeptical of other claims such as that the airplanes were video forgery, but time will tell. However, it is impossible that any building could collapse in the manner that is described; nor does the description provided fit the observations. You must also wonder why the wreckage was disposed of before a thorough investigation. The perpetrators of this crime were monsters with no human conscience and the most likely people to have the ability to pull this off were the people in charge of the Federal government. Muslim hijackers could not have evaded NORAD all by themselves, if indeed the hijackers even existed.

What I want to point out is that the official story that is full of holes and violates known laws of physics is still being promoted as the best expanation by the people in power who are probably also responsible for the crime. The lies that are being told are vital evidence of the crime that must be preserved so that these people can be held accountable. We must preserve all the documents that support the official conspiracy theory and preserve all the video, forgery or not forgery. Each one of us individually must keep a record of what we see and hear on the internet and elsewhere. We must not let the perpetrators get away with their crime and manipulation. And we must examine the evidence and think critically about it and talk back to people who support the official theory.

What is at stake here is our ability to preserve history, and practice science without political intrusion. The Bush people are hostile toward science, and not accidentally. Science will be their downfall. If everyone examines the data and asks questions and learns the science involved then the destruction of the world trade center will be understood for the colossal crime that it was, not the colossal lie that everyone has been told.

On the other hand, if we do not spread the word in a reasonable and sensitive fashion, then the public will not be willing to listen to any alternative hypotheses even though the official hypothesis is full of holes. If the 911 truth movement gets too big the government may label the various 911 truth organizations as terrorists! They might censor science and they could even shut down universities where open minded people are studying the evidence.

We cannot let the criminals who killed 3000 people and then manipulated the public into believing a colossal lie get away without being brought to justice. One by one every American must be invited to look at the evidence and consider the contradictions in the official theory. We must preserve all the lies that we see and hear between now and the time that the criminals who might censor history are no longer in power.

At stake is not just which version of history you believe, because that is unimportant. History is only what we know about the past. We cannot let politicians decide what we know about the past or what we know about the way the world works. Before us are two paths: We can study and understand the world that we live in and follow the rules that we discover, and then we can adapt to new and unforseen circumstances. Or, we can ignore the rules that we discover about how the world works, and believe what we are told even when it contradicts science, and then we will become extinct.

We need to reach more people with the evidence and the proof of the lies and then more people will be able to choose wisely.