Tenet withheld information on Hazmi and Mihdhar from the FBI

Tenet's book is just damming for Tenet on the Iraq war. But what this leaves out is the fact that Tenet and the CIA deliberately withheld and kept secret from the FBI on at least 10 occasions as recorded in the FBI IG report information on Mihdhar and Hazmi, the very information that could have prevented the attacks on 9/11. And while Tenet says this was due to simple mistakes, when you read the FBI IG report it is clear that each time this was done, it was deliberate.

They withheld the very information from the FBI on Hazmi and Mihdhar when they knew a huge al Qaeda attack was about to occur that would kill thousands of Americans, and knew Hazmi and Mihdhar were in the US and were going to take part in this attack.

What is even more damming however is that the main stream news media has remained silent on this. Almost 3000 innocent Americans are murdered on 9/11, and it looks like this was due to the CIA deliberately withholding information on the names of three of terrorists who took part in these attacks, for over 21 months from the FBI, and the main stream news media says nothing. Is this due to journalistic cowardice, ignorance or corrupt reporters just not wanting to jeopardize their access to agencies in Washington who's deliberate actions allowed the attacks on 9/11 to occur.

How can they stand to look themselves in the mirror every day is the question?

See the web site www.eventson911.com for more information on this and to find the book, "Prior Knowledge of 9/11".

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We have some of the details here:

The key events include the entries for January 4-6, 2000: when Tom Wilshire blocks notification to the FBI and October 17, 2002, when Tenet lies to the Joint Inquiry under oath.